Fan Art Wednesday

It’s a day for extraordinary fan art.

First off, here’s an explosive and painterly version of the cover of Uglies, by Refrigerate Kate.


And in a darker and more manga-licious vein, a rendering of Moz from The Last Days, remixed with the peeps parasite itself. Brought to you by Freed Wings.


Me, I’m just sitting around writing Leviathan these days. One day soon (like, really early next year) I’ll have some actual news about that.

98 thoughts on “Fan Art Wednesday

  1. i am in 7th too. but I’m wont get to take the SAT i will have to take the PSAT next year. the school system wont let me tae it this year because i in all of the extra help classes in elementary. (i just was lazy. really lazy) but now i have a 3.9 gpa average. so it made my mom really mad when they said i couldn’t. so next year. but i cant wait too prove that i would have been able too take the SAts this year.

    love the cover. i would do some fan art but it wouldn’t look good…

    well i think i will any way…
    talk later.


    Bye bye for now

    word :0

  2. i took the SAT in 7th grade. it was weird… me and a bunch of high-schoolers. (of course my friend Orin was there, but he was on the other side of the room.)

  3. my school is weird, i dont get to take the PSATs untill high school. but there is an IQ test, a writing test, the OAS (i dont know what that is), another test that has the word Iowa in it, and the end of the year test. i hate all these tests!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Yeah. Test suck. I’ve never had an IQ test, tho. Sounds interesting. 😛

    For me, my test is the PACT. Palmetto achievement challenge test. 😛 I think like a 6th of my school failed it. Which is sad cause it’s so easy.

  5. I dont know how you people can say Twilight is bad. It is awesome. I love it, i love Edward, hes cool, and he sounds…….pretty!

  6. OMG! art projects/global essays/english essays/extensive math homework/marathon science tests WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!!! seriously. i haven’t go to bed earlier than 12:30 A.M. in the past 2 weeks (the latest was 4 A.M. and i wake up at six). but i’m better now.

    it’s been far, far too long…so now i’m gonna say all of the comments that i have on every post that’s been put up since i went missing.

    ~Gregory Maguire! hey! i just saw wicked like 2 weeks ago! it rawked!
    ~consider the podcasts downloaded.
    ~haha, well i knew we were gonna go overboard on the commenting someday…too bad i wasn’t here for it!
    ~i heart the new look! justine must be a major techie…
    ~i didn’t picture johnathan looking quite like he does on the cover, but i certainly didn’t picture rex looking like that! so yeah, it seemed to resemble flyboy more than rex to me.
    ~man these amazingly skilled artists astound me more and more every day. and then my art teacher has to go and ruin it by pointing out any and all flaws.

  7. My art teacher doesn’t point out the flaws, she erases them. I made this bunny (it was cute) and she made the ears really long and made me put these mountains in the background. It was ugly, it made it look like a deformed bunny.

  8. ok, now for all the non-blog-post-related stuff.

    ~hanukkah is so much better than christmas. sorry to you all, but like, one gift? each night? for eight nights? talk about suspense! of course , i already knew what most of them were since i picked them out…
    ~i take the PSAT next year. but i took the SAT last year. so that’s kinda weird…but the SAT wasn’t connected w/ the school, while the PSAT scheduled for next year is.
    ~my xmas break is usually one week , but this year they decided to make it TWO! it rocks! yeah, our last day is friday, and then i give my friends their gifts and my homeroom secret santa person theirs.
    ~ALLIE-WA! i’m sure your scores will be fexcellent. at least unless you used that word in the essay…
    ~never had an IQ test. the school doesn’t give them, so i’m not paying for one.

  9. my art teacher doesn’t much believe in erasing, which horrifies me, the compulsive eraser. but yeah, i’ll show her something awesome i found off the internet and she’ll be like “they should have changed this. and elongated that…” etc, etc, etc.

  10. That thing for Uglies is SO COOL! I absolutely love how Tally’s standing in the feild of the plague-flowers! It’s sooo fawesome. I really really super like that.
    And the think of Moz is like… exactly how I pictured him, minus the scary parasitic arm. Which is weird, but totally really fawesome! I really really like them, like… a whole whole lot.

