The Real Extras Cover!


Here’s the real cover:

Thanks to Katerate for her zombie-tastic April Fool’s Day image. It was much enjoyed by all and sundry.

Extras comes out Tuesday, October 2, 2007. And yes, you can all pre-order it right now!

PS If you haven’t finished Specials yet, you probably shouldn’t read this comment thread. Or the comments on the April 1 post. Or any comments anywhere. Ever.

194 thoughts on “The Real Extras Cover!

  1. omg i cant wait he should come out with like 10 books he is an ausome author i love his stories. i wonder if zane will be in this one or shay i havent read specials so im not sure.

  2. hey scott i think you are a great author you should come out with lots of other books involving tally-wa. your books are so ausome your books are the only ones that actually make me want to read them .

  3. ausome…good word. lol. but there are other books out there besides Scotts that are just as good

  4. wow a fourth in the trillogy dosn’t make much sence to me but any way looks great i wonder what the UK cover will look like. The others involve barbies and a bloody knife. It took me about 2/3 mounths to get prittys from the libary and 1 day to read it. specials however took me about 3/4 hours to read. Any how love the idea of extras

  5. YAY!!!YAY!!!!!YAY!!!!!! i wish i could make my font bigger. YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!! and 1,000,000,000 times YAY!!!!!! but i dunno scott, this books got pretty high expectations from the comments i ve read. if i were you i would be nervous out of my mind! but you know no pressure or anything. but seriously this better be good. btw, please dont bring zane back in zombie form. i mean i hated it when he died but zombies would just so not fit with this series. anyhoo, i CANNOT wait. YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am totally and honestly and extremely excited! I’m probably goin to pre-order. And I cant help wonderin if Zane comes back. I would cry my eyes out if he did. I do hope this is about Tally, Shay, and David because the cover is a little different. But its a great cover. I cant wait to read this book. Will there be more? I love these books!!

  7. Plus, I like when u put little inserts on the front of the books. For example, on PRETTIES u put “WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PERFECTION ISNT GOOD ENOUGH?”, on the front of the book. Luv those too.

  8. OMGOMGOMGOMFREAKINGG u said it was a trilogy u had my freaks friends! er…u had my friends freaked!!!!! we were so scared cuz the ending of specials totally blew but the rest of the books ROCK i am so gonna buy this one

    btw: i finished all of ur books each in like a day (different days)!!! OMGOMG thanks

  9. Sooo cool i cant wait till this new book comes out it soo sucked when the trilogy ended! I cant wait!

  10. i cant believe that zane died!!! as i said before i cried… well i cant wait!!! but i cant pre-order and every book store in the world will not have it because everyone wants the dang book… so i will just have to wait
    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    but it will be worth the wait… LOL

  11. tori not bein riude but zane liked tally even after the lesions have you read specials they dont have lesions, well tally does but zane dont and he still loved her… well in my opinion i liked zane much better

  12. Can’t wait for the final version of Extras, due to a mistake I know what happens, haha, and my title will make sense once you read Extras. *winkwink*

    Zee-sensei (whose face rank is totally above 1000)

  13. And yes – the girl on the cover is Japanese. It’s not Tally – new protagonist, hoorah! Well I’ll shut up now.

  14. i loved the new book (i got the unedited manuscript) i wont give it away i promise.. are you going to do a follow up with the new characters? perhaps a second trilogy with aya and her friends?

  15. Brit – what is your email, we can talk about this without spoiling it for other people =D And sweet you got the unedited version too xD Mine happened during Scott’s great computer crash.

  16. mmkkay

    I love this trilogy. I personally like David better. Zane was cool but it just wasnt the same as with David. I cant wait for EXTRAS. I still wish that it would be about Tally though….

    Brit and Zee-Sensei what are you people talking about? I am confused =/

  17. Could you maybe … possibly… I dunno, print the cover that the UK version will have ‘cos they are comletely different from what you showed on your blog.
    I’m luvvin’ the whole trilogy and am so excited about EXTRAS coming out!

  18. Like, our covers are for uglies, some doll body parts inside a trashcan, for pretties, a doll with a tapemeasure around it’s waist, and for specials, a bandaid thing that you put around stitches when you’ve cut yourself.

  19. Brit and Zee-sensei, how did yall get the mauscripsts? that is so cool! i really cant wait to read extras. im a little sad that tally is gone though. do you guys think it makes the story any less exciting with aya as the new main character?

  20. I’m in an extremely bubbly moody for Extras to come out, but I have one question:
    Why the fourth book? I mean, wasn’t Specials supposed to be the end? The cover did say that it was that final book. Just a little confused, here. 🙂

  21. I am so freaken excited. I have extras, harry potter, the clique, hermux tantamoq, and more to get and read.

  22. ok little confused here cauz Specials said last book in Trilogy and out of the blue comes Extras and why will Extras not be about Tally???????

  23. I love this cover! but i still cant believe that Zane died! when i was reading that chapter, i cried. i liked Zane better than David, or maybe i thought i liked Zane better becauseof the “headaches” in Pritties. either way, Zane shouldnt of died.

  24. Glares at Amy-la.

    I seriously agree but my friends and i have this thing in which we each have a book crush (or 20) Any wayz- Zane is my boy friend!

  25. i think that extras should be in diego should still be the main character and it should be a whole new cycle with the smokies/cutters being fighting againts special circumstances which is now trying to keep not just 1 city but the whole world under control

  26. okay I LUV THESE BOOKS. and when i soon publish my book i hope its at least HALF as good as this book!!!!! =) BUT i was saddened by the fact that Zane died without knowing that Tally Still loved him. and could get over his shakiness. i thought that the end had ALOT Of things i didnt really agree with, except that cause of zane’s death she stayed out in th wild with david to make sure the wild was safe…… ( sorry this is long ) BUT once again i wish that Extra’s was in Tally’s point of view and not this new girl, cuz tally was freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  27. AND i thought that tally went through a rouge time all through her life, so i think that we should have gotten a book from Tally’s point of view…. but i am already convinced this book will be VERY icey and awesome!

  28. Omg i can’t wait. Although i was also sadend that Zane died :[[ Tally should have a least have been able to say goodbye or something. Or maybe an alternative ending?? That would be ICY. Like them living happliy ever after… until Special circumstances come or something else Bum Bum BUM!! Well still can’t wait till then we will meet again Pretty town or Diego?? Well Bye

  29. Omg i can’t wait. Although i was also saddened that Zane died :[[ Tally should have a least have been able to say goodbye or something. Or maybe an alternative ending?? That would be ICY. Like them living happily ever after… until Special circumstances come or something else Bum Bum BUM!! Well still can’t wait till then we will meet again Pretty town or Diego?? Well Bye

  30. YES YES YES YES this is going to be fun-making…..i cant wait a secongd for this book to come out YES its not all over its contiuea YAYAYYAYYA!!!

  31. OMFG IM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! his books r the ones that actually got me reading instead of faking. im soooooo excited about the movie and now ANOTHER BOOK!!
    how about midnighters tho…

  32. his books rock.i didn’t stop reading pretties for a day.i finish the book in 2 days cause i wanted to find out what had happen to david and tally.i even went to buy the whole series for 25 dollars because the book was checked out in all the libraries.

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