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Just got back from a signing at Copperfield’s Books that was unbelievably awesome. After our 7AM wake up call and three school appearances this morning, I thought I would be zombified by tonight. But the lovely, energetic crowd carried me through a really fun appearance.

Actually, all the signings have been so energy-making. Thanks for that.

And on the way out to Petaluma . . . the fog!


Another lovely thing: at one of my school visits, these four students had made a giant, hand-drawn Uglies cover.


It reminds me of the days before cheap oversized printers, when record stores would hire artists to paint giant album covers for their windows.

Thanks to the artists: Emily, Olivia, Victoria, and Namitha!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) night’s appearance is a very special one. For the only time on this tour, Justine is making a special command appearance alongside me:

Books Inc.
Opera Plaza
601 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94102

Hope to see you there.

And for more amusing reflections on the Extras tour, check out Justine’s blog.

157 thoughts on “Blog the Fog

  1. U made a companion novel to the Uglies series
    Extras right?
    U dont neccesarily have to make another midnighters but maybe a companin novel 😀

  2. I loved the whole series!!!!! Love the blog and I will definately will coming back to the website to see more blog posts!
    I love the Uglies book cover as well, they did a great job!!! And it’s amazing how accurate the books are for the future, and I didn’t know how factual they are too, until I read Bogus to Bubbly.
    BUT NO WAY!!!!! Is there really another book after Extras!?!? If so, SWEET!!! I am like completely hooked on the series! I’ve finished all of them up to Shays Story. I really want to get that. I now need that and Secrets. Right now I am almost done with Bogus to Bubbly. Not sure why, but I am reading the entire Bogus to Bubbly book, because usually I just skim through those types of books. But yeah… I am just totally in love with the series. It’s so bubbly-making 😀
    Anyways… Cya!!! And I hope Scott comes to Fairfield,CA sometime soon!!! 🙂

  3. Watch this epic rap battle from history: Tesla v. Edison. It’s all true, too.

  4. I have a copy of “Killing of Worlds” in front of me. Sadly, I can’t find my copy of “Risen Empire”. I am curious what the five types of gravity were?

    I think an sequel to “Killing of Worlds” would be interesting given how different the Empire and the Rix are.

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