    So, I thought I lost my Uglies book, right? And then I got t school, and what do you know, right outside the Band hall was a random chair with my Uglies book sitting on it. Unfortunately, this chair was outside, and my Uglies book was already it pretty bad worn condition. So It was soaking wet. And first, the first half of the book fell out of the cover and was like a seperate book, kinda. And so I gave it to my friend to read it [to LOVESSS it, by the way, and she hasn’t even gotten to the part where Shay leaves] and I finished my 7th read on it, with the second half, since I was already near the end. And then… the second half fell out of the cover too. So now I have the secon half and the cover, and Richa has the first half, and I blow dried my half which took like an hour, and my pages all crinkled :/

  11. OMG! i can’t believe i almost forgot!

    my spanish teacher completely screwed up my 1st quarter average (she said it was a 97, when i had all 100s except for a 95 quiz, a 102 quiz, and a 97 participation. so i’m quiet, shoot me!) so yeah. i called her out on it b/c i calculated it myself using her special format (you know, 40% this, 25% that, etc.) and came up with 99.6, which would have rounded up to a 100 on my report card. and then i redid it 5 times, and came up with the same thing! so i wrote down all my work, and showed her it. she didn’t (still doesn’t) believe me, but she isn’t good with numbers and has the computer do it so i think she entered something in there incorrectly.
    i can’t believe that, with the string of 100s, she seriously thought that the calculation was correct. she said she’d go to a math teacher “if it would make me feel better.” so i said “ok that’s great.” and hopefully, unless there’s some hidden zero in there, they’ll correct her and the flawed grade. but she even printed out the list of my 1st quarter grades, and i didn’t see any grades on there that surprised me. she said she’ll get back to me tomorrow.

    i totally don’t mean to sound conceited or “braggadocious” (oh yeah drake & josh), but spanish is like my best subject. like that’s the grade that offsets my P.E. grade! i need it high! and a 100 would have helped my average big time! like my first quarter average was down a point from last year (but then again, so was everyone’s–if not more). only four people made principal’s list, and i may be one of them but it doesn’t mean making it higher wouldn’t help! grrrr…no me se gusta. we haven’t even learn about that sort of phrasing yet so i probably messed it up. but at least i know about it.

    also the whole “half cuban” thing exudes a lot of pressure to excel in the subject.

    yeah, still sounding conceited. lo siento mucho. gonna go study now.

  12. ummm…yeah. i usually don’t contest A+s.
    been wondering where you were, Taylor-wa.

    i’m in ninth grade and have never taken the SAT. what’s all you people’s collective problems? not that there’s anything WRONG with that, it’s just…yeah.

    reading I’d Tell You I Love You, But ect. it’s okay. not really my thing. just got a shipment of books from the library. started War For The Oaks too, much more my taste. especially right now, as i am in a highly punkish mood.

  13. Oh wow, ^^ that is slightly bizarre, to get a 97 average if you’ve been scoring consistent 100’s? Hope it all gets cleared up for you. That’s scary though, a perfect score. Bet you have an amazingly high average in spite of PE.

    Chrismuhkkah totally is more… compromis-ive (if that’s a word?). (From the OC…in which there’s a Taylor 🙂

  14. yes, but at Christmas you get lots and lots of presents all at once! i suck at waiting 🙂
    and with so many relatives, it stretches out over a couple days anyway.

    dude, SCOTT-LA. you’re totally a finalist for an Aurealis Award. congrats! Extras for best YA novel. coolness. dude, didn’t you win one of those already? have odd memory there. still honor-making.

    hmmm…life is starting to make no sense. i think i need to go to sleep.

  15. hehe. i have a 4.105 GPA. hehe. i wood totally pass the sats. but my scool district doesnt offer them til high scool. *sigh*. hehe. not that i WANNA take them or anything….

    hehe. i came up with this phrase that everyone in the sevy honors class uses now:

    Happy Christmakanika, and a Merry New Year!

    catchy huh? chrismas, kwanza, hanika (i no thats not how you spell it), and new year all rolled into one!

