Midnighters Round-Up

I haven’t posted anything for Midnighters fans in a while, so here are a couple of bits of fannish art and one document for obsessed scholars.

But first, the event at Kinokuniya was a blast. Our thanks to all of those who came, especially fan-mail deliverers and shameless flatterers Steph, Jaimee, and Christina/Mikey! Fun was had by all.

So, a few days ago I got this present from Kallie, my own anti-darkling coffee mug!

In addition to this triple-decker tridecalogism, the other side has stuff too intricate for my still-life photography skillz to capture. It features thirteen 13s in Phoenician numerals and the five midnighter talent symbols. Kewl.

Now here’s something for your CafePress pleasure. The tridecashirt!

Yes, it’s amazing how much free time I used to have. But what is this for? Well, I hereby give you all the right to copy, re-mix, and promulgate this image in all media in existence or yet to be invented, forever and throughout the known universe.

In other words, steal it to make t-shirts if you want. Or coffee mugs.

Click here for a much bigger file, and here if you want a vast Photoshop doc without the white background. (‘Save As’ under File after it loads, then open in Photoshop.)

And finally, for the truly Midnighters obsessed, here’s the chronology of events for whole series, from September 1 to October 31. Funny how October 6 in Blue Noon takes 100 pages to unfold!

I apologize for the formatting, but this is the stuff of novelist’s working documents. Page numbers refer to the hardbacks, btw, and may have shifted slightly since page proofs.

Massive Spoilers Warning!

Chronology, Book 1

p. 1 first day of school at Bixby High (Sep 1) Rex sees that Jessica has Focus; Jessica meets Dess in trig
p.17 that Thurs. (Sep. 4) Jessica’s first week of school almost over, she has first midnight experience with frozen rain
p.21 next day (Fri., Sept. 5) Jessica has lunch with Jonathan; midnight with cat, snakes, and panther
p.100 next day (Sat., Sept. 6) Jessica at Clovis Museum; midnight with Jonathan, flying, attack by slithers and darklings, busted by Sheriff St. Claire
p.177 next day (Sun., Sept. 7) Rex and Dess tell Jess at midnight about lore site
p.189 next day (Mon., Sept. 8,) Constanza invites Jess to party at Rustle’s Bottom on Fri.
p.201 next Wed. (Sept. 10) during midnight hour Melissa changes Jess’s parents’ minds about grounding
p.211 next day (Thurs., Sept. 11) Jess ungrounded, kisses Jonathan on top of Pegasus sign
p.231 next day (Fri., Sept. 12) party at Rustle’s Bottom, Jess discovers talent of flame-bringer
p.302 two midnights later (midnight of Sun., Sept. 14) right after midnight time, Melissa picks up on human thought threat to Jessica

Chronology, Book 2

p.4 Sat. night (Sept. 20) Jessica goes out at midnight although still grounded for another two weeks, Jessica has been in secret hour two weeks, two weeks later bruises from letting go of Jonathan’s hand just fading, Jessica has physics test on Mon., Jessica and Jonathan spot stalker with camera, Dess awakes early Sun. morning from dream, takes dad’s GPS
p.30 next day (Sun. Sept 21) Jessica had only felt secure in Bixby for a week before cameraman danger started, she and Jonathan visit Rex, Rex and Melissa touch, a week since drive back from Rustle’s Bottom; at midnight Rex and Melissa find Darkling Manor, see halfling
p.89 next day (Mon. Sept 22) Rex and Melissa skip school, ten days since Dess led Rex and Melissa across desert to snake pit, weekend before last found out Jessica was flame-bringer, Jonathan and Dess go back to Los Colonias, visit Darkling Manor, find bill for Ernesto Grayfoot, Jessica locks Beth in closet while out with Jonathan
p.157 next day (Tues. Sept 23) Dess finds Madeleine, Melissa and Rex go to Constanza’s house at midnight, Melissa finds out Ernesto is Constanza’s cousin, Madeleine puts directions to Constanza’s in Jessica and Jonathan’s heads, fight with darklings
p.206 next day (Wed. Sept 24) plan to meet at Constanza’s house on Friday, Beth resumes Beth Spaghetti night
p.235 next day (Thurs. Sept 25) at Madeleine’s, Dess realizes that runway is where halflings created
p.248 next day (Fri. Sept 26) Rex kidnapped, changed into darkling, Anathea released but dies, Jessica burns Rex back into human form
p.328 next day (Sat., Sept. 27) midnight hour, Jonathan meets Beth in Jessica’s bedroom, Dess, Melissa, and Rex at Madeleine’s

