Extras Done

The first draft of Extras, the fourth book in the Uglies series, is done.

It came in at 86,771 words. That’s almost exactly the same as Uglies.

Now Justine and I head to Texas for the TLA Conference, plus an appearance in Austin!

Monday, 16 April 2007, 7PM
Justine Larbalestier & Scott Westerfeld
603 N. Lamar (at Sixth)
Austin, TX

One more question for you all: Aya-la or Aya-wa?

544 thoughts on “Extras Done

  1. Dessometrics- yeah. thats exactly how i thought of how “La” and “wa” worked too! gr8 minds think alike i guess.
    People, no offense, but Pre-ordering it now will only make you LOSE money, cuz of interest. so, yeah…preorder it like a week b4, then u can get a pack of gum with your book!

  2. Idk…i feel so weird ’bout liking these books, cuz my dad read Uglies and he said some stuff that really opened my eyes, and i re-read those chpts and, sure enough, he was….RIGHT…

  3. so i know this is really late finding out but today is my birthday and it is like the best one yet and now i am finding out there is going to be a series not just trilogy. dang you dont know how excited i am. i am like a book nerd. and last year in biology a girl was reading uglies and i was like ooh interesting and then bought one this year and got like 32187 people hooked on it too and we are all SOOO EXCITED.
    yay scott. great work.

  4. Aya-la. so much better. otherwise I’ll always imagine her as a hick.
    yay for a series instead of a trilogy!!!!

  5. Aya-Wa. Definitely. It just goes much better. Kind of like the name Willis. Willis-La is kind of comfusing to say. So Willis-Wa just kind og rolls off the toungue.

  6. okay, you hve no clue how excited i am 4 this new book! I love you scott! i read your books all the time. but im not like stalker-ish. haha but i can’t wait to read it, i mean, i was literally screaming my head off when i finished (actually) all of them. even @ the end of the 3rd midnighters book. i was really mad. and sad. and surrpisingly wanting to throw all the books out the window, but i didn’t cuz they would have gotten soaked cuz it was raining.

    keep up the great work!

  7. wat do u mean shan??????????? What are you saying that you re-read some chapters and he was right. What did your dad say? And what did you find out?????

  8. Kylie – My dad said a LOT of stuff. for example:
    1) Tally, in Uglies, doesn’t seem to have a spine… u know, like she’s been brainwashed since birth..then she comes to the Smoke, and she changes. Everything she once believed in is washed away in, like, two weeks compared to SIXTEEN YEARS of bein’ told she’s ugly. and when David’s parents tell her about the Surg, she believes them…but she doesnt know who they REALLY were, are, ya know?
    2) LESIONS?! i mean c’mon, its not like they go into their brain physically…and if it’s wrong, why keep doing it?
    3) I know, Scott had a great plot line and it seemed he had the whole idea, but when it came to explaining it…he just kind of…made stuff up, and didn’t explain it very well.
    These are my reasons why i feel different…agree? or not?

  9. yea from what you said i do agree. I like this series but some things in my mind are unexplained from the book idk. Don’t get me wrong but Scott is a fantastic author but i’m just a little confused.

  10. yes. my point exactly…and now, i’m not so interested. but one thing is tru, the characters make the story, doesn’t matter how fantastic or action-packed the plot-line is…its the characters that count, like, how well-developed they are, how do they change thru-out the story, ect.

  11. Shan, it could be in a world like that people don’t have a need for personality. I mean, if Shay didn’t run away Tally would probably be just like any other teenager. I don’t think it’s about the characters, because a little tweak in their brains can change anything. It’s about the change that one person can do from changing themselves.

    *Spoiler*>>> Even Tally said so herself that she wasn’t given much choice in her life. (In Specials, I think…)

  12. Aya-wa. (:

    As for Aya “needing her own suffix”, I somewhat agree, since I don’t think either of those (-la or -wa) fit with her name. Though I do think -wa sounds better.