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 😀

  16. I have no idea what my GPA is. High, I’d suppose, as I get A’s. But I’m taking the tenth grade WASL (oh, it’s Evilness) this year. Hopefully I will pass it all and only have to take the science portion next year. For people who don’t know what the WASL is… it is an evil standardized test in WA. Bleh.

  17. The first time I read Pretties, I didn’t like it nearly as much as I liked Uglies. And now I’m rereading Pretties since I finished rereading Uglies… and it’s a LOTT better than I ever gave it credit for. It’s seriously amazing. And I guess Zane is a little fooler than I thought. He’s still no David, though. I wish he had gone and kidnapped her from prettiness instead of making Croy leave it there!


  18. Cool fanart! I love the first one. I’m in 8th grade and we took that act test which is like the sat but not. And we do need more chapters from Hiro and levithan updates cuz im going to run out of books soon.

  19. wow its weird that you guys are taking the SAT as seventh graders. i still haven’t taken mine and im a freshman. the school system doesn’t provide it so i don’t take it. i don’t take the PSAT until next year as a sophomore. we take the ITBS Test which are these really retarded test, most the people fail them b/c they don’t even try. like when we took them this fall people were talking during the entire test and my teacher didn’t do anything about it so i couldn’t consentrate and so i probably did really bad.

    I agree with Serafina Zane Christmas is wayyy better than Hanukah.

    I’m getting like $80 worth in books for Christmas 😀 I’m getting…
    -The Last Days!!
    -A Private Collection–my first boxed set! yay!
    -Into the Wild
    …umm…there was like 4 more but i can’t remember which ones they were…i think they were adventure/survival novels…love those books!

  20. where are you guys from anyway? I’v never heard of SAT or PSAT’s in my life. In W.A we have TEE (terciary enterance somthin) and thats only for yr 11 an 12’s.

  21. I’m in 8th grade I was allowed to take the SAT last year but I didn’t, I am taking it this year.
    p.s. This is Holly-wa, I was at my aunts house last night she calls me Holly, my middle name, my first name is Netallia

  22. omg. Taylor’s back!

    Yay! Serafina reading LYKY! Me reading Tithe. lucky me…my mom hasn’t looked at it yet lol.

    My mom gave her friend a christams present today. I was waiting in the car while she dropped it off at her friend’s house, and she told me her friend asked if I was goth. lol. idk why. Maybe cause my hair was like being all weird…had to wear it to one side and it looked kinda emo. And I was wearing too much dark eye shadow. I’m surpirsed she even know what goth is…she’s like 35. Or something. But thinks she’s 15.

  23. OMG
    my mom says there is no point in owning a book when you can check it out from the library so she wont let me by the series

  24. ya so whats with all the “la’s” and “wa’s” after your guys’s name i mean come on Kaylee is pretty cool i think your probebly the only normal one here. But then again what is normal. I think we’re all kinda wierd in are own little way.

  25. heehee, c’est FIT. i’m in a french mood (wooop-la!)
    love the uglies one especially!
    OMG I’m getting SO YESTERSAY in 5 days yay!
    cna’t wait for levithan. keep it up!

  26. omg. asympatheticmind, you’ve read Pretties, right? If not, what are you doing here? GO READ IT. But if so, I don’t get why you are asking.

  27. humph. i dont like twilight. she just rushes threw everything. and theres like, ten climaxes. and everything is just all mooshed together. and when you get to one of the ten climaxes, you get all excited. and then its just over. like that. and she uses absolutely no details. you just have to make them up yourself. which is really hard considering this is stuff SHE made up. not us. and its all mooshy gooshy.

    -Lizzy-wa OUT! 🙁

  28. I loved your book Extra’s it was awsome i wish i had known about it sooner it didn’t come into were i live for awhilie my friends mom ows a bookstore and usually ges books before they come out and she lets us read them before like months before there advanced readers copies but she didn’t get your book for some reason and then when they went out of town they found it some weird store called llama llama but it was really good

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