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The online version of Publisher’s Weekly has a lovely article about the Uglies trilogy and Extras. It contains unexpected revelations about the origins of my ideas for the book.

It also turns out that the series has sold more than a million copies, which is pretty bubbly. Thanks to all of you who made your friends and family read it. No book sells that many copies without word of mouth.

Click here to read it.

Also, my Taiwanese translator thinks you guys are awesome: “I am impressed [by] your readers’ definitions (I spent a lot time to read through all the posts, they made me laugh sometimes). . . . It’s great to know how other readers comprehend and perceive this novel, and certainly it helps me to get more clear ideas about these terms. Many thanks to them.”

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  1. Oh, wow. I think I would go crazy if I couldn’t find a book. Actually, I go crazy even when I DO get the book I want, because there’s always another one out there. ALWAYS. *twitch, twitch*
    If you’ve got one of those huge Barnes&Noble or Borders by you, Amy-la, they should have the book there. Or you could order it from the website, it your parents will let you.

  2. omg so much homework talk… wonder if scott is noticing how many of his fans is in honors … and i so agree with Taylor a day no pigs would die was on eof the most boring and gruesome books i had to read… that totally dampered 8th grade

    everyday i tell my parents 10 days…. 9 dyas …. 8 days… 7 days… etc well not the 7 yet anyway but tommorrow theyll hear it and i think there actually getting sick of it… but who cares 🙂

    later today im going up in front of about 30 ppl adn doing a persuasive speech on why you should read the uglies trilogy (ya totally obesssed and must make everything scott books related) 🙂 :} :] 🙁 😀 having fun with faces oh yeah

  3. No, I would not happen to be the same person as nel(#48) but those are my initials, weird huh? thanks for the help y’all I am almost finished with the project because of it! (except for sticking it on a poster board)
    o and Taylor sry about not answering but i was kind of having dinner and… yeah soooo… sorry but no I am not nel but once again those are my initials.

  4. WAIT! So Extras isn’t going to be it’s own separate trilogy?! I thought there would be more after Extras! 🙁 that’s kinda bogus Scott!

    I’m extremely excited to read it though! and congrate about selling over a million copies of the UPS trilogy; it’s crazy that i’m one of those million!

  5. Thank people you really helped me with my project I was useing your ?s for a assignment… my teachers are not evil they rule!!!
    ps natalia L and nel dont insult your teachers

  6. your welcome Natis S and my project is apparently due NEXT month my friends got it wrong its not my fault my English teacher is evil! he was in the navy and is really mean! he picked up this boys desk and threw it across the room! That is mean. and no (for taylor) me and Natis S and nel are not the same people. even if those are my initials i live in jersey city, nj. I will prove it to u if anybody else lives there we are having fogy gunk right now. so ha. o and the saying ya’ll was kind of to annoy my friend…she hates that word and she was with me yesterday+the day b4 that… so w/e sorry to disappoint you people…
    🙂 :X :p

  7. Well as for more books I’d like to hear about the fall of the rusties the advent of the operations (special and pretty) and maybe something from one of the rangers’ point of view? I don’t know. Just stuff I think would be interesting but okay….


    I wish I could say I contributed but only one of my friends speaks english and he doesn’t read very quickly.

  8. Bri-la: You will personally form an angry mob? Wow, there’s that many of you? Well, Saralin and Naren and Dreaming and Cat-sha and Cat and C and the rest are in. Go mob! 🙂
    The footstool is to be feared!
    PS- so is the toaster.
    PPS-This is not supposed to make sense.



  10. I have uglies and the only thing on my christmas wish list (my mom shops year round) is the rest of the trigiloy and of course stephenie meyers twilight, new moon, and eclipse (did u know shes a fan of your work?) well ne ways I love you! your an amazing author!!! please keep up the good work!!!


  11. I made like 10 of my friends read them since I have and all of them have said how much they love them!Even though quiet a few cried when Zane-la died(like me-sob-)

  12. Did I mention that I am going to California to meet Scott!!! I am flying from utah to CALIFORNIA!!! I LOVE SCOTT SO MUCH!!!

    🙂 Ashley-Wa (feet)

    lexi 90120=====
    ZANE DIES???? PLEASE E-MAIL ME at pepper1228@hotmail.com PLEASE TELL ME!!!

  13. Scott-wa ~
    I might not be able to come down to California I would love it more than ANYTHING if you could come to Salt Lake City, Utah…. And also Scott it would make my friend REALLY happy!!! I just think that you are a really good author and I don’t care what any body says , at school I’ll be reading the Speacials and I am way into the book Then someone comes up and says THE—-SPEACIALS?!?!?!? And then I explain about Tally awhen she was ugly, I don’t tell them anything major and then they either start to read the book or they just walk away LAUGHING HA HA HA HA HA…. but thats ok , there loss!!! I think that everyone would be very nice and kind to one another if the read thease books!!! Thank-You Scott for touching Peoples lifes! I love you for just that reason; and you are a really good author!

    Ashley-Wa (feet)

  14. Scott Sensei~
    I might be able to fly to brooklyn new york for your appreences I really hope I can I wish you would come to utah it would make me sooooo happy!

    p.s. PLEASE e-mail me! pepper1228@hotmail.com

  15. Scott-La~
    I am your number one fan and all I want you to do Is come to utah!!!!!

    I love your books so much I have about 50 more pages of the extras please scott or Mr.Westerfeld please please please come to utah or e-mail me at pepper1228@hotmail.com !!!

    an ugly pretty who wants a friend,

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