Slo Yesterday

I got a cool package yesterday, the Slovenian version of So Yesterday! Check it out:

Now, Slovenia is not a place I know much about. The Wikipedia article tells me it has a population of two million, less than 1% that of the US, less than Brooklyn. So they must read a lot per capita, otherwise I can’t see how they’d make money with translated books. I mean, what percentage of those two million are teenagers to begin with?

Below is the first page—of Chapter 1, not Chapter 0. It’s clearly a Slavic language, but even knowing the text, I can’t figure too much out. But I love the word inovatorka for “innovator.”

Annoyingly, I’m not finding any Slovenian translation tools that work, so I leave it up to you guys to translate the title. Something about “cool”?

Of course, it occurs to me that I shouldn’t be so clueless about this place. Parts of my next trilogy, Leviathan, will take place in Slovenia. Or rather, what’s now called Slovenia, and was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire back in 1914.

For Slovenian speakers and crazed compleatists, here’s the website where you can buy Lovci na Kul.

And in other news, The Last Days has been long-listed for an Inky over at Inisde a Dog. Yay!

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  1. cool! my dad is 100% chinese and he speaks it too! my grandma has taught me some, but only like some food, hello and good-bye, that kind of stuff. i tottally have to try and get my friends into Uglies! one of them is reading the first one right now and she likes it so far. she thought it was boring in the beginning though. i never thought ti was boring! but she’s only at the part where the Specials come to the Smoke. Who do you think you’re more like, Tally or Shay. i’m more like shay, misterious, outgoing, and willing to try anything. but in a way im like Tally, always cautious and thinking things through!

  2. hey
    I’m probably more like tally but, with some things i’m like shay.

    i don’t play any instruments but I’ve always wanted to learn. i took piano lessons in fourth grade but that didn’t last long.

  3. i now own 8 books by scott.
    first i bought uglies and pretties
    then specials
    then midnighters 1-3 and peeps
    and now the last days.

    i would be reading the last days now, but i also bought new moon and eclipe today. (im currently reading new moon)

  4. I think I’m more like Shay…a rebil. She likes to do things her own way, and that’s totally me! 🙂

    Yay!! Only 3888000 more seconds!(Thanks Amy-La!) I’m going to start counting…1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9…


  5. WOOOOOOOO I got it I got it *does a dance* thanks Scott!!! (just got my sampler if people didn’t guess)

    Hmm it’s odd they changed the title of the book when they translated it =S And I noticed that you weren’t informed about what they changed it to…Isn’t that bad?

    I want to get So Yesterday so bad. But I only had $10 on me when I went to the bookstore and it was a choice between that or The Last Days, and I’ve been dying to find out what happens after Peeps that The Last Days won. So Yesterday is next on my list though ;P

  6. that’s a lot of seconds!
    just sing… 3888000 bottles of pop on the wall, 3888000 bottles of pop… that’s my fav. song! 😛

  7. Hehe, I like it Lizzy-Wa!

    586 Bottles of pop on the walls 586 bottles of POP!! Take one down pass it around 587 bottles of pop on the wall!
    I’m counting up so that’s why the song is backwords.

  8. i only own 1 scott book…just so yesterday. at the time i’d already read uglies and pretties (specials hadn’t come out yet) and midnighters 1-3, and after i finished it i made my friend read it and ended up turning her into a scott fan!

    but now i’ve read all of his books except the risen empire and evolution’s darling. i wanted to read e.d. but my mom said she wanted to read it first since it was an “adult book.” she deemed it to be too explicit (or whatever) for me. then again, that was a year ago…i should try again!

    i used to play the clarinet, but i decided to stop this year b/c i’m not as into it as i was before. i’ve played it since 3rd grade though, and now i’m going into 9th, so i certainly got some time out of it!

