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So a fan sent me this litle doo-hickey. Feel free to steal it and stick it on your websites and desktops.

The easiest way to put this on your own site is to click on OPTIONS, then choose GET EMBED CODE. Choose your platform, then drop it into your website. The supported platforms include HTML, MySpace, Xanga, Blogger, and a bunch more.


134 thoughts on “Countdown Timer

  1. OMG.
    I just got done reading Peeps, and I LOVED IT! AHH!
    Now I want to read The Last Days, but I’ll probably end up staying up all night to finish it; haha.

  2. Your face rank can change. I changed my mind, I’d rather be in the top 1000 rather than in the 800,000s, haha! In my city I would probably be in that area though (800,000). Even though we only have a small amount of residents.

  3. still have to read all of them. when i first moved here when i was 5, my face rank was 50,000 (the amount of peeps in my city) but by the time kindergarten ended, i was probably about number 10,000. that is a big improvement considering i didn’t do anything. now like i said, im about number 2, right behind the mayor.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  4. I think that my face rank is going to be the bottom or very near the bottom! Because i don’t normally talk in school.

  5. Bahah! Yay! I literraly just finished reading Peeps 😛 I couldn’t put it down bro!

    I’m about to read Pretties (I raided my school library) and then I’m gonna talk to myself wondering what’s gonna happen in Extra’s.

    So, er, what time does it come out in Aus? .. ^^

    Later bro, Patty the Fatty (Em)

  6. i personally think peeps and the last days are some of the best westerfeld books. but midnighters are my favorites. please don’t hurt me uglies fans.

    and my school librarian was ttly clueless
    (she once ordered a copy of septimus heap in spanish, and no one noticed it til my friend got it out and i picked it up and said dude, this whole book’s in spanish)
    she ordered peeps and said she thought it was the third in the uglies trilogy. and i’m like NO!!! SPECIALS!!! i’d already read them by then, but that woulda been really confusing for other people.

    and yeah!!! i got my paperback specials so i have now read all of the first three chapters of extras!!!! woo!!!
    best line “preferred her sushi heavier than air”
    best phrase “eye-kicking smile”

    i love how like every book starts with the crashing of a party.

    CAN’T WAIT 4 EXTRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I’m going to B&N today, and hope that they accidentally leaked the book early. And maybe buy a paperback Specials because my hardcover one looks like it went through a grunge phase.

  8. no sign of early extras when i went to borders. the more popular a book is, the less likely they are to accidently do stuff like that, unfortunately. and i waited to get paperback to match. though i would be (and have been) the person who sits on the floor, reads the chapter in the back, and then goes home.

  9. arbitrary (and srry for posting so much, i’m bored) but is extras gonna come out in hardcover or paperback???????
    author-person (who probably doesn’t read this far down on the comments)????????
    the amazon says hardcover, i think.
    hmmm…….random thought.

  10. Wah! Stupid, retarded, unfair, Extras-hating compter won’t let me put the counter on my desktop! *curses computer to the heavens, then continues typing* I hate this stupid thing!

  11. Btw, the whole Pepper-la/Pepper-wa thing was so I could call my dog in pretty speak. I think I’ll go with Pepper-la.

    -) Cyclops/ alien emotie!
    |) sleeping/ winking cyclops!
    >:-) evil man
    0_0 shocked emotie!
    (_( looking the other way emotie!
    )_) vice versa
    -_- sleeping emotie
    invisible emotie!!!!!

  12. Ooh, good observation – a party crashed at the beginning of each story. So true.

    I recently ordered Specials as I’ve read it but I don’t own it. I’m not debating whether to buy Extras or not since I have it on my comp. but you have no idea how annoying it is to read a book from the computer. Plus you can’t take a computer with you everywhere, and it’s only the 2nd draft, pretty rough, with lots of typos as I went through it (sorry, Scott-sama), so I’d love to see it in its final version.

  13. Its that close oh my gosh scott you’ve just made my world happy!!! It could cost $1000 and i’d soo still buy it…not to say that i have that kinda cash or that i want you to boost the price up that much.

  14. my mom pickin it up today! shout out 2 anyone who is completing in luv with scotts books! luv him! i wont read any other books but his(until i run out of books 2 read). darn this computer, it wont let me email 2 scott so im stuck with writin comments.
    the guy who got 2 read extras ahead of time is sooooooo lucky. thats fawesome!readin his books takes me away from my boring life into a world full of adventure, i think that i am in that world until my mom makes me go 2 bed(but then i switch my light back on and then im their again)Wish i could meet him in person!


  15. seems no one is on
    i guess everyone is 2 busy reading Extras
    duh duh duh
    guess in just 2 late
    just got extras, a am totally obsessed
    y am i even sitting here writing
    i should be reading!


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