    And not Aya-chan. Because, as far as I know of the Japanese language, -chan is a formality-title suffix. Or something like that. So, to me, it doesn’t really sound like a … “endearing” suffix. Just, well, too formal.

    I cannot wait till Extras comes out. I adore the cover.

    And, just for the record, I think that Specials had a great ending. I absolutely loved it. I mean, yeah, it left things hanging, but what kind of book would it be if it answered absolutely everything?? Tally and David still had lives to live, you know??

    Anyways, the Uglies Trilogy is now my second favorite book series. Short only to the Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy.

    Less than four months! And counting! Down. (:

  13. Aya-wa definitely rolls better on ur tongue ok and arlene Aya-chan r u talking about jackie chan cauz umm chan is jackie’s real last name and i agree specials had A GREAT ending but when it said final volume i was so upset but when i finished i was like what happens so im so glad extras is comin out!!! 😀

  14. shan and kylie- not all books have to make sense. Even if Scott did make some of the story up, it dosen’t make the story any less exciting, to me anyways. And, i thought they really did phisically go into your brain and inswert the lesions so all of the pretties would be completely dumb. Tell me if I am wrong.

  15. im pretty sure they do physically insert it into their brain when they’re having the surgery

  16. Aya-wa. Just because Aya-la sounds too much like a sound than a word. You can work with Aya-wa.

    I can imagine somebody saying Aya-la when trying to drown someone out.

    “Aya-la, Aya-la, Aya-la. I’m not listening!”

  17. im not totally sure sammie-wa i pretty sure they do insert it when they are at the total end of the surgery and alice Aya-wa does sound totally better but the only thing is it sounds like the state Iowa so… im half and half 😀

  18. Cannot wait for this book, i finished Specials 5 minutes ago. I’m the only boy who’s excited!! lol Great series

  19. hey robby ur not the only boy i no TONS of boys totally excited 4 extras u should join specials spoiler thread we all talk about anything about specials or not whichever 😀

  20. I was thinking Aya-wa would work because it kind of flows when you say it out loud. but reading-wise I’d go for Aya-la. It’s easier to read and it works better.

  21. agree Aly-wa…..lindsey u just have 2 go to the faves section right below the uglies pic and go 2 special spoiler thread 😀 hop 2 c u there

  22. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover, and i can’t wait to hold the book close to me and read until there’s nothing left, but sadness… i hated it when i finished specail, cuz i didn’t know about extras, but now that i do know about it, i hate waiting for it to come out, but i love you for making another book in the uglies series!!! but now that your done writing the book, can u PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! make time fly!! make today October 2nd!!! that’s would be so totally happy-making!!!

  23. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Extras Done, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  24. OMG!!!! I didn’t know there was a fourth book!! I am soo excited!! Are they published and out in bookstores already??

  25. Wow a fourth bbok i thought Specials was the last one im so excited for it to get in tmy school library

  26. Way to go! i think that it should be Ala-wa. I read your series for a book project and I have had 7 people come up to me and ask where they can get the books! I only gave the presentation yesterday. (Tuesday November 13)

    YOU ROCK ! ! !

  27. OMG im almost done with the extras its sooo good but is it aya ( as in Aya ) or (Iya)??? cuz aya-wa sounds better if its Aya but la sounds better if its Iya

    now that thats over Scott omg u r like so talented how do u come up with these books i love them wish they could go on for ever but got to go

    Emily-wa 😉

  28. Omg i loved the Extras book!! =] THere should be a 5th to this series! i heard scott was makin a series on world war 1? o0. if so please dont! this is the only series i can read without falling asleep! xD if not continue then i strongly suggest make a movie! it would hit top 1 on movie charts on the first day!!

  29. I know scott isnt going to read this but i was having a tuff time at school and your books saved me whenever iwas about to cry i would imagine i was tally off on some cool adventure

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