You can buy it at fine bookstores everywhere, or online if you prefer.

I’m spending the day tomorrow at Kennedy Jr. High School and Crone Middle School in Naperville, IL. And starting at 7PM tomorrow night, both Justine and I will be at:

123 West Jefferson Ave
Naperville, IL 60540

Click here for the rest of the appearance schedule.

Hope you enjoy the book!

(Spoiler page appears at noon, for those of you who read really fast.)

75 thoughts on “EXTRAS DAY!

  1. I work at a Barnes & Noble in my hometown and I just got off of work. I’m the children’s departent lead and I made sure that Extras was on the floor after we closed, so that it will be waiting for everyone in the morning. I can’t wait to go buy my own copy tomorrow.

  2. I can’t wait! I have an “appointment” at the bookstore this afternoon. 😀 😀 It can’t come fast enough.

  3. omg im probbaly gonna cry in borders

    and get in trouble for not listening in school

    im gonna try and pace my self and not finish it tonight

  4. man i hope my pa takes me to pick up mine today. ahh the excitement is to much to take.

    well since i haven’t had any sleep and its 5 in the morning i think i’ll try to go beddy by before school lol. stupid exams today

  5. AHHHHH!!!!! 😀
    SO HAPPY!!!!!
    Crone Middle School?!? *gasp* i’ve been there before!!!! I went there last year for a music competition!!! WOW!
    I CANT WAIT UNTIL TONITE!!!!! it kinda stinks because i cant get my copy until 7:00 because the stupid bookstore doesnt open until 9:00 and my school starts at 8:00. but i will be getting my (autographed!!!!!!!) copy at Andersons tonite when i go to see SCOTT!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! 😀

  6. Today should totally be made into a national holiday (i wonder how i could arrange that)… HAPPY EXTRAS DAY 😀

  7. I’ve been waiting for this like…. forever 8D
    I already bought my book on amazon about a week ago so I can’t wait till I get it in the mail (:

    Stupid mail takes to long lol

  8. OMG this is so bubbly making!!! But i can’t get my copy until after school! But i’m done there at 2 15 then it’s off to barnes & noble

  9. OMG i cant wait till aftr school. I think my dad’s getting the book for me today while im at school. Last night he did the “What’s the book called? What does it look like? How much is it?” survey.[fyi] my dad does that when he is getting me something. YAY :]
    noon? noon for me is like oct 3 for you. well maybe by 9pm i can finish it.

  10. omg so excited right now!!! my mom is like picking up it up right now it was awesome we set it up with a bookstore to give it to us through shipping so i could get it an hour early …. of course a slight draw back is i was hoping walmart would be on top of things for the whole i could go at midnight and get it well no go there… this is so awesome and i slept worse than when i was little waiting for christmas 😀 😀 😀

  11. Wicked. Sweet.
    Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until the mail comes around…which is about four in the afternoon, for me.
    See you in two, Mequon!

  12. Woooahh, there’s another girl named Haley! And she uses wa! Woahhs.
    I thought I had commented and forgotten about it..lol…
    Yes, the mail DOES take too long, doesn’t it?

  13. Joy! I’m so happy. I’m wearing my Extras shirt, and nobody knows what it means, ha ha. I’m very jeolous of Crone kids, you should have gone to Gregory, my old english teacher would have been so excited. See you at 7.

  14. Yay! I now am in possession of a copy of Extras! Couldn’t get it till after school, because Barnes and Noble doesn’t understand the importance of opening at six o clock am so that all of us students can get books to amuse us during french class.

    Still don’t have my shirt…This amuses me greatly. Maybe in the next month or so? 😛
    I just like waiting for it, actually.

  15. Yay! but I have to still wait for like a day or two to get my copie. I pre-ordered it in January. but I wore my “I’m an extra” Shirt today to school, and you could deffinatly tell the people apart from who read the books and who didn’t. It’s soooo FAWSEOME!!