  9. I know this is from something you posted a while back, but I’m just thinking, here.
    In regards to giving out prizes for little contests (that don’t include obsessive refreshing), why not an art contest? Who drew a character of yours the best? Or maybe a writing contest – the best short story from the point of view of a character of yours, wins.
    I really hope you come up with a new contest soon, I’m all for competition!

  10. i only own the Uglies trilogy of scotts books…when Extras comes out im gonna buy that and a few other of scotts books on probably.

    i started out on the clarinet in 5th grade and then switched to the alto sax in 6th grade. last year i started playing the barry sax. and now im playing the alto sax for marching band and then i’ll play the barry sax later in the year for regular band…well thats what i think im gonna do anyway….haven’t totally decided yet.

    ughhhhh…the closer monday comes the more i don’t wanna go to school. way nervous-making.

  11. I’ve been playing piano since 3d grade, and I picked up the french horn in 6th grade. And the Hulusi I’ve been playing for….I think 3 years. And recorder (if that counts) since 3d grade also.

    I like that idea Haley Ray, maybe we can all try to draw the best moving tattoos or somthing. tht would be fun!


  12. my mom’s making me pick out a new backpack for school since my old one’s getting, well, old. i’m sad though. the one i really liked is “out of stock”…but on a peppier note, i got to go shopping at ae yesterday! used my 40% off coupon, but i still can’t go to the HUGE mall (yes that’s its name now because i said so) until next tuesday.

    ugh…i really don’t want school to start!

  13. Scott i must insist you post again i have no time to hardly breathe during the week now that school has started which means i have absolutely nothing to do on the weekends which means i’m continually bored so all there is to do is check my myspace, check postsecret, and check your blog i am in a continous cycle of this pleez help make my weekend and post!

  14. scott better post soon… ppl are getting back into chatting…. hmmm…. but to add to it… i played the violin in 4th grade gave it up by 5 th grade fo rthe clarinet adn wanted to take a break from it in 6th cuz it was the big middle school transsition… wanted back 7th grade but i couldnt… so ya instruments not so well with me…

    scott post… clap clap…

  15. Clap clap clap.

    Wow, that clapping has been going around for a long time. Who started it?

    Well, I would talk more, but I can’t. PLEASE SCOTT POST AGAIN!!


  16. clap, clap, clap, clap!
    lol just keeping it going…yeah scott post, or else you’ll hear clapping in your ears until you do! i want to hear more news…making wishlists can only occupy me for so long…

  17. clap clap clap! that’s fun. why r we clapping again? oh well… clap clap clap! clap clap clap! clap clap clap! spinning and clapping! dancing and clapping! singing and clapping! spinning and clapping again! more spinning and clapping! okay that’s really dizzy-making. sitting and clapping. passing ou…

  18. clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!!!!
    please post scott!!!

    for the other conversation. i used to play 3 instuments the cello, piano, and the recorder.
    now i only play the cello and the piano.

  19. i have to take a lot of test this year. one of them is the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. I DONT EVEN LIVE IN IOWA! I LIVE IN GEORGIA!

  20. harry potter and the half bllod prince, the movie, is comming out november 21, 2008

  21. in fifth grade i played the violin. i gave it up after one year

  22. clap clap clap! slap slap slap!
    so did my friend. but she and my other friend just started again so they didn’t have to do shop with our creepy teacher! uuuullllgggggh

  23. hi:)
    First i apologize for my bad english, but it’s 5a.m. when i’m writing this comment…lol…and i just want to post it before i forget!
    The reason i decided to write this comment is cause i’m from Sloveni(j)a, so if U have any questins, please, u are welcome to ask me!

    And Scott, tomorrow i must go to the library:)!
    and allready now congrats!

    Lep pozdrav iz Slovenije! (Hello from Slo.)

  24. Represent Slovenia! Yea-ah!

    Hehe, my paternal grandfather is 100% Slovenian. And this just happens to be my favorite book of all time. How cool is that?!

    The only Slovenian I know is a naughty word, though…hehe!

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