Wearable Extras

So I’ve been fooling around with making my own promotional shirts for a while, and sometimes people want to buy them from me. But it’s not like I’m going to manufacture things and then (shudder) mail them. I don’t do packages and stamps very well.

But with Extras coming out in just six weeks, I suppose it’s time to let the t-shirts flow. So I invite you all to the launch of . . .

Yes, it’s the online store for shirts and hoodies that reveal your Ugly (and Midnightery) side. Behold a few examples:

All these and more are available right now by clicking right here.

A few notes:

1) As with all online clothes shopping, check the size info carefully. I chose Spreadshirts.com because they’re very clear about the measurements of their stuff. Just click the product details for info.

2) I don’t get any money from this, but one dollar from each shirt goes to Katrina relief. If anything goes wrong with an order, please bug Spreadshirts and not your humble and clueless author.

3) If you think these shirts are lame, feel free to design your own at Spreadshirt or Cafe Press. Click here for a big tridecashirt file. And here for a big file with all the Midnighters symbols. Rock out and share with the rest of us.

4) Yes, they ship to Australia and many other countries, but it costs.

5) Discounts on bulk orders (25 of the same thing).

Hope you find these fine wearables amusing, and let me know if you have any Special requests. (nyuck, nyuck.)

Again, here’s the store.

194 thoughts on “Wearable Extras

  1. well actually, i’m just panicking cuz that means i have to do all my honors summer reading homework now.
    my procrastination is catching up with me.

  2. Whaa…I thought I was special because I won a tshirt. *sigh* Oh well. They are still so SWEET!!! I LUV THEM SO MUCH!! I can’t wait 4 mine to get here!! YAY!

    Kadie-Wa 40 days until EXTRAS!!
    or 1 month 4 days…whoops, i mean 9 days OR
    3,456,000 seconds or
    57,600 minutes or
    960 hours or finally
    5 weeks

  3. 5 weeks sounds best.
    Taylor, I know what you mean, when I was in honors/AP I always procrastinated or just never did it, not good advice. ALWAYS DO YOUR HOMEWORK! OK! or else you end up being hated by all your teachers cuz they know your smart but bored with school and lazy. Not a nice way to finish off High School.

  4. OOPS! I meant that message for Serafina Zane.
    I was inly ever in AP history and LA or English, or whatever you call it. My friends though, are in it al the way, even AP Phys.Ed.

  5. dude, how do you get AP Gym? i would hate that. i’ve got honors english, history, science, everything. which means too much homework. but hey, extras is coming!!!

  6. AP gym is when they put all the nerds in AP in a separate class, they do everything normal gym studenst would do except they get homework.

  7. sorry, i had to look up a bunch of stuff for my mom—we only have one computer and i refused to get off, so she made me do it for her.

    i never knew there was such a thing as AP gym! idk if we have that in my school. we can’t take any till 10th grade, so i’m just in adv math & science (i’m going into 9th). i hated quadratics till once my teacher explained it in a different way and i was like “OOOHHH!” lol

  8. yeah, that and do a weekly report on an article in the newspaper on the sports section, whatever one you want as long as it’s an actual sport.

  9. ugh. gym homework. don’t give me nightmares.
    and quadratics are really evil graphy algebra things with equations that you have to memorize that are really long. and my math teachers never make any sense. ever. my seventh grade math teacher was so confusing, she couldn’t even get us to understand adding and subtracting negatives because she explained it so badly.

  10. oh yeah, and like a quadratic equation. like one that makes a parabola when you graph it, etc. it’s like a huge topic, so idk if i could completely explain it…

  11. i couldn’t explain it cuz i can’t understand it. i have math issues
    dude, how far off-topic have we gotten?
    what was the post even about? oh yeah, awesome t-shirts.

  12. I HATE PARABOLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are awful! and I had a really good Algebra 2 Teacher. She was so cool but those things were horrible for brain! The worst teacher in the world is Mrs. Richardson, my first algebra teacher, she lost two weeks into the first semester, so I either slept in that class or read. Then at the beginning of the second semester I HAD to change, so I got Mrs. Corridi! She is soooo cool! I drove her insane^.^
    To get AP gym you have to be in a special IB program.

  13. i officially finished the first page of my math packet. only like ten to go. better than last year though, that one was like 30 pages.

  14. No, I dont have money and my parents DO NOT support my book/author obsessions, they already think I should be put in the loony bin. I got excited about the fact that I chatted with Justine and they commented on the fact that if I was accepted to Yale or someplace like that I wouldn’t be as happy as the day i chatted with Justine. And they’re correct. Why would I go to Yale if I want to be a librarian?

  15. i have no idea what the second word means. even with my vocabulary exceeding that of most others in my class, i’ve never seen that word before…*grabs dictionary* MUST LEARN!

  16. ha ha! hilarious. good to know i’m not the only one with waay too much time on my hands. now to investigate these “new clothes in wearable extras”

  17. I would LOVE “the smoke lives” on a long sleeved, hooded tee. Do you know if more styles of the clothes are coming out soon??

  18. Haley-wa…you can make your own you know. u can just put the same words on a long sleeved hooded T. solutions!

  19. i made my own. there on their way. one says…

    My Mind Is VERY UGLY.

    and the other one says…

    Crash Braceletes Are For Sissies…
    And So Are Shoes

  20. Midnighters are such awseome books. Scott Westerfeld needs 2 come out with a new Midnighters book. We have to know what 2 Jessica. She cant just be left behind.


    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  22. Gahh! I am completely in love with Cafepress and people just keep giving me more reasons to love it. They have amazing Doctor Who shirts, Milky Pirate apparel, and now I find out they do Scott Westerfeld stuff? When will the amazement end?

  23. I finished the Pretties!!!!!!!

    I hate Shay now!!! She used to be my favorite!!!!

    I also hate Dr.Cable!

    🙁 Ashley-Wa (feet)

  24. thats SO bubbly and happy-making!!!!
    except, when i asked my mom about it, she said maybe as a present…..that’s MONTHS away in december!!!!!!! i can’t even decide which 1 i want…..neways….id just settle 4 all of them….if ne1 has some extras, i would gladly take them for u…sigh….i might as well wish 4 SCOTT TO COME TO MASSACHUSSETTS (hint hint)!!!!!!!!!! dont let me scare u away, scott…..im actually nice if u get to kno me….(innocent blinking)…..i also have 2 older sis’ who love ur books…..at least think about it???? please??????? (blinking resumes again)
    well, gotta go help my mom load up the car….
    -riderchild-wa 🙂

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