Chronology, Book 3

p.4 (Mon., Oct. 6) a month ago beginning-of-football-season pep rally, TEN DAYS ago Melissa invaded Dess’s mind to save Rex, blue time falls just after nine a.m., TEN DAYS since Rex’s transformation, Jessica’s grounding to end, a month from when police brought her home, Jessica’s last night of grounding, Dess at Maddy’s figures out Cassie captured by darklings, midnighters rescue Cassie
p.104 next day (Tues., Oct. 7) Rex found lore signs in kitchen this morning, at midnight Melissa mindcasts Cassie to make her forget
p.123 next day (Wed., Oct. 8,) Constanza tells group in a couple of weeks moving to LA with grandfather, Halloween MORE THAN three weeks away, another eclipse during lunch, Rex meets that night with Angie, then with ancient darklings, refuses their offer to join hunt
p.199 next Wed. (Oct. 15) Beth Spaghetti Night, Beth has Cassie over for dinner
p.210 that same night (Wed., Oct. 15) Samhain is SIXTEEN days away, Madeleine, Melissa, and Rex meld with old mindcasters, find out what darklings put in Rex’s mind about Samhain
p.224 next day (Thurs., Oct. 16) midnighters meet at Madeleine’s at night, to meet for experiments on Sat. morning
p.237 next day (Sat., Oct. 18) another eclipse, Rex does experiment with Caddy, ten days to Halloween
p.255 a week later: (Sat., Oct. 25) Halloween is SIX days away, Constanza to fly to LA day after tomorrow for a week
Samhain (FRIDAY., Oct. 31) Jessica stops rip by putting hand in frozen lightning on Mobile building
p.336 two weeks later (mid-Nov.) Beth taken by midnighters to remains of rip, meets Jessica

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  1. scott,you are awesome, can’t wait to read book 3…just got into your books, i read uglies, pretties,specials, midnighters 1,2, and not yet 3…but i have read peeps and the last days…you have me hooked!!!!keep on goin!

  2. mary s,you are totally awesome..you are like a polymath, its amazing, how did you figure that out??You must be really into the books!!! Very IMPRESSIVE!

  3. Haha, my english teacher got me hooked on the Uglies series, and since I started taking the libray aide class(hey, it’s senior year, I wasn’t goinng to take Physics II AP anymore), I’ve read most all of your books. I just finished Midnighters (and sacrficed my calculus homework in the process) and can’t wait to read the next books in the series!

  4. I could have read that many in one day if it werent for me being so buysy I have chores and I have to feed and water and untangle 20 german shepards also i am packing cause be are moving and also I almost got killed by one of the german shepards it got loose and was trying to kill my chinees krusties and so i was trying to kick it off of him and he came after me so I ran into the house and was looking for the 357 bullets cause my mom doesnt tell me where anything is anymore but instead i found my moms 22 so i took it out and shot in the air 2wice but it didnt fase him so he started coming after me again and i shot at him and got him he died a few days ago also i got a blue ribbon in archury and so at first I was shooting him with that but what good that did i aimed at the inside of his mouth and he moved so it went through his lip,,, also hes an x-border patrole dog so that is why he was like that he was trained to kill and hes killed 2 humans b-4 but he is dead now and i regrett getting the gun out or finding it but i was alone i couldnt do anything elss.

