Photo Request

Justine and I are going through our (hopefully) final interview with US Immigration next week, and one of the things we need is photos of us with other people from across the years. This will help prove that our marriage is a genuine and continuing relationship.

So here’s a request for friends and fans: Do any of you have pictures from book events, parties, or whatever that show Justine and me with a few other folks around. Remember, these don’t have to be great pictures. In fact, they can be like quite crappy, like this one:

Us with sf writer Sean Williams.

See? Crappy. If you have any such photos, just send them to me or send a flicker link to:

scott (at) (Change the “at” to a @, okay?)

It would also be great if you can say when and where they were taken. The more the merrier! (Bureaucrats love repetition.)

We thank you in advance.

61 thoughts on “Photo Request

  1. Umbrella Academy rocks! i think the most recent one was my favorite…want to see the conclusion. and the art is pretttyy….
    as are the covers…especially the second issue funeral one…

    ugh, just took my World History Honors quarterly. was easy but annoying. at least *that’s* over.

  2. Scott! Why dont you answer my comment! But you answer others! I was asking an educational question! Dont u promote education!
    My question was:
    Ok, so, when you become an author, do you have to stick with one genre? Like just sci-fi or just fantasy or can you mix it all up and do whatever?

  3. ahhh back from school to complain about finals with everyone else complaining abotu finals 🙂
    i only had my history one today, but its an AP course, so it was mega hard and i spent my entire morning studying for it………and then i had a rehearsal……
    i really need some sleep
    but i have science to study for 🙁

  4. My friend only had some with you, so no beans.

    On a slightly better note, I got an 84% on my AP European History Midterm (Which is really good for a 10th grader taking a college level test). One more thing I don’t have stress about…\

    Still doesn’t change the fact that I have to take another AP exam, regents Math B, Regents Chemistry, Regents Global Studies and Regents Spanish III All in the span of one week. But with enough Green Monster Energy/Coffee Runs, I should survive. Maybe.

  5. Good luck to you both!! My wife and I did the exact same thing about four years ago–It was a ton of work and forms to fill out and money and WAITING. But the interview went pretty smoothly. They flipped through all of our stuff and asked us a few basic questions (nothing like, “how does she like her coffee?” or “tell me the names of his childhood friends” or “how many moles are on her left leg”). It was, after all that work, almost anti-climactic: do you smuggle drugs? (no!) Do you build bombs in your garage (again, no!), do you have communicable diseases(nopers), are you a bolshevik (yeah, um..NO!)?

    We had this big fancy folder with all of our papers and notifications and spare pictures and tax returns etc. and the interviewer actually laughed at us, “Pretty organized there he he.”

    Anyway–good luck–it feels great to see that stamp in the passport and feel like, save for the green card, things are pretty much done…and they lived happily ever after 🙂

  6. ummmm would pictures from dragon con count where all of you are sitting at the table and talking? because i have a few of those.

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