Uglies in Complex Chinese

It’s a slow day on tour today, waiting for next Tuesday, the all-important release date of Extras. So I thought I’d show you one more cover that came in last week.

It’s the complex Chinese version of Uglies! (My recent post about translation was for the CC version of Pretties.) I really like this cover. It’s slick and jazzy, but also dark, which can be a tricky combination to pull off.

Here’s the publisher’s site, for those of you who can read traditional Chinese.

Sorry this was so quick, but my internets are running out!

More tomorrow from the road.

77 thoughts on “Uglies in Complex Chinese

  1. oooooooo i like the cover

    i honestly think im going to cry when i go to get it on tuesday. My mom will probably tell me to get over it since its just a book but you know what I DONT CARE Uglies trilogy has become my life =)

  2. i just searched every bookstore in the tri-county area, no leaked copies to be found. *sad*

    and i’m on here waaaay too much too.
    which is gonna make it hard, because i’ve vowed not to go on at all from like, monday evening to whenever i finish extras.
    yeah, i’m a ttly fast reader, but i have a feeling my amazon copy won’t come til wensday. and i’m a big no-spoilers/making urself insane person. i’m insane enough without anyone’s help.

    CAN’T WAIT 4 EXTRAS!!!!!!!

  3. No leaked copies here. *sob*

    I love that cover! Very icy.

    I think I’ll just get Extras at Borders since I’m too lazy to preorder.

  4. i preordered months ago. because i’m a loser.
    a loser who has already preordered city of ashes. 174 days!

  5. i love this cover! i can’t wait to get extras, im reading specials right now. Once EXTRAS is going to come out i;m going to run the Barnes & Nobles to get it 😀 i hope you write more books like the Uglies triolgy. I love it. You inspire me so much.

  6. he he i was rereading uglies and you know how they double one side of thier face well i tryed that with one photo have both sides double and flipped into one face… you can look WAY different then you would think (ya i was kinda bored)

  7. argh, i can’t wait!!!! i’m messing with the preorder right now so i can get both extras and midnight alley in the same package. how awesome will that be? like, double awesome!
    *screams in joy b/c so many books and heroes is on tommorrow too*

  8. im sad. 🙁

    i just went to BORDERS in seattle with $30 in my pocket. i jumped out of the car so my dad cood go park the car, and walked into BORDERS. i looked for about 2 minutes. looked in my jeen pocket for the money, and found it missing. i checked all pockets, walked all the way back to the corner wear he dropped my off, and checked again. no where.

    i blame my little brother and sister. they werent supposed to get out of the car, but they did anyway. the money probably fell onto the seat, but when my brother and sister got out, they scooched all across the seat, probably pushing the $20 and $10 dollar bills into the street, where somebody found it and picked it up.

    its so not funny. i already owe my mom $20. i just lost my last $30. and with the books i just bot, i now owe her $40.

    i need some chocolat. 🙁

    im not even happy enough to put a exclamation point on my signiture.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT. 🙁

  9. i love heroes! woo! lizards!
    that’s the name of the episode for the folk who don’t read heroeswiki as obsessively as i do. and i wonder why i’m sleep-deprived…

  10. *sympathy* luckily my mom understands book-buying. otherwise i’d always be broke cuz i’m too lazy to get a job.

  11. Really spooky-making. Its like not even real. Kind of hard to see but im you know. Very dark, indepth of how the surgery transforms every aspect of what you look like. Almost down to your very smallest details, the one’s you don’t even notice. I like the way that some of the parts of the face are magnetized to show the intrecet parts of the persons face. but yes, i’d have to agree…

  12. SO franticly waiting to read extras. the best books iv’e ever read are the uglies pretties and specials series!!!!!! now theres a new brance! YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate having to wait for it at our local library and i think im just going to buy it.

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