Command Performance

In response to your many requests and pleadings, I will be doing a reading and signing in Seattle. Do you see the power of the Internets!

Here is when:

Saturday, October 14

And here is where:

Lake Hills Library
15228 Lake Hills Blvd.
Bellevue, WA 98007

Now, I’m sure some of you in non-Seattle places will use this comment thread to plead for non-Seattle readings. Alas, that will not be possible in the forseeable future. Justine and I are traveling like MAD for the next few months (London! Thailand! Sydney!) and need our writing time.

But thanks for asking.

Also: If you’re coming, please post and say so! I need to see if we have enough people to interest a bookseller.

And tell your friends. Your Seattlite friends, anyway.

Thanks again for asking, and see (some of you) next Saturday.

93 thoughts on “Command Performance

  1. Hey Scott!

    Guess where I am writing from–School! Let’s just hope my teacher dosn’t look over right now 😉

    Will Justine be there at the signing?

    Keep us impatient Seattlites updated! (Capt. is reading over my shoulder) She agrees with me!

    Have a nice flight 😉

  2. “And Kallie, I think I’ll be doing some appearances in London, but I’m not sure yet.”

    Yayness! *jigs* I think I should point out that there actually isn’t any rabies in England, so you’re safe to see your crazy fans(ie me). I hope you have fun in Seattle!

  3. Yeah! Tell Justine I’ll bring Magic or Madness (if I can find it on my massive wall-to-wall bookshelves)


  4. Hi I really wish you would please come to sherman,Texas sometime I have never met a auther of a book and I would really like to meet you and your wife Sherman is so small it is pretty sad-making anyway I don’t really care when just please visit and I will sneak out of my house and walk all the way where ever you are in sherman with or without my mom’s permission I will eventully meet you

  5. All hail the power of the Internet!! Woot!

    That’s so cool, Scott, that you’ve agreed to come visit your adoring fans in Seattle. I wish I could be there! Alas, I live down in Phoenix AZ. Used to live one over from Washington, in Idaho. Should’ve stayed there I should.

    You should come to Seattle again next year. Then I can come, too, ‘cus my family’s moving back to Idaho! Yay!

    And an aside to Topaz — you have wall-to-wall bookshelves, too? Yay! Now I can tell all my friends to quit laughing, ‘cus I am *not* the only one with a library for a bedroom!

  6. The latest poster on the Grey’s Anatomy Writers’ blog (a blog by the writers of Grey’s anatomy) used YOUR word (happy-making) in THEIR post! You’re famous, Scott! Here it is, in context:

    “That and the threesome, which was pretty happy-making too. I think if I was having a dream about being in bed with Derek Shepherd and Finn Dandridge, and my roommate woke me up, I’d come at him with a salmonella-coated meat cleaver.”

    Okay, so it’s a little weird. And she doesn’t attribute it to you…which gives you a few options:

    1. Leave it alone and by happy that she was happy and that your word is so widely used!

    2. Press charges for copyright infringement and earn A LOT of money.

    3. Politely comment on her post that it was your word first.

  7. Topaz does not have wall-to-wall bookshelves, sorry Mary. She’s a total liar. She has one giant bookslef, though. With a dragon on top that lords over her bedroom. How cool is that? I put it there… it is dusty…

  8. *Elbows Capt. Cockatiel in the stomich* Well I ALMOST have wall-to-wall bookshelves and am DESPRATLY pleading for them, but I do have two (Yes, Capt, two) bookshelves that take up an entire wall (excluding the window)

    And even THAT isn’t enough. I have books in piles on the floor!


  9. You are lying… I’ll just have to wait another day and then we’ll see how many bookshelves you have. I have piles of library books on the floor… and piles on the bookshelves… and Scott’s book take up 1/4 of a shelf. Yeah.. and then a bunch of thick, harcover, heavy things are mixed in, like Abarat. Why am I telling the contents of my bookshelves? Who knows… certainly not me.

  10. YAY I’m officialy going to the book signing and bringing a friend too. I can’t wait!
    Wall-to-wall bookshelves would be cool, except that I wouldn’t have enough books to fill them. I just got rid of a bunch of books, since I only like keeping my favorite ones…

  11. Ah, gave away books? I love all of mine, and have WAY to many!!!

    Can’t wait until Saterday! Scott had better write about his visit in his blog…OR ELSE!


  12. That was so AWESOME! It was worth the 5 hour wait to meet my most favorite author! Thank you so much for signing my bagful of books! 😀

    – Mackenzie

  13. That was sooo cool! I love it when I get to meet my favorite authors (it doesn’t happen very often)! Thanks for signing my stack of books, and thanks to Justine,too, who I cornered and got to sign my copy of Magic Lessons. Thanks!!!

  14. Good luck with everything & I can’t wait til another adventure comes. I’m all the way here in Hawaii reading your books like crazing in my impacked 13 year old mind. Haha.

  15. you waited five hours why did you what five hours thier was only like fifteen people in the line? any way scott, thanks foir sighning.

  16. Thanks so much for coming to Seattle!!!!!

    Come again any time!!!(I still need two books signed…my friend borrowed them, and forgot to give them back)

    I bought the Last Days yesterday @ the signing, and couldn’t put it down; I finished it this morning.

