Extras Cover

The Extras cover has gone in a new direction, which I think is pretty cool. I never was quite down with the first version.

Let me know what you think!

Update: This comment thread is full of massive Specials spoilers. Be warned!

Update 2: Extras is available now for pre order!

Update 3: This cover is an April Fool’s joke, people. The art is from a quick sketch by Katerate, more of whose fan art can be found here.

270 thoughts on “Extras Cover

  1. oh man do i miss you guys i will come on every now and then but not to often okay talk to you guys latter!

  2. awwww… i cried about zane dying when i read the book (and i was in writitng and not paying attention lol) everyone asked me what was wrong… embarrassing. and now im about to cry again thinking about it, poor tally-wa

    but it was a good joke i must admit, but i prolly wouldnt read the book if i didnt know the story behind it lol

    i thik tally might get back with david myself but that is just my thoughts

  3. I never really liked Zane because Tally was saposed to be with David. I was still kindof sad when he died though. I falt so bad tally. Now she can go fall back in love with David. GO DAVIIIIIIIIIIID!!!! So I didn’t really want him to come back. If he did though I don’t know if Tally would want to be with him since would kinda be a zombie. Well he’s dead and hes gona stay dead. Deal with it

  4. I agree with you to. I liked Zane, but he should have been for Shay. I like David better. But he’s not that funny…oh well…some guys are betta like that!

    Luv Kadie-Wa
    108 Days until Extras
    or 3 months 16 days
    or 9,331,200 seconds
    or 155,520 minutes
    or 2592 hours
    or finally 15 weeks
    i still have some Dess in my even though I’m done with the series. *sob sob*

  5. Ha, ha, that’s pretty great, but not great enough to be the actual cover. If Extras looked like this…well…

  6. If that really is Zane… then… I LOVE YOU SCOTT! Yeah, it’s a pretty weird and it doesn’t really follow your normal cover, but why not shake things up a bit once in a while;)

  7. so is this a clue that Zane comes back? plz i hope it is, i dont want Zane to be gone…him and tally are perfect lol

  8. omg!! I almost died for a second there!!!!!!!but like could anybody tell me if zane is comin back or not cuz i really loved his character poor tally!!!! but i love the cover but the tagline is the best!!!!!!

  9. Please let ZANE-LA come BACK i LOVED HIM. *sob sob* I wish he never died. Oo hopefully his brain rewired himself again while tally was gone to look for Dr. C and she doesnt know yet!! Yay that would be awesome!!!!

  10. Personally… I don’t see why Tally chose Zane over David in the first place! I would DEFINATELY choose David! I know this probably sounds horrible, but im glad you took him out of the story, Scott.

  11. Potato: Im reading past comments. why were you so mean 2 veronica? 🙁 (thats my moms name by the way so watch it! 😉 jk)

  12. Zane doesnt come back in extras…
    there isnt really even any mention of him, well except when tally talks about her last kiss.

    nice april fools joke.

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