The Last Days OUT NOW!

WHAT are you doing reading this? You could be reading The Last Days!

Which is out now, by the way. Today.

Brilliantly timed to coincide with the release, there’s a long profile of me by David Hiltbrand in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

My fave quote:

His new book, The Last Days, is certainly vampire-enhanced. Set in a spooky modern-day Manhattan, it tells a story as old as time: five kids form a band, wanting only to become rock stars before the apocalypse arrives.

Hah! In addition to his dry sense of humor, Hiltbrand has also written the most complete profile of me in the public record. Even those of you who’ve scanned my Scott Facts page may discover some new biographical goodies. And ego-boost-wise, fantabulous author John Green says nice things about me, as does Philly teen librarian Sandie Farrell. Thanks to them, and to David, for a lovely article.

(Hmm, now how do I find a physical copy?)

Okay, now I’m off to spam everyone on my mailing list. But once more, just so you remember what TLD and the new Peeps paperback look like:

What? You’re still sitting there?

52 thoughts on “The Last Days OUT NOW!

  1. Question: I read both of the books in this more-or-less series, but I’ve never been able to exactly pinpoint who the people are on the covers (okay, I understand how obivous it tis that the guy on the cover of Peeps is Cal). And Scott. That’s right, I’m talking to you. Please. Write. Another. Book. With. Peeps. In. It. You must. Go now to your computer and spend sleepless nights typing just for me. And name the book Alice because I’m insane like that. (I’m kidding about that last part, so chill. But seriously, never stop writing.)

    So ends my rant.

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