  17. Ha ha! Well, I wasn’t sure how long the lines were going to be. So I got there at 10:00, when the library opened. I’m a very dedicated fan. lol!

  18. I just finished specials & I was kinda sad dat it ended with only 370 pages… o and next time ( hoping that there is one, witch there should be.) please let tally get a lil more lip action with david. loved the book way 2 much 2 put it down. – a faithful fan.

  19. The signing was FAWESOME!! Wow. Scott, I didn’t think that you’d actually THANK me and Topaz. Topaz and I. Whatever. Now my books are signed… and my English teacher can laugh at them. Oh well.
    Please thank Justine for me because I’m pretty sure it was her who gave up her seat in front of my friends so that I could sit there. If it wasn’t her…. um, no comment.
    I got there at exactly 3 o’clock. I would have been there earlier, but alas, my dad got lost. Don’t ask how. It’s not like I LIVE IN WASHINGTON or anything.
    And now I’m going on and on and on and on and I really have nothing to say. Except that I had a ton of fun and my sister wasnts to steal my books and there was a scary child there who was reading Cirque Du Freak and staring at me.
    Sorry if that is someone’s sibling or something.
    And So Yesterday rocks. Bow down before it!!!

  20. Oh yes. I was also bummed because I had to leave early — right after my books were signed. Now I don’t know what happened to my friends…

  21. And you know what? (well, 1 I’m being annoying and posting three times in a row…) Yeaterday there was the special Washington rain! I woke up and it was raining and the thought that popped into my head was “Scott’s Special Seattle Sprinkle”. It sounds like a REALLY crazy picture book. If you were still in town, Scott, you were lucky enough to see it!! YAY! Rain is good.

  22. I was telling my friends at school about the book signing today. They were like, “no way! Scott actually came over and talked to you guys?!?” Then I told them how we had seats right in the front! Ha ha! It was very cool, to make them feel a little jealous! Yep, so thank you so much again!

    Ahhhh! That’s scary about the Circus Du freak kid!! lol!

  23. Was that the kid who was laughing hystericaly at random times? Because that was a little strange.

    Haha, why should you (capt. cockatiel and topaz) not get thanked? You were extremely convincing with all your arguments about Seattle rain being awesome.

  24. I love Cirque Du Freak!!

    Hey, you’re coming to Sydney? Yess…! I’ll see you there! Lol if only there were more Sydney peeps. Not actual PEEPS. you know.

  25. Yeah, Cirque du Freak is awesome, but the kid was scary!! No, Lauren-la, it was not the hysterical laughing kid. This child was small, blond, and sitting near the bookseller table. He was strange indeed!
    Yeah, Seattle rain really is convincingly special. It was cool. My friend bought Midnighters #1 for this guy we know who “couldn’t make it” to the signing. Now he has this book signed to him that says “Sorry we missed you.” I laugh at him!!

  26. Hmm. Don’t remember that. Guess I didn’t notice him. I was was distracted by my friend trying to have me explain Peeps to her (so she would understand The Last Days) while I was trying to listen. Hmph. That’s what she gets for not reading it! Oh, and the fact that people outside the library were being loud and all skateboard-y.

    Hmm. It’s odd though that a kid would be reading … during a book reading of a different book? Oh well.

  27. The signing sounds like it was GREAT! I wish SO, SO BAD that I could have gone! *tear* Scott, you have GOT to come again next year! Then I can be there, too!! Yay! YayYayYayYay!!! YAY! (done now…*blush*)

    BTW, Capt., a bookshelf with a dragon on top? That sounds neat! Wish I could find a dragon to put on top of my bookshelves…all the dragons I find around here are small. Nowhere near big enough to lord over my room, or even my bedside table.

  28. The bookshelf w/dragon is Topaz’s, not mine.
    Scott, you should come again. Then I will have at least three more books for you to sign and Justine’s books as well!
    The skateboard-y kids were crazy in a slightly annoying way. They saw us (you know, that HUGE crowd of people) in there listening to Scott read and didn’t go away or try to be a bit more quiet. What was their problem??
    Yeah, Lauren-la, it was strange that he was reading. But Cirque du Freak is at least a good book.

  29. Okay.. First off I would just like to say I absoloutley cannot get enough of your books.. After ready Uglies and Pretties I was the first in my school library to check out “Specials” Which everyone was waiting for and I am currently reading that… There’s one thing I am very angered about though.. I heard from someone that Zane is no longer apart of Tallys life after this book.. I mean I know that in real life people break up but I truly thought that they were in love. I really hope the rumor isn’t true.. But anyway… I would just like to say thank you because reading about uglies and Pretties has made me realize that life should be more about appearence and that has nothing to do with what a person is really like. So thanks for that.
    –A big fan

  30. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! come to Wisconsin! Everyone in the whole school has read Uglys! We love you!!!!!!!!! Seriously, it’d be fawesome if you could come!

  31. You have gotta do a thing at my scool!!! that would be so cool….it’s in san jose california, castillero middle school….

  32. CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come anywhere in canada and i will freaken show up i mean probly not if its on the other side but like Manitoba or Saskatchewan i will be there mannnn omfg if you came to canada i would superly love you sooooo much freackin more and thats alot i meann……..seriously aahaha well visit soon


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