  16. kadie-wa and kailyx, i wore mine today too! i wore it another time and 14 people asked me what it meant, and 11 people said “oh yeah i was wondering that too!” when someone else asked me.

    today, 5 people asked me what it meant, and 8 people said they were “wondering too!” so i explained it to all of them.

    my evil global stidies teacher, who some of you have already heard about, also asked, and i told her about the wonderful story of extras and its predecessors.

    hopefully i recruited some followers! i have yet to get extras…i’ve changed my mind about buying it when it comes out in paperback, since there won’t be any other uglies books after it it won’t get to be in a boxed set, so it needs a hardcover to protect it.

  17. and don’t cha just LOVE IT when you find some closet uglies fans, who aren’t bold enough to wear a shirt referencing a book to high school?

    i mean, come on, EVERYONE wearing shirts referencing books to HIGH SCHOOL where no one judges you!

    lol i love sarcasm as well.

  18. *()#&*(%$&LISLDF&%$(J:0OLS*&^@#$%IDFH&*$(GS

    bookstore. doesn’t. have. it. W.T.F.

    but i did get my specials t-shirt in the mail today, appropriately enough.



    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😀 😛

  20. Eep! I’m so excited! I was squealing about it at school all day, but unfortunately for me, though I am a diehard fan, I had no time, nor money, nor Amazon account, to pre-order the book and am therefore stuck waiting till’ the weekend to get it.

  21. Thanx Taylor-wa! your something to entertain me as well. I LOVE U ALL!!!!!! but expecially Taylor-wa, Kadie-wa, Serafina-la, Kheidi-la, and Bri-la. YOU GUYS ROCK!

    but Kadie-wa…what number thing?

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  22. I got it straight after school, read on the walk home (at a slight risk to my health, especially at crosswalks =p) and as soon as I’m done with that darn homework stuff, I’ll resume reading!

    I love it already, though!! Only 30 pages in, but I WILL FINISH TONIGHT!!

    gahh. must go do homework!

  23. not going to spoiler page…

    my mom tricked me! i was at my volleyball game, and before it started i asked her is she got the book. she then said, “i knew i forgot to do something today!” i was so0o0o0o0o mad. i told my friends that my mom forgot the book, and madeline (who i have been annoying about extras for days) laughed at me. then i go back to my mom and hands me extras. i just laughed at myself and read 24 pages before my game started.

    p.s. i convinced one of my friends to read peeps. she started it today.

  24. I was greeted this morning (At the library) by squealing of two girls…. Thirty year old girls. They were coming at me, recognising me as Book Club President, and screaming ‘DO YOU HAVE THE HOLY TEXT!?!’
    I had to answer no……


    THIS STINKS!!!!!! Amy-la…you are so lucky. Taylor-wa…have you gotten it yet? if you have then your lucky two. UUUHHHGGG! my friends just laugh at me now cause i made such a big deal about it coming out tuesday, yelling at evrybody, even the guys who had never even heard of Scott-la Westerfeld. stupidness. and now i dont get it til friday. *giganticly enormous sigh*

    -Lizzy-wa OUT. 🙁

  26. Hey Scott Westerfeld!

    I just finished reading Extras! Wow! It was spectacular!!!! I loved the dedication =) I was one of the people that wrote you! I was wondering…


    A. Is there going to be a 5th Uglies book in the series? (I love saying that instead of trilogy! =) B. Is the main character going to be Tally? I love Tally she is awesome. C. Is there going to be an Uglies movie and are there going to be auditions to the public for the characters? That would be insanely icey if there were! You are such a good writer! I have read Midnighters and Uglies and I am absoloutely in love with both of them! By the way, is there going to be a fourth Midnighters Book? That would be awesome! You are such a great writer and the Uglies Trilogy is definitely on my list of favorite books! Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to hear from your fans and to also keep up to date on your blog! I’m constantly reading it. Thanks!

    A huge Uglies Fan
    By The way my mail isn’t working so hopefully you see this and can post a blog or something about the questions! Thanks.

  27. ok, calm down nat-la

    im so happy right now im crying
    reading this book is sooooo happy-making!
    im not done yet but just thinking about it is so dizzy-making!
    this book is totally fawesome!
    ok, 2 much pretty talk
    iv never been so obsessed with an author before
    i research this page averyday for about an hour
    well got 2 get back to reading


  28. I JUST GOT EXTRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM ON PAGE 77 as of now! gotta go read. and finish eating my disgusting chiken pot pie dinner.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 8)

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