Inside a Dog

Just when you thought obsessive refreshing was the most fun you could ever have . . .

This whole month, Justine and I are guest-blogging at Inside a Dog, the premier website for Australian YA. We’ll be posting more frequently than I do here, and answering reader questions. It should be fun.

And while you’re there, you can explore the rest of Inside a Dog’s ( awesome contents:

Tons of book reviews.

Interviews with YA authors like M.T. Anderson, Margo Lanagan, Carol Wilkinson, and many more. (Oh, and me and Justine!)

Audio dowloads and screensavers.

And, one of my favorite features, the first chapters of new and upcoming titles. Highly useful.

Before you ask, the whole first-comment-wins-a-sampler thing doesn’t work over there. But we will be giving away some cool stuff over the next month. Because we have I’m an Extra T-shirts all over the place, and they must go!

We’ll be blogging there until August 6*, so come over and check us out.

*And I’ll be here too, of course.

P.S. The NY Times reports what we already knew: librarians are cool.

260 thoughts on “Inside a Dog

  1. wait the list goes on: dee (although she’s at her camp), MoRgAn (did i spell that right?), allichie, and amy-la.

  2. like i mean they’re always people who like comment once a week or something, not the ones who stay up all night or wait all day

  3. i cant exactly be considered a person that comments alot though i kinda just started normally i read his blogs but i just dont comment

  4. yeah that’s me before he started this whole contest thing…now i’m always commenting. like occasionally i would but, not too often. but it’s not like anyone really did before this. there were never anywhere near 1000 comments!

  5. Thanks for the heads up on “Inside the Dog!” The site certainly is inspiring for those of us gung-ho about young adult books. Currently reading the excerpt from Extras; luckily someone went to ALA and picked me up a copy. Woot! I’ll pass it around here amongst the teens too (they’d kill me if I didn’t. In fact, I’m surprised they haven’t started stalking me at the library). Looking forward to the release of Extras. Later gator.

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