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Here’s a long profile of me in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. The article includes photos of several commenters here, once again confirming that facial tattooing is a pretty good way to get noticed. (In case you didn’t know that.)

In other news, the FanLib Extras fanfic contest is now accepting submissions. Just to remind you: The winner gets an Aya-skinned PS3!

Click here for details.

And here to read the submissions so far.

Good luck!

Update: Justine responds to claims that my nose is “somewhat lumpy.”

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  1. In related news, I personally felt the entire “face-rank” concept truly imitated the social hierarchy found in blogging.

    Neat article, and I can only wish my writing was up to snuff to attempt the winning of a PS3! :3

  2. okay, i have some questions for you, “Crowd” who are apparently wise.
    on a scale of 1 to 10, how obsessive would you say it is to…
    —profile one of your characters when asked on a french quiz to describe someone you know
    —flip through your math notebook to find (name of female narrator in your story) heart (name of male lead in your story) on almost every page
    —drawing a graveyard for a social studies poster and including graves for charlie, isaac mendez and zane
    —knowing how many days until city of ashes….when it’s over four months away. (157 days, btw)

    what’s saddest is that i’ve done all those things…today.

  3. The article was amazing, and so true. Today’s society does focus on fame way too much. People follow the lives of completele strangers, and obsess over them, it’s getting to be a huge problem. Good luck to everyone doing the fanfic contest!!!

  4. that was so cool that was the best one ive read

    lol i like when they discribe scott

    so happy-makeing

  5. that is utterly amazingg. i love that ps3, but i dont really play video games, so i’ll let someone who’ll use it win it. not that i’d be able to win it. im not the best writer.
    just here to say, you rock scott-la. as you very well know, but im just saying it again. you rock scott-la.

  6. Yeah your nose isn’t THAT lumpy. I think it fits your whole…you know…essence… or whatever…

    It’s a very nice article. I like how they distinguish your fanbase as primarily female. I guess I knew that but it makes me feel like such a girl… It seems very complimentary.

    And I almost got to drive down and go see you. My mom was all for it. But it was a school day and my dad wouldn’t let me drive four hours to and fro to reach you. I love him, but he is such a realist. And I’m a bit to much of a dreamer…

  7. — I am not a hick though— i don’t have a farm, and I like corn though.


    mmmmmmmm….— corn

  8. Awesome PS3. jsfti, Extras is #10 on teen bestseller list and 169 out of all the books. Very cool.

    I just finished the first Midnighters book and cant wait to get the 2nd and 3rd ones but they are not in at my library. so sad. ๐Ÿ˜› hehe

  9. And though I wouldn’t mind having the PS3, like a few previous commenters, I don’t really play video games. Ah well.

  10. That is an awesome cover, i lent Extras to a friend, and it came back all dirty(ya, thats u nonmolly-wa) and i am really mad, why do i have to be nice?

  11. AHHHHHHHHHh, at this very exact second i just finished midnighters! Book number 2, yeah, it was wasesome, i love johnathon, i cant believe her power, she rocks, love u Zane!

  12. Yeah!!! U tell them Justine u tell them!!!lols i still haven’yt gotten Extras!!!!I might be out of my mind!!Ahhhh i have no time top read that i might cry! Too much school god. AP US, chemistry, and on top of it all volleyball practice. God i can’t even practice in peace!!!

  13. well noone is posting
    i am like sooo in the same boat with yall
    that ps3 is soooooooooooo cool but i dont play video games
    man i am soooo sleepy in h town it is 10:38

    Bran-la why did u not go to the sport scocial??
    oops im to lazy to fix that

    Bran-la you must let me reed midnighters i want to read it soooooo badly
    extras was a great book
    i finised reading it like 3 weeks ago
    but still it was soooo good
    do u think that scoot-la will make a 5th?

  14. well i am going to bed

    (GO UT)
    i am sorry i just had to say that
    well good night to all!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    STEPH-LA OUT!!!!!!!!!!!^_^

  15. Is the Uglies trilogy movie gonna have open auditions for the part of Tally? Like auditions for people without agents? Thanks soooo much you guys ar awesome! =) Also, links would be great.. For people without agents. Thanks and I already emailed Scott Westerfeld but I know he can reply better on his blog.. Totally icey =)of the book. Also, do you know websites that say if there are going to be auditions open to the public? Is there an age thing like only 14 years old or whatever? Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm not 14 but still lol. Also, is there going to be a 5th Uglies book? Or a 4rth Midnighters book? If there is a 5th midnighters book can it pretty pretty please be about tallywa??? Thanks and please answer all my questions! thanks guys. P.S Face tattos are so bubbly!

  16. wow, this is random, but it must be so wierd to be the model-girl who was aya on the cover of extras. i mean, there’s fourty-foot high posters of her, stacks of books in every borders, now even play stations with her face plastered over them. and especially cuz of the makeup and eyescreen and futureness, it must be freaky to keep seeing that picture. would creep me out, man.

  17. okay, well bellawa i’m bored so i’ll try to anserw all your questions cuz author-person has not swept in yet,

    i have no idea about auditions or anything. i’m still not sure an uglies movie is getting made. but i would assume there is some age range. i really don’t know anything about those kind of things

    and scott-la probably isn’t making a fifth uglies book…..once he said in some interview that he MIGHT, but not like he’s started, and if he ever did it’d be another sequel like extras that takes place in a different city.

    sadly, no fourth midnighters is yet in the works. but we, the proud memebers of chasing midnight werewolves, will soldier on.

  18. Ooops I meaant in my comment I meant a 5th Uglies book with Tally in it not a 4rth mindighters book with tally lol oops but a 4rth midnight book would be cool

  19. a fourth midnighters book would be made of awesome. i would skip school to read it. and then read it again. and then take my six copies and distribute them to friends and family. and then buy another. and read it again. and sleep with it under my pillow. okay, just kidding on that last one. but it would be the best thing since city of ashes (156 days!!!). though i’m not sure how that would work if it’s getting released after but in the future…..just don’t ask questions. write a fourth midnighters book instead.

  20. I always let my very close fiend borrow my books but i will no longer do that. The other day i just got my extras book back from an unmentionable person. It was filthy, and she said she lost it at my school over the weekend, and didint tell me! My mom said that if it was really bad she would have to replace it. She hasnt seen it yet and im still pretty mad at this person. It really makes me mad because if you borrow something you want to make sure u take EXTRA care of it. Lol, EXTRA care of Extras! Ok well ill try to get it to you steph-la, im donr, and it was fantabulous, bi.

  21. My friends always get their own copies of books, even I have the book right in front of me. But i have germaphobia so i probably wouldn’t let them borrow any of my books anyway.

  22. ok. so, if you win the ps3, do you also win the books and journal? if not. i hope i just get into the finalists. then i can win those. even tho i already own every single Scott-la book nown to man. and several nown only to dolphins.

    you have to get an account to enter. you make a acoount, then, and only then, can you enter your story. im gonna enter two.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 8)

  23. yes. i dont get spelling. woodnt it be easier to just spell everything the way it sounds. im mean come on, acariciandote? nobody can pronounce that! i think i even spelled that rong!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! ๐Ÿ˜›

  24. well for one thing u spelled rong wrong, its wrong. O and i am never lending my books again. O ok, lok, i have a game called the sims 2 and you create people and like you have them live and you control there life, well, i am makeing like Zane and Tally together and Shay and David together adn then im gonna do the midnighters so i really need help on how i am going to make them look, i already madd Tally and Zane but i still could use tips, i can change them if i want!

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