Many Specials

Okay, still at World Fantasy. Lots of cool YA authors here. Mostly have been hanging out with Garth Nix and the rest of the Aussie contingent, and keep running into Holly Black and Cassie Claire, who turn out to be in the same hotel as me.

More later on con activities, but first lots of Halloween cossies to share. From the Uglies books, this from Jamie and Nona:


And Tamir (too old to trick or treat, but went for the Special treatment anyway):


And finally Ally B. From Arkansas, who also dressed up to take some littlies out:


And this interpretation of Shay’s “nest of snakes” tattoo, from Colorific:


And Tara-wa as a Cutter:


And a trio of hoverboarding Smokies:


And from the Midnighters side of things, a darkling-proof pumpkin!


And Dess and Melissa:


Sorry if I missed anybody, I’m darting in and out of my hotel room. Hope you had great Halloweens!

161 thoughts on “Many Specials

  1. I tend not to want to reexplain…hmm…it was inappropiate. And, yeah, I live in South Carolina, so people tend to jugde me based on that. If they don’t live here. No, I don’t have an accent. Yes, I say ya’ll (like you Bran-la!).

    Stereotypes suck.

  2. These are awesome!
    I don’t celebrate Halloween (I’m a Christian) but if I did, I would definitely be Tally Youngblood!

  3. hey guess wat i decided 2 b a crim or a special 4 Halloween next year…

    yay!!!! …scott, u inspired me…

  4. Hey I am dacotah~wa I am a New Yorker in and have the heart of a Colorado girl. I love every bit of life and EVERY Scott Westerfeld boook!!!
    My freinds are soooo! annoyed because my nose is constantly in a book!!! 😉
    I love having this website I just found it!!! I’ve been a CHEERLEADER and Hated it so I went to Reading and Horse Riding!!!

  5. i want a damn hoverboard.. *groowls* lol! That’s almost how i pictured them. but they were black in my mind, and quite a lot bigger. and it would be awsome if you knew how to skateboard, and you taped the board onto the skateboard and roll your way through the neighborhood

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