MBW Formation

Those of you who’ve read my book So Yesterday may remember the following scene in chapter 2. A focus group of cool-hunters has just been shown a new sneaker advertisement, and they all seem to agree that it’s awesome.

That is, until Jen speaks up . . .

“I was kind of bugged by the missing-black-woman formation.”

Mandy blinked. “The what?”

Jen shrugged uncomfortably, feeling the eyes on her.

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” I said, even though I didn’t.

Jen took a slow breath, collecting her thoughts. “You know, the guy on the motorcycle was black. The guy on the bike was white. The woman was white. That’s the usual bunch, you know? Like everybody’s accounted for? Except not really. I call that the missing-black-woman formation. It kind of happens a lot.”

It was quiet for another moment. But gears were spinning. Tina Catalina let out a long sigh of recognition.

“Like the Mod Squad!” she said.

“Yeah,” Hiro chimed in, “or the three main characters in . . . ” He named a certain trilogy of movies about cyber-reality and frozen kung-fu, whose title ends in an X, counts as a brand, and therefore will not grace these pages.

The floodgates broke. More comic books, movies, and TV shows tumbled off everyone’s lips, a dozen stuffed-full pop-cultural memory banks rifled for examples of missing-black-woman formations, until Mandy looked ready to cry.

She smacked the clipboard down.

“Is this something I should have KNOWN ABOUT?” she said sharply, sweeping her eyes around the table.

An unhappy silence fell over the conference room. I felt like an evil genius’s henchman when something goes wrong in a certain series of secret agent films—as if Mandy might push a button on the control panel and we would be ejected, chairs and all, out the roof and into some lake in Central Park.

I noticed only yesterday that we’re living through a nation-changing MBW formation right now. (Gloria Steinem may have jogged my brain on this point.) So let’s all take a moment to appreciate the predictive, productive, and representative powers of pop culture.

We have a way of becoming the stories we tell ourselves.




Just to be clear: I’m not mocking what’s going on here in the US. Having a woman and an African-American man as serious contenders for president is momentous. It’s great to see.

Still, I didn’t want to let a missing-black-woman formation as epic as this one pass by unnoticed.

And for you younger folks, here’s the scoop on the late-1960s TV show The Mod Squad.

Update: To comply with Federal Election Commission equal time rules, I am also required to display a picture of the Republican candidates . . .


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  10. ok here comes a random post:
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  11. “To comply with Federal Election Commission equal time rules, I am also required to display a picture of the Republican candidates . . .”

    Scott, you are my hero. 😀

  12. I know that this is probably random on this page but I noticed that there are the most people commenting on here and I want a lot of opinions.Okay this is for my own self amusement(or torture, whichever comes first)This is the million dollar question:
    Who is better? EDWARD or ZANE?Please answer.(even if you are a Jacob or David fan)Thanks!
    See Ya!

  13. Wow – the missing black woman formation is everywhere!!! I never even noticed!!

    And I have to say the picture of the “Republicans” had me laughing so hard it hurt!!!!

    I love both Edward and Zane. But for very different reasons. One of my main reasons for loving Edward is his over-analytical personality, I fit him so perfectly. He’s so conerned about Bella and her safety, he wants her to have as many human experiences as possible.

    On the other hand there is Zane, who I also love!! I love him for his spontinaity (sp?) though. I love how he just acts on impulses, and does all these crazy things to try to not be pretty-minded anymore. He risks taking the pill with Tally even though he knows it could end up disasterous (and it does…) plus he tries everything he can to allow Tally to have as many experiences of clear-mindedness as possible.

    They’re both so great, I couldn’t say who was my favorite – I love them both!!

  14. i’ve noticed that textbooks have a lot of the MBW formation.



    i need to get off the internet. blasted bloody homework.

  15. Random Question!

    Sorry to ask this here, but I don’t know where else to ask it.

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    Additionally, a 401 Authorization Required error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Is this normal? Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated! 🙂


  16. Ahahaa Im even a Conservative, and I found that GOP Candidate smack to be hilarious…..

    Be better if they were all wearing Reagan masks….
    “Im regan!”
    “No I am!”
    “No…I am!”
    “No seriously, I am.”

  17. Wow, I remember that now!

    Uhhhhhhhhhh, I am at home, sick! I feel sooo crappy, I can not even explain it! And, when I get back to school I have to take all the tests I’m missing today, and all the tests that are tomorrow! It’s sooo horrible! But, I’m rereading Specials, again. It’s sooo good, but like, I haven’t read it in forever sooo for some reason it seems sooo different from when I last read it!

    Bran-la, no I have never wanted to be preppy! All the preps at my school are (so many bad words to give them, but I will say a particularly nice one) jerks! All they care about is themselves, if you get in there way they will take you down, they don’t care if your feelings are hurt, and end the end their life is secretly horrible but the thing is they will realize it way to late do anything about it! Wow, that was weird.

    Well, I’m going to go take a cat-nap, I’m already exhausted and sooo dizzy!

  18. Oh, and I forgot, SECRET KITTYS, is a horrible name! sorry but it kinda is, I know, I know it’s pretty harsh, but well thats my opinion!

  19. Ow, Ooops, but still Secret Cat is still horrible! lol! ughhh, sick! Gross! (I’m talking about how I’m sick) It’s horrible!

  20. The first thing I siad to my step-mom this morning was, “the world sucks and im gonna die at an early age

  21. I am home Serafina, sick! It sucks!!! It’s sooo boring, I’m reading my fourth book right now! (I’m not saying readings boring, I’m saying that not being able to get up and hang with my friends is boring)!

    And, Netta-la, why when you got up this morning you said…

    “the world sucks and im gonna die at an early age”


  22. cuz i was tired and in a grumpy, pouty mood
    more specifically i said “..die at an early age because of global warming.”

  23. Oh, lol! Like I said, sitting in bed reading all day is better than school, but I just wish I could hang out with friends while I do it, ya know?

    I see what you mean, Netta-la, hehe! We’re all going to die of global warming, though so, ur not alone!

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