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To those of you who missed me on my recent travels, an interview just appeared on teenreads.com. It contains some of the anecdotes I’ve repeated a zillion times on tour, and even a tiny drib about Leviathan!

Click here to read it.

And now a flash from the subterranean world of Peeps and The Last Days. (No, I haven’t forgotten about my non-Uglies novels. I’ve just been extra-focused lately.)

I just spotted this blog entry about the “Drains of Canada,” and the photos were right out of Peeps. Remember those scenes where Cal first goes down under Lace’s building? And gets chased by rats and stuff?

Well, here they are in the flesh (and in Canada, apparently):



Click here for more delicious underworldliness.

95 thoughts on “TeenReads Interview

  1. I haven’t read peeps yet. I have only read the uglies seris and I’m reading The Secret Hour now.Leviathan sounds cool.

  2. I wish I had a British accent. That would be really cool. I’m debating whether I should pass up Grey’s Anatomy for Stargate SG-1. So…I’ll stop typing and continue my debating.

  3. the pics are so fawesome!

    p.s. i have a friend (Rosa) that claims she is a carrier. well, we were goofing off today and she bit me. would that make me a peep?

  4. Oh, i LOVE romance. Considering i have had VERY few bfs, its nice to fall in love with a book character and kinda pretend they were yours. I love Zane and Johnathon. By the way, Peeps is pretty funny. Hes funny. And naughty!

  5. O i would love to have a Spanish accent (people from spain) I just have an “accent” I dont really have ans accent. I talk like a normal person! But i yall a lot.

  6. I played the piano for 7 years before I quit this year —

    I am still in Orchestra playing the double bass — and I play the electric bass too.

    Its more me.

  7. SAAAAHWWWEEETTT!!! Love it so much, and HEY! That’s what I pictured it as too, and I’ve never seen anything like THAT before…strange. But I totally love it.

  8. totally kick pics!
    i play the flute, but i’m sorta inactive now…hmmm….better go play….nah ❗
    oh, and happy b-day, bri-la ❗ i cant wait till my b-day ❗
    oh, and i really want some kind of accent….preferably british or australian…but, i am another boring old person with a dumb old american accent….sigh…
    -Riderchild-wa 😆

  9. Actuall,y technilcally, everyone has an accent. If you live in America you have an American accent. American accents are ‘special’ in America the same way British accents are ‘special’ in Britain.

  10. Scott-la, I am writing my thesis over Uglies (and the realism of said series) and your last name is making my spell-checker go spaztic!!! Seriously though, I have to write 1600 words by MONDAY, and I currently have *runs off to check word count*………109 words. I AM DEEEEEEEAAAAAD!!!!!

  11. Riderchild-wa: I think British accents are sexxi, and Australian accents are cute. Mexican accents are regular here in Tejas, so I’m used to it. Ummmmm, I can’t really discern French accents, and Boston and New York accents annoy me. Oh, and those DEEP southern accents make me laugh. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!

  12. y’all ain’t just a Texas word. SC is full of it. I HATE southern accents. Which is bad, considering how I sort of, you know, live in the south.

    We were doing something about instant messaging today in ELA (kind of weird) and there was a guy in my class who didn’t know what it was!! That’s soooo weird. Who doesn’t know what im is???

  13. Yeah, well, I’ve only ever lived in Tejas, so i’m sorta biased.

    I thought you meant he didn’t know what ELA was, but STILL! I mean, IM is like, the greatest invention since, like, (yes, i said like 2 times in that sentence) sliced bread. *though I g2say, sliced bread is a pretty cool thing*

  14. lol it would REALLY be bad if he didn’t know what ELA was.

    So, Scott-la, you know, after you write Leviathan, and you don’t know what to do, I have a list of ideas:

    -Write fourth Midnighters with Darkling werewolves

    hmm…oh, and write a fifth Uglies. But fourth Midnighters is top priority.

  15. Actually, my sis made a project from a cookie, and made a surplus (word of the day) of cookies and icing, so right now, I’m having iced cookies!! Totally unhealthy, I know, but whatev!

  16. keep going kelsey-la. i had to write a story for scholastic and i had a limit of 4,000 words and i was over by 110. i had to combine and cut my words to a bare mimimum.

    well at least you don’t have to to timed writings 🙂

  17. daannngggg. I can’t make my stories short enough. I’m sort of long-winded. You need 1600 words? That’s actually a pretty long thesis. Lucky me, I have a 3 day weekend and no homework! 🙂

    ‘Cause my team is going on a field trip to a place I went to in fourth grade (called fort discovery) and I’m staying home. And wow I just realized that there’s just one more week til Thanksgiving (week of, anyway).

    Yay!!! That’s happy-making. Just like a FOURTH MIDNIGHTERS WITH DARKLING WEREWOLVES would be.

    See what I mean when I say I’m long winded? And I don’t even have anything to say!!

  18. those are awesome. i guess you have a spot to film peeps now. hey i live right next to cananda so i can go watch it being filmed (maybe if it’s vancouver area). sounds like a plan. go

  19. havent actually read Peeps yet…my moms takin me to borders tomorrow maybe ill weasel that outa her as well as my outside reading books and the 13 others i want…hehehe

  20. I’m sorry Bran-la that you had a bad day. I had a bad week. And I lost my iPod yesterday (all $200 – poof!).

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    SPOILERS ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

    we will mourn you
    i mean u dont die but still you r trapped in the blue time what is up with that :surprise:

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    i messed up the computer that was ssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    FUN 🙂



  24. hey bonnie, remember the name of that toy???

    sounds cool-e-o!!!!!

    by the way, those pictures r flawsemly cool-e-o!!!

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