Hardest Game Ever

Guess who this is . . .

(Okay, not the hardest game ever, but so much easier than writing a post.)

81 thoughts on “Hardest Game Ever

  1. no guys this isnt tally or shay. its the new character for the 4th book. sux huh? Tally isnt going to be the narrator any more. its going to be this chick in the picture….

  2. Duh, guys it’s Shay!!!!Well it cud b Tally but i reckon it’s Shay ’cause it has an ‘s’ on the eye. Is so yesterday part of Uglies, Pretties, Specials, Extras trilogy?????

  3. it’s shay-la. the ‘S’ in the eye, and the clock.
    also tally-wa wouldn’t get that many surges…
    i am now doing an author study on you…and i have to scan over to the books again and i’m talking like the chracters now. like saying “bubbly-making” and my friends are getting annoyed.

  4. I’ve picked up Wester-speak (like the name?) too. Bubbly, icy…my friends have no idea what I’m talking about because I’m still badgering them to PICK UP THE DANG BOOK AND READ IT!

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    hi every1 me and my friend are at school we r very bored anyway we reaally liked the book yea my friend did that stuff up there she was super bored

  6. Awsome eye, its got to be from the Extra’s cover! im gonna definatly say its the new character in Extras.

  7. It’s Aya Fuse – the main character in Extras.

    Yes. I know it all. Muaha.
    Hi Scott, awesome job on the cover. Can’t wait to read the “official” version. (Recognize me? Computer crash…)

  8. The specials was such a cliffhanger and it was so sad how zane died. I keep hoping that in the next book that zane isnt really dead because it almost mde me cry. I would really like to know what extras is about, the cover looks so cool but it doesnt look anything like Tally but thats just my opinion.So post a blog telling what the books about id really love to know, and when is it comin out that would be awsome to know too.

  9. i believe it is a girl named Aya Fuse who is the main charactor in Extras. but i’m not know.

  10. hey um…i think that its shay because if u look closely theres kind of some sorta S in the eye and well…shay starts with S sooo…yeah and like me and my friend are totaly gonna get ur book ocotober second…i can hear the convorsation on the phone with borders now : ME: “Hey when does ur stock come in for the extras?” GUY WITH BOOKS: “um…3:00 am” ME: “WE’LL BE THERE!!!”



  11. ive read uglies, pretties and specials. im still shocked after what happened to zane, but im not sure who this is. mabey shay changed her name in diego? or tally and david have made a new friend…

    cant wait for extras is all i have to say

  12. hey Scott i really think you should write a fifht book i dont know what you could call it but im almost done reading the extras book but i love it i think you hhould do tally and everyone else when they get older. and all grown up and catch up on their family and friends and see what they have been doing while talley and her friends were out on their adventures or somthing like that

    and i heard somthing else like a movie coming out soon which one is about uglies or which book was it????

    my email is littlemoe101@hotmail.com
    please only respond once and do not post on blog please

    -thanxmorgan findlay:)!!!!

  13. oh no. omg. omg. That is a problem. WHY IS THIS FREAK PUTTING ADULT CONTENT HERE???????

    That is bad.

    From the blogmistress: Sorry about all the foul spam. Should be all gone now.

  14. Thats easy if you havent read Extras then you wont know but the 4 book is about basically the same thing kind of the girl on the cover is japanese and her name is Aya Fuse.

  15. I know me too it like she’s so obsessed with being famous she wants to kick a story about people she pretends to be friends with ahe kind of selfish

  16. well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I think I would check my face rank at least once a day. And when you made money by being famous, that would put pressure on me considerably to <i.get famous. So yeah. I would be a little obsessed like Aya. Like every other Extra (and non-extra) in her city.

    Moreso than today, where the famous are so…annoying. I mean, look at the Spears’ family.

  17. Um, you guys?! The person is Aya-chan. She is the main character in Extras. Oh and omfg! I luvvvvvvved these books! I am really exccited about the movie coming out in 08!

  18. Uh… I would hate to be famous! All the cameras and such! I am glad that my future career is a writer so that I wont end up in magazines and such. + their economy was different and thats how a person got money. That is one of the reasons Aya checked it every day.

  19. There’s a movie comming out?! Hopefully it’s not FOX cuz they totally butchered Eragon (yeah, the special effects are cool and all but it hardly follows the story line) but I digress, that sounds cool, I’ll probably see it…

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