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So a fan sent me this litle doo-hickey. Feel free to steal it and stick it on your websites and desktops.

The easiest way to put this on your own site is to click on OPTIONS, then choose GET EMBED CODE. Choose your platform, then drop it into your website. The supported platforms include HTML, MySpace, Xanga, Blogger, and a bunch more.


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  1. who the heck are you? and why do you have access to Scott-la’s (he will always be Scott-la) computer?!?!?!? i need answers man! or lady! or whoever you are! tottally un-fair! and VERY dizzy-making!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 🙁

  2. Umm…I remember the crash of ’07, but do you work at the computer store or are you bluffing? I’m just as confused as Lizzy-wa.

  3. I am really excited! I will have to hide it while reading it at school tho…my teacher will make fun of me for reading a book thats not a classic. He thinks juinors should be reading more advanced stuff. But i started reading them freshman year and got hooked.

  4. well i say ur teacher sux amy. u should get to read whatever u want. and who says scott’s writing isnt “advanced”???? wats up with that???

    i finally downloaded some of those fun “downloadable extras”. i now hav that bubbly-making pretties picture as the background of our computer. my lil sis wouldnt let me get the extras one cuz she thought it was to “creepy”. 😛 🙁 its not THAT creepy. its FAWSOME! very happy-making.

  5. Me? I don’t have access to Scott-sama’s computer, he sent the second draft of Extras to me by accident. His computer was crashing and he was sending himself backups of Extras. I had sent him a fan-mail a few days earlier so when he started typing in “Scott” his email defaulted to my name instead of his.

    Actually, I didn’t know he was making a book after Specials until AFTER I received Extras. There was an attachment called “extrasdraft2” and I thought it was just extra information about the books that he sent to all fans who mailed him. But then I open it, look at the page count: “You are on page 1 out of 418.” LOL!!

    But I can answer some of your questions about Extras.


  6. wait how did zee-sensei get to read extras?!?!?!?! so totally UNFAIR! who r u anyway?????…. *raises eyebrow in suspicion*… hey and doesnt hunter’s friend tina call him “Hunter-sama” or something in So Yesterday??? or am i just being crazy…?…..

  7. Me? I’m technically an extra myself. (If I were in Aya’s city, my face rank would be, like, 800,000. TOTAL extra land.) I’m just a random kid who happened to get lucky. I haven’t read So Yesterday, but I’m going to… someday.

  8. and that is soooooo cool. did scott know? that is hilarious. i would be like so super ecstatic if that happened to me. TOTALLY ICY-MAKING!

  9. ya zee…. REALLY SUPER ICY LUCKY! i mean u probly hav more chance of getting struck by lightening than what happened to u! did u know that u hav a better chance of being struck by lightening than winning the lottery. i know, kinda deppressing-making. but still, interesting.

  10. I sent Scott an email letting him know. This is his reply:

    Are you kidding? I did that?

    That must have been during my great computer crash, when I was trying to send myself a backup of the MS. Sounds like I assumed Mail would default to my name after “sco . . . “, but in its memory-less state, it defaulted to yours. Your name paid off, huh?

    Glad you enjoyed it, though. (Just don’t pass it on, please!)


  11. I was pretty shocked myself. I didn’t realize it was his new book ’til after a few chapters! LOL! It was bubbly.

    Oh, and the email and getting sent the book was over half a year ago, I think.

    Ooh, Eclipse! All my friends love that book. I’m only starting Twilight now.


    i envy you.
    *shakes head at computer screen, face red and almost breaking the keyboard with how hard shes hitting the letters*

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 🙁

  13. Wow. I’m really jeolous of you, Zee! That’s amazing. Ha ha, just don’t pull a half blood prince on us and spoil, it, K? I want to wait till october 2nd (just about three more weeks!) to read it!

  14. im only on the forth one. dont totally like them that much. i mean there good books an all but just not my style…yepyepyep. by the way Zee-la…just cause im talking to ya does NOT mean i dont still hate you. cause i do. but the only thing im obsessed with is SCOTT-LA!!!!! even though he didnt reply to my email and sent YOU a copy of EXTRAS when it should have been ME!!!!! but anyway…what if since that was only draft too, he like changed the ending or something? and really instead of the ending being cool, everybody DIES!!!!!! that IS how all great chinese movies end ya no. yepyepyep.

    i still envy you.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  15. ROFL! I feel bad for you now, it was just a lucky coincidence. I wouldn’t have minded if you got the copy instead of me. Once again, you can ask me stuff about it. It was only the second draft, true, so he’ll have changed some things. But I think he’ll keep the ending, the final word of the book is still the same as it is in my draft – “cake”!