  5. Well TTYL i think that he is the best author in this intire world but that is my opinion but is there just one world this is something the world may never know. Keep righting untill the world stops spinning!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. i read uglies, pretties, the secrete hour and another book- but the last one wasnt written by scott. and i was sick. so had alot of time. plus i have NO life whatsoever, im pathetic.

  7. i read pretties and specials in one day but i was going clear across the state in a car with only my brothers and my mom…very boring so i read pretties in the car and specials later that night until 2AM. i coulda read uglies that day but i left it at home so yeah…there’s pretty much the story of my life…ha

  8. I read a whole quartet in one day, then started on another. It was insane. And before reading the first quartet I had finished another book. That’s about six books, right? Maybe more…
    And in the summer I do even better, finishing usually over seven books a week. I have no life.

  9. well I would kindof rather have no life cause then i wouldnt have to worie about anything except wethr or not im going to finush a book or not,

  10. I’m from Washington, so. Judy, we’re probably near the same time zone.

    And, as for books-in-a-day, I am right up there with Capt.

    And, Haddy-la? I agree–tropical islands would be fun to take over. But the U of Santa Cruz’s mascot is the bannana slug so that’s why I said we should take it over with an army of slugs. Slugs are pretty cool, hmm?


  11. i read allllll the time i read twilight and new moon (not scott its stephen meyer who is tied fro first w/ scoot on my fav. authors) midnighters 1 and 2 AND finished the 2nd half of wicked in one day. I read amazingly fast. btw all those books i read were wicked awsome. I need more midnighters. Scott should so write a sequel series to midnighters king of like extras with the uglies/pretties/specials thing. i neeeeed to know what happens after they split up and all. i so wanted rex and melissa to get hooked up and go out with each other. i feel bad for dess. she had no midnighter friend(ie jessica/jonathan (who i am in love with) and rex/melisa)

  12. why does it say its 5:56? its 1:56 here. i think he is on arizona time or california on this website. i think that timezone i 4 hours apart from mine.

  13. Well that is so cool that you live in washington have you been to the white house maybe you can e-mail me some pictures from there have you ever seen the president in person not talked to him just seen him

    it is 3:23 here right now in texas and Scott lives in Austrailia i herd from capt. cocatiel

  14. It seems that the Australia time is throwing everyone off these days! But why are they so concerned? Does it really matter? Shouldn’t we accept Australia time? I will, and I will show up to school super early. Ha ha! That would be fun. Our Social Studies teacher is always explaining time zones to us, and he’ll start talking about how you could live in your own time but then you’d be locked up. Hmmm…

  15. Hey, guys, there is gonna be a midnighters TV show. Check out imdb.com, and search for midnighters. It says it’ll come out in 2007, but that you have to join their club or whatever to find out more.

    Also, what’s all this talk about an Uglies movie? Dontcha think it would be kinda insulting for an actor to be cast as an “ugly”? Maybe they’ll just do makeup or sumting.

  16. PeepGrrl uglies arenormal people but in the book people are brainwashed to think their ugly and you can look up midnighters on tv on the search bar to see a post for it

  17. yeah peep girl. they were looking at magazine models and saying they were ugly. so, all of us are uglies. the pretties just would have to be EXTREMELY beautiful.

  18. My Scott Westerfeld checklist:

    Uglies: yep!
    Pretties: yep!
    Specials: yep!
    Peeps: yep!
    The Last Days: yep! (just finished today)
    Risen Empire: yep!
    Killing of Worlds: yep!
    Midnighters 1: yep!
    Midnighters 2: yep!
    Midnighters 3: yep!
    So Yesterday: yep!

    Doing pretty well huh? Is there anything else for me to read?

    Thanks for whoever said Shay and Zane were on the cover of Pretties. I guess that makes sense. I just wondered because the Uglies and Specials faces (probably Tally) have a more similar face shape (she has to be vaguely similar as an ugly and a special because David recognized her, right?) but the Pretties face is really different. Anyway.

