The Tour Ends . . .

. . . on wednesday in New York City! I’ll be reading from Extras as part of the Teen Author Reading Night series. It’s me and five other authors:

Alaya Johnson, Racing the Dark
Kristen Kemp, Breakfast at Bloomingdale’s
Louise Plummer, Finding Daddy
Abby Sher, Kissing Snowflakes
Jake Wizner, Spanking Shakespeare

Wednesday, November 7
Tompkins Square Library
331 E. 10th Street (off Ave B)

Sorry to everyone to whose state, city, or country I didn’t go. But I have this other thing where I have to, you know, write books.

And actually, I will be doing one more event in Brooklyn on January 7. Details soon.

And now a “trilogy” of images from World Fantasy 2007.

Old books in the Dealers’ Room are researched for Leviathan:


Holly Black and Shana Cohen buy junk food, circa 3AM:


Rejected junk food is “sent to a better place” on the elevator. Horrible frozen burrito, we hardly knew ye:


And finally, Scott gets artistic at 4AM, Compton’s Diner.


100 thoughts on “The Tour Ends . . .

  1. Tattoo is okay. But it’s not really my kind of music. I prefer the type that sounds good when I turn the volume all the way up to my limit on my iPod. (aka FOB, MCR, etc)

  2. I know exactly how you feel! When we flew to Germany, the layover sucked and we didn’t sleep for about 36 hours. We followed the sun all around the earth, crap it suck, my sypathy to your late nights.

    I have to say, I love the burrito in the elevator, that is somthing I would do. I feel bad for the guy who found it, he would be so confused, ha, I can see the look of utter confusion on his face.

  3. well music that sucks can, no MUST be turned down, but i’m generally talking about music on my mp3 player, which is music I like, and therefore does not suck.

    and please! no sleep deprivation horror stories! in just over a day, i must leave school early to hop on a plane to Iceland. and not get “back” until 7:10 at night, when i have school the next day. and with sleeping and jetlag….and maybe the fact that i’m driving into new york city to see Fall Out Boy on a school night the next day, i think i’ll be running pretty solely on caffine for about a week.

  4. jeez my friend thats with me was all “trilogy? but there four pictures.” the sad thing is shes read the Uglies “trilogy”

  5. I have to acknowledge the fact there is a down. Im a wimp. I don’t mind loud music, as long as its not blasting in my ear. IPods are funny though, they will be to loud then to low. I want an IPhone! o and i had the worst day, someone cheer me up!

  6. well at least youll finally get to relax a little.

    Any Uglies Movie audition info for tally for the public?

  7. hehe. yeah. my friends were all complaining to me today. they check the site, just dont comment. *sigh*. they were like “Scott messed up! he said trilogy then put four! what, he cant count?!” and i just laughed at them and shook my head and told them they had to figure out themselves. they kept bugging me all day. it was fun.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😆

  8. Scott, I’m writing my thesis over your books and your name is making my spell checker go spastic!!!

  9. hi 😉
    :TODAY SUCKED:!: 😈
    my teacher r soooooooooo mean ❗ 😈
    i am in the middle of blue noon
    it is soooo good
    my sis is nutz ❗
    i agree school i exatly like prissen oops too lazy to fix
    funny food 😆
    i am sucha fully bunny 🙂
    still today i felt like mellisa (without controle)

  10. lol Serafina Zane, i mean im sure u have friends. I do but uhh lets just say there not all loyal. My guy friend annoys the crap out of me and teases me about every little thing. And my Bff doesn’t defend me, she adds on. Some one says something and she goes, “i no and she does this and this!” and im like thanks! she thinks its funny and i no its a joke but it makes me so mad. I just need a bf!

  11. Man i like have no real friends. hmm…I really hate the preppy girls, but I don’t like talking to the freaks that run around acting like they’re still in Kindergarten.

    So most of the day I’m talking to people I hate. Or I’m alone. Or around people i actually like but am silent (does anyone else think silent lunches should be illegal???)

    There’s a guy that goes to my church and he’s in my science/world history classes. I sorta like him, except he’s kinda annoying.

    I’d rather be alone than be with people I hate, just to ‘fit in’. Yeah in ELA today we got new seats and my stupid teacher put me with stupid preps.

  12. I agree too but to a certain extent —

    I have seen what people in solitary confinement go through.

    That reminds me– Has anyone seen the show “Solitary 2.0” on Fox Reality??
    Good show.

  13. Wow! I have missed so much! This is what I get for doing my French homework. Scott! Get to work on *Leviathan*! Please! I need a new book!

  14. omg!!! i just went to that reading and my teacher read with scott and i talked to him and he is SOOOOO NICE p.s: if u read this scott i was one of jake wizner’s students (the one in the wool hat)

  15. ck i am in the middle of blue noon
    it is soooo good
    i think beeing goth would be sooo cool 😈
    my fave colors r dark (this is clothes colors)
    like brown,dark green,black 🙂 😉

  16. hahaha awesome pix!!! i luv em especially the burrito one!!!! lol
    good luck with the reading thing. i wish i was there to see it but unfortunately i live across the country *tear*

  17. I’m over being in a new grade and getting to laugh at little people ❗ My backpacks too heavy and one of my teachers yelled at the class today. I ordered The Secret Hour online and it hasn’t gotten here yet ❗ I have no pacients at ALL. 😈

    The burrito was funny and that coffee looks really good. 😆

  18. hey scott just wondering since i live close 2 a lot of filming studios and there is a lot writers on strike is their any trouble w/the script of uglies? its kinda crazy here in la cuz last there was a stike it lasted awhile n studios lost a lot of money. so just wondering if there is any news bout the uglies movie please post at least a lil bout it. =)

  19. Sly-girl: I would correct your spelling (just because I’m that annoying over-achiever person) but given as you have no patience, I think I shant.

    Also, are there going to be auditions in, say, TEXAS anytime soon?

    Cuz seriously, who doesn’t love Tejas and the wonderfulness of it???

  20. my social life isnt there. i mean i shove my nose in books and shove my headphones into my ears, crank up the hard-core screaming music and sit like a guy at the back of the class… i always hide in sweatshirts and never wear makeup… i’m a freak! a tomboy! a nobody! sure i talk to a lotta people cus i can releate to them, but i only have one real friend. but she doesnt even go to my school!

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