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I did an interview with Public Radio International late last year, and the results have finally appeared online in an episode of To the Best of Our Knowledge, called “Apocalyptic Fictions.” I’m one of three authors (and one editor) interviewed. The whole thing is pretty interesting, featuring tales of zombies, warnings of mass extinctions, and ponderings of epidemics. What’s not to love?

I’m a bit out of place, actually, talking about the post-apocalyptic world of Uglies and Extras. All the other books are set during an apocalypse, which is a different sort of thing. Still, I’m always happy to be included.

Here’s radio KUAR’s page about the episode.

And here’s the MP3 if you want to listen to the show.

If you’re in a hurry and want to skip the other authors, I’m the last interview, about 75% of the way in. But they’re all good, really.

Warning: If you saw me on tour, the stories may sound a bit familiar. But I’ve only got so many jokes in me, okay?

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  6. I would listen to the mp3, but it would probably crash my computer. Feels like being crap today.

    I think that picture makes the post absolutely lovely! 😛

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