  19. Has anyone ever read Mergers by Steven Layne? It’s pretty good…kinda like Uglies in a way,but different. I recommend this book to Uglies fans. Anyways I just finished it today and because I was reading it all day and didn’t do any work, I can no longer go to my friend’s house to watch the Super Bowl…bummer. Anyways Steven Layne is coming to our school on…Wednesday…I think. But yes it shall be exciting! I recommend This Side of Paradise by him too!

  20. Oh my gosh…this is weird…it’s only 6:50 PM here, but when I posted the comment before this, the time said 11:50. What’s up with that?

  21. Once again, the Australian time has baffled another mind.
    On, this sight is on Australian time, and it never changes back to time anywhere else in the world where Scott may or may not be. Australian it is, Australian it stays.

  22. it’s not australian time. it’s east coast australian time. I’m in PErth! That’s on the west coast of australia.

  23. To all you guys who replied to my last comment, I know that Uglies are normal people. DUH! I was saying what Capt. Cockatiel was saying: That although Uglies are normal people, not many actors would want to be cast as an ugly, and then see an actor who is “more gorgeous” than them play the same character in a “better” phase. Pretty self-confidence reducing. Not that any of that about being “more gorgeous” is true, but I’m sure an actor would DEFINATELY feel that way.

  24. Oh, to Amy [that’s my best friend’s name, she has pink highlights and I have purple..not that any of you guys would care..ha] Anyways, Mergers is about these four different people (each a different race) and they all have special powers (telepathic, empathic, morphing, and time turning/traveling) They have to take down this physco dude that “merged” all the different races and that’s not the way the world’s supposed to be, so they gotta change it back to the way it is. It reminded me of Uglies cause like all the people look exactly alike except for the gender. Oh and no one knows that they were all merged except for some people cause the physco dude went back in time and changed all the documents that let people know that different races once existed..what a meanie! I thought it was good. So yeah, you all should read it too! Oh, yeah I thought the author of Mergers was coming today..but he’s not coming ’til the 23rd..ha, my mistake. But it’s still gonna be sweet! Ok..I really need to stop avoiding my homework..which means I need to leave this site..darn..I’ll find some other way to procrastinate!..ha

  25. Oh! I thought of something about Australia when I was going back and reading all the other comments when I was supposed to be doing my homework. My basketball coach used to be a professional basketball player down in Australia!..that’s all for now!..I need more ideas to avoid homework you guys..I mean this sight is great and everything, but I need more! Homework is evil! Seriously! Learning is supposed to be done at school, not at home! Well, I guess I don’t mind it..except when you have homework due in every single subject due for tomorrow!..okay I’m gettin’ off track..this is a Scott Westerfeld site, not a complain about your homework sight..hmm..Scott’s books rock! Fricken awesome man! I wanna meet him someday..he should come to our school! How often does he go to schools? Hey! If I go Thailand to visit my family sometime, maybe I can find him there, since he goes there a lot! Yes! Score! Ha..I might be going this year when my dad comes back from Kuwait! Whoo! Scott Westerfeld, here I come!..man I talk a lot..everyone tells me that actually. Those Uglies movie people need to get their butt in gear and have that movie come out sooner! Okay..it’s gettin’ late..stupid homework! Laters

  26. that sounds good. i thinki will read it. what is everyone all-time favourite book(outside os scotts books!)? i need some really good books, and all of us seem to ike the same type.

  27. Hmmm, so I can’t pick So Yesterday?! Curses… well, then I’d have to say (get ready!):
    Cirque du Freak — Darren Shan, Faerie Wars — Herbie Brennan, Backwater –Joan Bauer, and (oh, how can I just pick one more?) The Riddles of Epsilon — Christine Morton-Shaw.
    So, there’s a list, though the last one is the best. I’m reading it again, though it’s still not up there with my 5 times of reading So Yesterday. Or was it 6…?

  28. you should definatly read twilight and new moon bye stephenie meyer. wicked and son of a witch by gregory mcguire are really good too. i second faerie wars, the purple emperor, and ruler of the relm. they are vey good

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