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  1. Yep, that’s what ARC means. Speaking of which, I read “The Last Days” as an ARC. I want the hardcover anyway to see if there are any changes.

  2. I read So Yesterday as an ARC. They are much better, with all the mistakes and things and all the stuff that later gets taken out. My friend has the ARC Peeps and used to carry it around gloating (even though Peeps was already out…).

  3. I looked at the date this post was posted and its says september 7, but today is september 6, so would the book come out two days from now? I’m pretty confuse…I live in California, and I dont know the time difference lingo…anyways, yeah, I’m pretty excited for last days, peeps was good stuff. :]

  4. Lol, Capt. Cockatiel–It’s me, She-Who-Gloats-About-Cool-Peeps-ARC! (Elizabeth, ARC means Advanced Readers Copy)

    My cover is the one with the big eye, not the realistic semi-black-and-white one.

  5. Yes, Topaz, but it has the fake-cover-yness of an ARC. But the fake covers are so nice — why does everyone hate them so?! I got So Yesterday as an ARC a year after it came out! I think that’s strange…
    I *heart* the big eye!

  6. ok so heres the thing i didnt know where to put this b/c i dont think it really fits anywhere.

    BUT… i really think you should right another book for the uglies series i know in the book specials you said that, that was the last book for the series. so i think maybe you should start a new series about tally and that one boy

  7. Hey, Scott!

    You haven’t been keeping up with your blog! Busy aren’t you? Started Last Days and it’s amazing. Four POVS…totally fexcellent! You are a master…truly. Minerva’s POV is fawsome.

    I’m thrilled because the book I’m writing now is in two POVs and I was looking for another example of great Voice differentation. Looks like I found it.

    PS…I met your a friend of yours…Maryrose W the writer. Her daughter B and mine are buds. Six degrees of separation, huh? And that was AFTER I emailed you the question about “dudes”


  8. Hi my name is Hannah Scholten and enjo reading your books. I want to be a writer just like you when I get older. My favorite book so far has been Uglies. Its cool. My teacher said that if I work hard I can be just like you someday!!

  9. I love your books! I read TLD in like two hours. (I read REALLY fast) I love your books! I am a writer myself, i actually just sent in my first 30 pages to an agent. I’m more fantasy, but your books are so good, i know so many adults who agree with me too. I know I’m young, (HS Sophmore), but i CAN do it! love the blog btw, maybe some day i will actually talk to you in person. Anyhoo, you are totally awesome (or fawesome, whatever).

  10. Hey, I was just wondering when (or if) your next book is coming out. I’m a huge fan of all your books, and I really hope theres going to be another. Thank you!

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