So Yesterday in Brazil

International Cover Month concludes with the brazillionth version of So Yesterday. (Okay, there haven’t really been a brazillion yet, but this one is from Brazil.)

The paper doll theme is brilliant, and you can really appreciate the concept when you fold out the entire jacket—front, back, spine, and flaps:

But what’s really fun is the webcard for the cover. I dare you not to giggle while watching that.

Oh, and here’s the publisher’s site for all you Portuguese speakers.

I’m pretty sure that tao ontem means “so yesterday” in Portuguese, so it’s one of the rare direct translations of the title. I wonder if it means the same thing in Brazil.

Okay, no more furrin’ covers for a while. I’m going to be blogging about Extras pretty obsessively for the next 23 days, which is how long till Book 4 comes out.

Next week, I’ll be unveiling the Extras Countdown Timer!

76 thoughts on “So Yesterday in Brazil

  1. so i painted my nails yestrday. one hand has 3 shades of pink, black, and lime green. the other has hot pink on the pinky and thumb, black on the ring and index, and lime green on the middle. all of my friends think im losin’ it, and half the guys in my class accused my of going goth. i will never go goth. even if they did make up halloween.(according to Dess) and EVERYBODY thinks im losin it cause i traded my friend a shoe and wore one slip on and one platform flip flop. nobody accused her because she just said that i STOLE it from her. dizzy-making.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  2. speaking of her…she has read uglies and is halfway threw pretties. but she wont talk to u guys! shes like: thats boring! i dont do that! (and she says it all mockinglyly) her life would be so much more interesting if she did everything i do. and if she new u guys of course.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  3. Aaah! Only 23 days?! Will we still be able to win a signed Extra’s anything? I was so looking forward to it. *siiiiiigh* =]

  4. i never even bother to paint my nails b/c it always smudges or something since i can never be patient enough to wait for them to completely dry. well i do for special occasions, but i just use remover to take it off after 2-3 days so they won’t get like super chipped.

    how off-topic is this?

  5. OMG cant wait for EXTRAS ive been bugging parents for days and weeks to go to Chicago… i got my license today!!! i could so go down there myself … but through chicago hmm… maybe ill take bus… scotts hand is going to get a real workout… 🙂

  6. haha kheidi-la…

    can you say “carpal tunnel?”

    and lucky person! i can’t get my license till next november. hey what’s the driving age in your state? it’s 16 in NY.

  7. i really wonder what extras’ll really be about. like, what’ll happen and stuff. and if/how tally shows up…and how all the pretty-heads adapt to the whole mind-rain thing. and who the “sly girls” ppl the amazon summary mention are. and what happens with tally and david. and how they get to japan. and….well, what the whole books is, really.

    cuz all we really know is that it takes place in the same world as uglies, it’s after specials, it’s in japan, and it’s aya fuse. arrrg, i can’t wait to read it!!!!!!
    anybody else have theories about what’s gonna happen?

  8. no idea

    and Kadie-wa…remember…earlier we were talking about how like everybody on here was born in nov!

    Serafina-la…you ask lots of questions!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

    by the way Taylor-wa…i am NOT a stalker. although this guy i know has a picture of me in his room! how dizzy-making is THAT!?!?!? so gross! i dont even no how he GOT it! it better be a good picture…thats all i’m sayin. STALKER!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛 (again)

  9. i ask lots of questions, but i get very few anserws.

    okay, there’s my profound-ness quota for the day. ha! stalker. and i wasn’t born in november. my birthday’s in the summer.
    now i return to my history homework.

  10. Aaaaah! I still need to preorder Extras! My mom keeps saying that I should just wait until the library has it, but by then I’ll have heard everything about the book! And it’s my money. I can buy it if I want to.

    Anyway, cute cover!

  11. ok so everyone except Serafina-la has a nov. b-day. Kadie-wa…mines the 29th.

    but Serafina-la…i can answer one question. i think Aya will get bored of being an EXTRA, so she will run away…but not for the old reasons. just because shes bored. then in the wild she will meet up with Tally and David. then they will end up saving the world…again. but im not sure how. maybe Dr.C will recreate Specials with old Specials who want to be Special again and they will try to–says in evil villain voice–TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD! MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! and then Tally and David and Aya and maybe even Shay and Fausto will PUT A STOP TO IT!
    it’s just a theore tho.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  12. that cover’s so kawaii (cute)!
    although i like the American version… i like covers that make the book look mysterious 🙂
    Yay i cant wait till Extras!!!

  13. o.k my b-day’s Oct.5, I guess I’m not in the club. Anyways, The whole your picture on some random guy’s wall is kinda creepy(for u anyways) lol. This is pretty off topic but I’ll play along, I usually don’t paint my finger nails b/c when i get bored i chip it off and then it doesn’t look good anymore. But I paint my toenails b/c that would be weird if you know I got bored in a class and started picking at my toes.

  14. yes. people would think you were losin’ it! plus…that close to your face and all…they would probably REALLY stink!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  15. Hi, Scott.

    I’m a brazilian journalist. Your book is really amazing! And ‘Tão ontem’ means exactly ‘So yesterday’. No differences.

    Ps) I loved the cover! The paper doll is like a puzzle – it’s an exciting exercise to find a new match, a new look.

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