Midnighters Widgets

In honor of the Jan 2 release of the brand new Midnighters paperbacks, here are a trio of countdown widgets for your websites and desk tops!

And because I never posted it, click on the thumbnail below for a full-size version of the new Touching Darkness cover.


To complete this purely self-promotional post, here are multi-store links for The Secret Hour, Touching Darkness, and Blue Noon.

That is all I have the brain for right now.

As of 6PM US Eastern Standard Time, Leviathan is 18,569 words long!

334 thoughts on “Midnighters Widgets

  1. exactly!!!!!
    i have issues and usually do capital O’s in wOrds
    idk why…………..
    i just think it looks cOOler i guess!

  2. well, i know this’ all old and abandoned, but i go back and talk about Bella again.
    like, yeah, that would leave you with issues. it happens to a lot of people though, and most of them still have, like, emotions. and at least one friend in thier lifetime.
    i get that she isn’t close to the people in Forks yet, but you might like, try a little to connect with them. she just kind of randomly pushes them away and crap. and they weren’t exactly being mean to her. she just sits there and is miraculously accepted into the popular circle.
    and i’m not saying you should change to make yourself fit in. be yourself. but really, bella’s not like, different from those guys. she has nothing against hanging out with them. she’s just like them. bella’s all boring and normal and so are they. she just…doesn’t try. because she doesn’t care. about, like, anything. i don’t get how a person can live like that, with no friends, no hobbies, no ambition, no dream, no preferences, and no even slight anger with the lack of those things. she’s just like, whatever. i react to situations with unnatural dullness and logic.
    a lot of times people with unsteady family histories (though, aside from the fact her parents are divorced, hers is pretty good. they’re amicable and get along and both still alive) end up relying on thier friends even more. bella just…has none. and no desire to have any. and after she meets edward she blows them off even more.
    and her dad didn’t exactly leave her—wasn’t her mom the one who moved to Phoenix? her dad was still in Forks where he’d always been. and it was technically her choice to leave her mom.
    but the thing with screwed-up, torturtured protags (my favorite kind, btw) is that they…do things. or think things. or have emotions. or feel things. or like, react to things at all. seems like Bella Swan never does any of those things. like, if she hated her family and her life and her school, you’d think that they would talk about those bottled-up emotions at some point.
    like, i could believe Bella’s personality a little more if it was attributed to her family or something like that. but it isn’t. she just…is.

  3. ……right now i hate Bella
    ealier she was one of my favorite characters
    tomorrow i will probably like her again

  4. screwed-up tortured protags are also my favorite!
    ……..but i can’t really agree with you on the rest of it, but i can understand where you’re coming from
    i guess we just view Bella Swan differently

  5. I was looking over this page and ita/ito at the end of a word doesn’t mean baby in Spanish it just means something like ‘my little one’

  6. YEA! My book is, so far, longer than Leviathan! 20887 words, babe!

    I ADORE the widgets AND the book covers. They have a modern Uglies vibe to them!

    By the way, if ANYONE knows what happened to the Westerboard, please comment at meh blog -pokes name-

  7. My boook suspension was lifted on the 26th and I’ve already read all of the books I can find, anybody have a suggestion?

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