Battlestar Moi

The NY Times Book Review‘s special fall children’s section appears tomorrow, and for once covers a fair number of YA books. It’s online now, headlined with a deservedly wonderful review of Shaun Tan’s wordless graphic novel, The Arrival. (Hey! Shaun will be appearing at Teen Central in NYC today, 2PM! Click here for details.)

The section also has a warm and enthusiastic write up of Extras and the rest of the Uglies series. Full of deliciously quotable blurbs, it makes the coolest comparison ever:

With its combination of high-stakes melodrama, cinematic action and thought-provoking insight into some really thorny questions of human nature, [Extras], like its predecessors, is a superb piece of popular art, reminiscent less of other young adult books than of another pop masterpiece, the revived “Battlestar Galactica.”

Dude! That’s just what I was thinking . . .


Mmm . . . battlestarry.

Click here for the whole review.

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  1. No we are just on the local news for my city. It would be so awesome being on national but i can handle local. all my friends were jeeaous because it was only me 8th perod class got to do it! it was really cool because i had like to close ups!!! EEEE!

  2. Still cool. 😛 I’ve never actually been part of ths tory, but I was in a quick closing shot. What was the story about?

  3. Scott where are you ❓ I’m sooooooo bored:!:
    I finished my homework before i even got out of class today so i really don’t have anything to do. I want to read but i supposed to be waiting for my friend to get the book and get to where i am but that could take a month. 😡

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    It’s the same way for me when I haven’t finished homework…but luckily I have homework on the computer so I pretend to do it while on here.

    whatever. I know it’s bad but I don’t care b/c I know my mom hates everything about computers. Except her precious email, of course.

  9. ohkay. hehe inside joke.

    I’m getting impatient. I know Scott-la has to write and all, but can he take five minutes to write here? This post is like from Saturday.

    Maybe he fell into a glitch in the time-space continuum. lol let’s hope not. Or maybe years ago he secretly invented a time machine to go the future, and that’s where he got the idea for Uglies – from the actual future!! He also may have figured out a way to create a wormhole, and traveled to a distant planet and can’t get back (gasp. There goes hopes for any more Midnighters books…not to mention the most imaginative exile ever). Or maybe…lol I’ll stop.

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  11. So that means that you HONESTLY think that the government doesn’t take act in any conspiracies.

    I guess they don’t hide anything. You are right — *Cough* *Cough* — SURE…

  12. Man I don’t know why I keep commenting.

    But, um, Laura, I don’t really want to discuss politics. plz? Too many conflicting views only = hatred. trust me. I know from expirience. Oh, and just for curiosity, how old are you?

  13. Oh and I didn’t say I didn’t believe the government hides information. I said the 9/11 conspiracy theories were silly.

    It’s called “Covert”, “Classified”, and “National security”.


  14. Where is Scott?
    And is he really writing new books? Like what books? Maybe a new uglies book? Please oh please!! Lol
    He’s probably basking in the glory of being so amazingly awesome and talented(i know i would).

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  18. Hey Scott Westerfeld , I Love your trilogy Uglies! Its amazing. I got my whole class hooked on the series . I am currently reading Extras and thats good as well!

    Just looking at those pictures , WOW those people are so much older in real life than on the cover of your book!! Funny.

  19. Battlestar Glalactica is Awesome!! But your books are so much lighter than BSG, I balk at the idea of a real comparison….unles you have genocidal androids, homicidal maniacs, power-hungry politicians, and suicidal pilots I dont know about…. oh and a baby. A half-human half-android baby.

    I only just started reading your books, and I just wanted to say that you really helped my own writing. First and foremost with the “Finish Everything” tip, which…I….really….needed….and again simply by reading the way you describe some things, and choose not to describe some things. When writing Scifi like Uglies, I tend to go off the deep end with details and explanations. I kinda didnt understand a good limit when to stop and let to reader connect the rest.
    Thanks! Keep writing, Your ideas are some of the most original for young adult Ive seen in a while. 🙂

    *Si 😀


  20. whoa! super fool! tho, that’s not exactly how i pictured Aya-la
    I agree, Zane dying made me cry and i threw the book against the wall at one in the morning

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