NY’s Bravest

Here’s one the things I love about New York:

Even when a building in your neighborhood suddenly up and decides to crumble into pieces . . .

And the authorities haven’t even figured out yet who’s in charge of making sure it doesn’t crumble more and kill a bunch of people . . .

And there’s firefighters climbing around inside this crumbling building, in the rain that’s making the crumbling rooftop heavier, tying the crumbling bits with, like, rope . . .

And the boss is there checking their work, all, “Yeah, that’s the way I would have tied that,” like it’s no big thang hanging out on a crumbling building . . .

And even with all this, there’s still some dudes carrying a couch underneath the building. The crumbling building. In the rain. Because carrying that couch was just what they’d planned on doing that day, I guess.

Yay, firefighting and couch-carrying New Yorkers. You make me glad that I live in NYC, that I have lots of windows, and that I have a new camera.

You are just all that cool.

68 thoughts on “NY’s Bravest

  1. Amy-la, its a good thing that you dont live here anymore beacuse its so boring and ive seen just about everything there is!!

  2. Nice picture of the fire-chief looking all lezze-fair.

    I don’t know if I spelled lezze-fair correctly, but I don’t care.

    Very lezze-fair of me, no?

  3. ok, all these people are commenting on the girl’s pink dress. so i will too!

    that is the most UGLY dress i’ve ever seen!!! and the color is hidious! (i hate the color pink!)

  4. rotflmao! thats hilarious, but the part that really got me laughing was the boss doing nothing, cuz, seriously, thats wat they do! they are jst “OH! right that contract! oh, um, yeah, thats wat I would’ve done if i was u, yeah, totally… could u pass me a beer?” lol. I like black, some ppl say its not even a colour tho… it is a colour… isnt it? *ponders* =/

  5. Did anyone else notice that
    sprouting from the awning/scaffolding in from of Crumbledown Manor???

    I, for one, welcome our new vegetable overlords.

  6. black is too a color! if black isn’t a color, then neither is white or brown. (none of them are on the color wheel!)

  7. Black and white aren’t classififed as colors. I have no clue whatsoever what they really are called, but I know they’re not officially categorized as colors. Brown is, gray is, and on and on, but not black and white…

    Hmm, I don’t think I would want to go to NYC, or NY. Everyone says how it’s all smoggy, and a lot of people live there. I mean, come on, I can’t even stand Boulder city in Colorado. Is that lame, or is that lame? And I can’t stand cities, especially corwded ones, or ones with lots of garbage around…

  8. nyc isn’t smoggy. not that there’s not polution, but there’s not smog. what looks like smog here is haze, which is just from heat. it’s not like LA where the sun is diffused.

    strawberry – that’s true about fanny packs. but there are lots of elderly and dorky folks here. and bike punks. bike punks are into fanny packs.

    Kayla-wa – don’t be so down on RI! i dont’ know what town you’re from but providence is cool. And it’s where HP Lovecraft is from. and RI produced the cutest boy ever, who is my partner!

    one time when i lived in manhattan, i walked a futon frame with my roommate for 30 blocks, while our other roommates brought the futon home on the subway. so i wonder about the guys with the couch. i wonder how far they had to carry it, and then they get home, and there’s a fire and they’re like, well, one more block, let’s just do it!

  9. Oy, Scotty, that’s so radical. Why do I say radical when the word is clearly NOT radical, cool, icy-making, or any other synonym of the aforementioned words? Eh, I dunno. I’m just bored, I suppose. Bored and lame-making.

    Anyways, I visited the infamous NYC a month or two ago, on a school trip. We were on such a tight schedule that I felt as if we didn’t see much of anything there–but, lucky me, I get to waste my birthday and Christmas for years to come and go again, with a friend!

    We’ll be going July ninth. Coming back on the twelfth. Still not much time to see much of anything, but at least I’ll be able to be around where Your Scott-iness radiates his presence.

    Huzzah for the heroic couch carriers of New York.

  10. Why would anyone leave you a nasty comment?

    Anyway, black is the absence of color, and white…I’m not sure but i think it’s the reflection of all colors. Because, as far as I know, the reason we see colors is because when light hits them, they reflect one or two of the colors of a rainbow… and with white, the reason you should wear it in the summer is because it doesn’t absorb any of the light rays or whatever. Black doesn’t reflect any colors, and so it absorbs all the heat from the light. So… yea.

    I find it funny that one of the firefighters is staring straight at the camera and probably thinking ‘what a creep, taking pictures of us’. And yet, he can’t do anything about it.

    I agree with Amy-la. That dress is eye-hurting. I can’t seem to locate the infamous fanny-pack, though.

    And I thought I’d just throw another state in the mix… New Jersey!!!! uhhh I don’t really think about my state all that often, but it’s only a half hour ride to NYC.

  11. that dress would be ok if not for the sleeves
    about the color black-if you think of it as reflected light it is not a color because of what Samantha-wa said, but if you think of it with painting, yes, it is all the colors

    I like black too!=)

  12. Fire-fighters tying up a crumbling building, people moving couches down the crumbling building, and authors taking across the crumbling building.
    That’s gotta be New York!
    LOL. Nice pictures.

  13. my favorite post of all time.
    I look back at it regularly, and laugh everytime

    :] thanks for making my day

  14. A little bit of a nit to pick – They’re carrying the couch across the street from the crumbling building, not under it. Look at the lane markings, then look at the lower-left corner of the first photo.

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