Hey, some quick news for those of you who haven’t noticed recent updates on my Appearances page. I’m going to be reading at the Jefferson Market Branch of the NYPL this Wednesday.

That’s in three days! And with many other excellent authors.

The details:

Wednesday, 4 October 2006, 6:00PM sharp
(Come early to get a seat!)

Teen Author Reading Night!
Coe Booth, Daniel Ehrenhaft, John Green, David Levithan,
Carolyn MacCullough, Leslie Margolis, Scott Westerfeld

Jefferson Market branch of the NYPL
425 Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue)
6th Avenue and 10th Street
New York, NY

And the very next night, I’ll be appearing at Books of Wonder with anoter mob of fabulous authors. No, really:

Thursday, October 5, 2006, 5PM-7PM

Susan Cooper, Ellen Kushner, Gail Carson Levine,
Celia Rees, Delia Sherman and Scott Westerfeld

Books of Wonder
18 W. 18th St
New York, NY

And . . . there’s one last thing you can help me out with. What movie does the plot of So Yesterday remind you of? Like, what’s a hip, urban adventure to compare it too? Maybe a missing person caper of some kind.

I need to know!

58 thoughts on “Appearances

  1. I just read your book called So Yesterday.
    I can honestly say it’s the most interesting book I’ve ever read. I love how it’s just different from other books and makes you think.
    I’m doing a big huge project on this for school [I’m a freshman at Spooner High School], it’s for literature class, and I need to do a section on you, so that’s why I’m emailing you, to tell you about this and that I loved your book and I’m planning on reading more of them.

  2. You should come to Canada!(Specifically B.C.)Like Florence said, We do not live in igloos(it barely even snows here!It’s so warm!) or keep beavers as pets.(I for one, have never even seen a beaver)BUt anyays, I really love your Uglies trilogy. I just finished specials,(Which was the best book I have read) and I am reading it once more. I even made my sister read uglies, and I made her read so yesterday. Come to Canada!!!!!!

  3. Just finished reading So Yestersday and was considering using it as a class novel (I teach reading to sophomores). Googled Westerfeld and wound up here…cool. When I thought about what movie the plot reminded me of my mind darted to Time Square. I haven’t seen the movie in over 25 years, but it definitely left a lasting impression. There is no doubt that this was a hip, urban adventure, and the protagonists easily compare to ’80s innovator/jammers.

  4. Yes, listen to Molly. Come to BC. North Vancouver. My school library, where only my friends and I go.


    *Gives puppy-dog eyes*

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