The tour, she has begun!

Hey, did you guys know they have a six AM now? No one ever tells me anything. This is what it looks like:

Kind of spooky.

In case you can’t tell, I’m not a morning person. (This reason, and no other, is why I became a writer.) But while this tour was being scheduled, I read all these articles about how flights that are early in the day are delayed much less often. So rather than deal with that, many early flights were locked in.

So. Much. Early.

But after a post-flight nap, Justine and I are at a hotel in Schaumburg, Illinois, about to head off toward a banquet at the Great Lakes Booksellers Association. They’re feeding the authors at a special early dinner, so that we don’t even have to eat during the banquet.

Our job is but to charm.

Okay, I’ll try to blog every day or so, just to give you guys a sense of what book tours are like from the author’s perspective. This is my first real multi-city tour, so I’m looking forward to learning all the tricks.

Also, a few copies of Extras have been leaking out into the wild. That’s cool with me, but please no spoilers on this blog yet!

I’ll be setting up a spoiler zone this weekend.

Ciao for now!

71 thoughts on “Dark-Thirty

  1. i dont think we have signing numbers cause the place im going to is a high school. but im not sure. how did you guys find out that you needed signing numbers?

    by the way…HOW DO YOU DO THE COOL SMILEY!?!?!?!?

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  2. whoa number 2! sweetness!!! Lizzy-wa: the thing in Naperville (aka the one im going to) is at a bookstore called Andersons. on their website it says that u need to call in and get a number for the signing. i think there is a way to get one when i get there though. but maybe u dont even need one
    ok. to make the cool smiley do: 8 ) without the space in between. 8)

  3. lol…nope. We pretty much are the same as American people except we spell “Colour” and “humour” differently. 😀

  4. bri-la, i’m actually going to skokie on wed. – i’m sorry i won’t get to meet you! although your signing numbers question gave me a panicky moment of “oh crap, they’re giving out numbers? i’m never going to get one!” since i’m all the way down in urbana. but the b&n gives out numbers starting 2 hrs. before signing time, so it’s all good cuz i will be there around 4 (assuming i don’t get stuck in rush hour or, more likely, lost, anyway).

  5. hmm i just sent a post but its not showing up …im cconfused

    AHHHHH ill probably cry in the bookstore on tuesday of happiness 😀

  6. thats ok julie. my grandma lives in chanpaign (thats right by urbana right?)!!!! u might not need a number. u should check the website of the place ur going.

  7. Sophie, you’ll be in Mequon? Kheidi and I will be too! What a good time we’ll have!

    I’m waiting, so impatiently, for that stupid Extras copy…why can’t Amazon just have a slip-up…?
    So, hopefully I’ll get it tomorrow in the mail…

  8. Wait. Six AM? Wha…What the…
    Total WUBBISH.

    Unfortunately, I see Six AM every morning for school…it is a very unfortunate time to see…

  9. Hey Scott,
    I was introduced to the Uglies series just a few weeks ago by a friend who mentioned that she loved this book!So I decided to give it a try and so far I love it!! I am about half way through the book and I am trying to finish it to read Pretties, specials, and Extras. Keep on writing! I love your books!


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