Fall Starts

The first of several autumn releases for the Uglies series arrives in stores today . . .

Yes, it’s the paperback version of Specials.

Note the new tagline for those of you who really didn’t like the old boring one!

Also, there’s a pink circle (known as a “burst” in publishing) talking about “Exclusive Content!” That refers to all the fine downloadable content at Behind the Pulse, including an e-book version of the end of Specials, with “director’s notes” by me.

Basically, I went through the last chapter and explained a bunch of stuff, like special features on a DVD. Specials was a particularly interesting book to do, because it almost ended on an entirely different note. (Wise editors intervened.)

Here’s the direct link to check out what I mean.

One other thing about the paperback: it has chapters two and three of Extras in the back. Along with this blog post, the first three chapters are now out in the wild!

Speaking of Extras, Justine was buying a big stack of Hikaru No Go at a Borders near us, and ran across this big ol’ sign:

Me and Jenna Bush. Hmm.

Completing the autumnal roll-outs will be the boxed set of the trilogy, available in the US on October 23.

Pre-order it here.

90 thoughts on “Fall Starts

  1. “The final volume in/of the highly acclaimed UGLIES trilogy/series.” i can’t remember if it was “series” or “trilogy,” or “of” or “in”…sorry!

  2. I wish had I started reading the blogs sooner these discussions are so much better than the ones at my school’s book club lol. I suggested we read Uglies and finally they decided to read it and then we never met to discuss it, yet almost everyone went on to read the rest of the trilogy.

  3. i wish we had a book club at my school Lacy/Avid/Lacy Tucker! unless you’re not her then sorry. but yeah we only have one in my elem school, and it’s pretty pathetic…

  4. yes im all the same person lol, i think…%) we just have one in high school and they started it when i was in 10th grade and it’s sort of gotten better each year but we don’t met on a regular basis, sometimes months in between.

  5. so how do you know that it will 21 days til the next blog? I read on earlier ones where mr. westerfeld announces when he will next post but I haven’t seen them on the recent ones. I just skimmed over the blogs during class so i might have missed something.

  6. there used to be a contest for the first person who commented on each post got a sampler of extras with the first 3 chapters, but that’s over now b/c we were all staying up til like 5 in the morning waiting for him to post.

    but i have to go to a volleyball game now…byes!

  7. oh well that clears everything up lol thank you our school has a volleyball team but I never joined we went on vacation during try outs.

  8. When is my winners’ shirt going to get here??? Has any of the winners wore theirs yet? If I get it before the extras comes out, I’m going to wear it all day on October 2nd!! OMG that would be cool!! Then, I would be like so cool!!


  9. you STILL havent gotten it Kadie-wa?!?!?!?!? that stinks. whos in charge here?!!!!? i came the day the last book cover contest ended! so i could even TRY to get one! that stinks two. but i feel bad Kadie-wa. i made my own. muehehehe!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  10. guess what i’ve been doing for the past week and a half? everyday until EXTRAS (for all of you REALLY SLOW peeps, thats the newly declared world wide holiday. October 2nd. ya no?)i am going to and have recommended UGLIES to at least one person. per day. and pretty much all the guys say no. so then i just recommend Midnighters because its a book that guys would probably rather read. or any of Scott-la’s other books. JOIN ME! it will be like a celebration ritual. we can do it for ALL of Scott-la’s new books! huh!? huh!? what do you think?!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  11. oh. and today we had to talk about whatever we wanted to our class for three minutes. so i talked about you guys of course. most of it was about my new friend…LACY! woooo! i told all about your welcoming commitee…Taylor-wa and ME! but dont worry. i didnt use your real names since some of the guys in my class could be possible stalkers…maybe. i used the name Tracy Tuck. yepyepyep. everybody laughed. they all think Amy-la sounds the craziest. yepyepyep. it was highly entertaining. ok so they still think IM the craziest, but Amy-la’s second. so thats all. everybody was like: “cool whats the website?!?!” and i was like: “you can only go on if youve read the UGLIES trilogy” and they were like: “Aaaawww”

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  12. ok Lacy-wa…that’s really creepy. how’d you do that?!? your post with your full name and your post with Avid are like…gone. that is SO COOL! wait…are you one of those EXTREME HACKERS who will REALLY try and stalk me?! then put me in a really filthy pillowcase thats two small for me to fit in and sling me over your sholder and ship me to AUSTRALIA?!?!!??!!?!?!?!?? actually…that wouldnt be half bad. slightly uncomfortable yes…but i’d get to meet Scott-la…in his own HOUSE! cool. ok never mind you can stalk me if you want. just remember…i didnt do the WASL cause i live in Washington…just cause i WANTED TWO. but if you do find out where i live and ship me to Australia…could you at least tell me how you erased your posts? cause that was so COOL!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  13. sorry for all the long-ish posts! but please do read. they all rock! at least the last two do.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  14. *SQUEALS*

    YAY! I just pre-ordered Extras! I can’t wait until October 2nd.

    And I’m still working on convincing my mom to buy me one of the t-shirts. Sure, she’ll let me buy a t-shirt for my friend for her birthday, but she won’t let me get a shirt for myself.
    -insert angry noise here-

  15. hehehe. lizzy-wa i cant believe u stuck ur hightops to the ceiling. while u were in them!!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH!!!!LMBO! u rox my sox!!!

  16. I can never reveal my secret….=) lol I just contacted the person in charge of the site. Thank you for keeping my new fan club to a minimum lol
    Your friend,
    Tracy Tuck

  17. a while ago they had a bunch of contests. one was whoever commented first on new posts got an EXTRAS sampler with the first 3 chapters. but Kadie-wa won this contest (click on my name) and so she won an EXTRAS t-shirt that says “I’m An EXTRA”

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  18. Must…preorder…Extras! Argh, I keep forgetting!! No matter how many post-its I write for myself.

    I wish I had my own Amazon account so I didn’t have to use my dad’s.

    Maybe I’ll just go reserve a copy at the bookstore.

    Except how am I supposed to get there when I don’t have my liscense yet?

  19. take the bus! or the subway. how come whenever anybody on tv rides the subway and are in a big hurry to get somewhere, the power goes out? kind of ironic. but not really. its kind of like how in the end of the series, the two best friends fall in love and live happily ever after. and then the show is canceled. sad-making.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  20. hmmm…I wonder if I can pre-oder it from Borders in my country…there isn’t a poster saying that we could pre-order it yet. but then perhaps the poster is up now for i haven’t been there for about one week ago…. =))

    does this means that the “exclusive content” for the Uglies boxed set is also this downloadable content? Mr Westerfeld’s notes makes me understand more about the story. =^.^=

    nice tagline! it’s much more better than the last one!

    hi to all Westerfeld fans here~!!!! (^0^)

    ahh~ can’t believe it that Justine likes to read manga and what’s more Hikaru No Go! O.o
    i am a japanese manga and anime fan myself.

    +-+miko kagome+-+

  21. these book are pretty good and if u havent read twilight i recomend it! and i think scott westerfeild changed the narrator of the story its somebody else i want but i rather prefer tally

  22. so i am a little confused. i thought specials was suppost to end the Uglies series. what is etras?i am stoked to hear of another book but am just a slight bit confused. thanks.
    p.s. i just keep reading the first three and love them every time!

  23. thats not ture read it read it!! it’s not what u think it is. i promise. and if u don’t like it you cna ummmmmmm…. sew me. 🙂

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