  16. oooh…..myyy….GOSH!!!!! zee you are like the luckiest person on the face of this earth.

    but i don’t have any questions about extras. i won’t even read the description because i want it to be a complete and utter surprise!

    i just got home from a football game…my school’s team stinks worse than the perfume flooding out of Abercrombie! we lost 7 to 21, and at last year’s homecoming game we lost 0 to 54, so we’ve improved the teeniest bit!

    it was fun though…a bunch of guys in my grade (9th) started their own little tackle football game behind the bleachers, and my two friends and i watched them beat each other up until some some teachers saw them and broke it up. i don’t understand football in the slightest, i just cheer when other people do.

  17. well sooooorrrry! ZEE-SENSEI! i dont have to worry about that since im like face rank 2 in my city. im not like one of those super popular cheerleaders or anything…im just such a dork that EVERYBODY knows me…

    i still envy you

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  18. well there’s not even 1000 people in my town so i guess i’m in! lol but yeah i know like everyone…i’ll just be in the mall/walking in my town/at a football game/at the beach and suddenly i’ll see someone from like summer camp or something and be like “oh HI!!!”

  19. ohmigod, that is the best accidental story ever!!!!!!!!
    if that happened, i seriously woulda thought i was dreaming. then possibly screamed. loudly. and repeatedly. and then spent the entire day at the computer.

    and dude, the last word really is cake????

    ahhhhhhh, avoiding possible spoilers. thank you, good person who has read it forever ago and not mentioned stuff.

    meanwhile i will have to be content with running out to buy paperback specials and reading the next two chapters. and then…..only two weeks or so left.

  20. and my town is small, but i would say the majority of people wouldn’t recognize me. i’m sorta low-profile. or not. i inherently don’t know what ppl think of me when i’m not around.

    well, i don’t know most of the people i see around, at least.

  21. haha zee. thats so cool.
    but you know with the sensei and sama things. aren’t they just jap greeting-ending things?
    like they’re not anything new are they?

  22. hi Bri-la !!! I am from Singapore and that’s in Asia! I don’t think that Mr Westerfeld has been to my country before for autograph sessions…

    OMG!!! how lucky you are Zee-sensei!!! like many others, i would not have believed my eyes if I saw EXTRAS draft lying in my inbox. you are such a nice person Zee-sensei! at least you didn’t leak out the story after so much time so we fans will be able to enjoy the story! it’s seems funny that the last word of the EXTRAS is “cake”.haha~

    hi Jess! just to let you know, if i am not wrong, sensei means Teacher in japanese and sama is a word placed after a name. i think it means Lord. so if Zee-sensei called Scott “Scott-sama”, it means Lord Scott. and you are right for it’s japanese language.

    16 more days to EXTRAS!! i think i am going to Borders today to pre-oder it if possible! do you have to pay extra money to pre-oder it??? i wonder…

    +-+miko kagome+-+

  23. well, im off to my first volleyball, can you call it a game if it is just a practice game against other schools? they wont even keep score, but im still a little nurvous.

  24. Thanks guys =) I didn’t know Extras was so popular/in demand!!

    You unfortunately do have to pay when you pre-order. Well… that’s the case with online pre-ordering.

    Well Scott told me not to spread the story around, and I could have been possibly arrested if I did! The most I’ve told to anyone is basically what Scott said. Except I knew it was Aya Fuse on the cover pic before anyone else did.

    Yeah, the setting of this story is in Japan. “Sensei” is a title of respect, you use it when your face rank is below 1000. (The lower your face rank, the more popular you are.) “Sama” is the title given to the most popular person in the city. Oh, and if you are the most popular person in the city, doesn’t mean you actually live there.

  25. Correction: If you are the most popular person in the city, it doesn’t mean you HAVE to live there. You could live somewhere else too.

  26. Thats cool, im stealing it for westerboard.

    Ok about Westerboard!
    Any one who has recently joined and sent an email back to me asking for activation…yea could you please email me again if your accont is still inactive? and with the username too please!

  27. hey Zee-la…a little while ago you said your face rank was like 800,000?! so how can you be under 1000?! you are getting me VERY VERY VERY confused! and stop talking about the whole face rank thing! your giving stuff away!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  28. Woot!
    My mom wanted some coffee while we were out running errands today, and she chose to go to the Starbucks that’s right next to a Barnes& Nobles.
    I was like:” Wow, Mom! Look, there’s a Barnes&Noble next door! Isn’t that a coincidence?”
    Mom:” Fine. You can get one book.ONE.”
    I stood in the store for twenty minutes trying to decide what book to get. My mom was huffing and puffing in annoyance, until I suggested that she let me get two books because then we could leave more quickly.
    I ended up getting Peeps and The Last Days.
    So now I have to read those, and then re-read the Uglies trilogy before Extras comes out.

  29. Help me put the doohicky on my desktop. I so dont get it. I want extras!!!! boo hoo oh and tiera peeeps is such an awesome book. SNakes on a Stick well im obsessed. hugs luna

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