October Tour

Hey, everyone. Sorry I’ve been gone so long, but it’s, like, summertime and the living is easy. Plus, I’ve been reading for the National Book Awards, usually a book a day. Doesn’t always leave time for other stuff.

But the crack publicity team in charge of the Extras tour has not been resting! They’ve been planning many exciting appearances (and tedious flights) for the first half of October. The schedule looks something like this . . .

October 2-4: Chicago, IL
October 6-9: San Francisco, CA
October 11: Seattle, WA
October 14-15: Lexington, KY

Update: I will also be doing some stuff around NYC the week of October 22. I forgot to put that in the schedule because, you know, I live here half the year.

If no town near you is on the list, I sincerely apologize. Alas, that’s the way it is. The factors that go into a tour like this are many and arcane. Are there indie bookstores in a city? Trade shows? Librarian conferences happening?

It’s all very mysterious to me. I go where I’m told.

But I’m happy that I’ll be seeing at least four cities’ worth of you guys. This is my first real tour, and I’m both excited and nervous. Luckily, Justine has agreed to go along with me, so I won’t be lonely on all those airplanes.

Obviously, this is just a rough outline. I’ll post the actual appearance times and locations when they’re confirmed.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting more often for the rest of the summer. That snooze was enjoyable, but it’s all over now. And yes, the samplers giveaway will continue at some point, and other surprises as well.

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115 thoughts on “October Tour

  1. Yeah, that’s one of my fave blogs of MJ’s. Next to the ones about her Catholic school experiences.

  2. I play an instrument…sorry, I forgot who asked that. I play the French Horn. There’s only two left in the whole school…My and my BF. It’s cool. I’m not really a bad geek, I’m more of a school geek, I guess you can call it. I’m in every school program. Literally. And when I started in 6th grade, I figured that i would play the hardest instrument our school had. And now I’m stuck with it. I’m good at it, but idk…it’s fun and that’s all that matters. Ne one else play an instrument?

    Rubber locks: The combo thing has a rubber grip…I guess i explained the lock thing wrong! Whoops! 🙂

    P.S. I also play the hulusi, piano, and recorder, if that counts.

  3. i asked the question! im sucha band geek too cuz i always love to play and be in performances. each year i do a solo in front of a judge and i get graded on how well i did either a gold, silver, bronze, or nothin!

  4. Really?! have you ever won? I remember when I was in the science fair, there were five pplz who didn’t get anything. I was one of them. *tear tear*. lol


  5. i’ll totally be at the SEATTLE tour!!!!! i want my book signed or somethin! i just got done making a whole bunch of uglies teshirts! they rock by the way! thanks fr finally posting again Scott-la!

  6. what about naming a team the monkeys?
    *hopes very much that no one minds if she ends up changing the subdomain of her blog to nuclear peanut butter*

  7. Hip Hip Horray!

    I just moved to San Francisco two day ago (i’m starting college at SF State) and I was all apprehensive and unsure, but now I know for sure that I made the right choose!

    Scott in my town, yay!
    Now if I can just be brave enough to try out the BART, or is it the MUNI… crap… I’ll just walk! Lol

  8. I just wanted to say that I LOVE your books, and am planning to see you in Kentucky on my birthday! (How cool!) That would be the 14th. Oh man, I need to go to the library!(sudden realization) I just finished Pretties for the third time, and i want to see if they FINALLY have the second Midnighters book. I can’t put one of your books down, and I’ll read it from cover to cover in about an hour. Keep up the WONDERFUL work, I can’t wait to meet you!

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