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I am snowed under with Leviathan, but there’s something on Wikipedia I’ve been meaning to show you guys.

Everyone always asks me about -wa and -la in the Uglies series. (The rule, by the way, is that you use -wa if you have an L in your name, and -la otherwise. So it’s Jane-la, Jose-la, and Maria-la, but Billy-wa.) Part of what inspired me to add these suffixes was my study of Japanese, which uses a complicated set of “honorifics.” These suffixes reveal how intimate you are with someone, how respected or famous they are, etc., so it made sense to put them in Extras.

Japanese honorifics are incredibly complicated (to us outsiders, anyway). So I kept it to just three: sama, chan, and sensei. Here’s how those suffixes work in Extras as opposed to modern-day Japanese:

In Aya’s world, sensei is used for anyone in the city’s top thousand most famous citizen.

But in Japanese (to quote this Wikipedia article):

Sensei is used to refer to or address teachers, practitioners of a profession such as doctors and lawyers, politicians, and other authority figures. It is used to show respect to someone who has achieved a certain level of mastery in an art form or some other skill. For example, Japanese manga fans refer to manga artists using the term sensei, as in Takahashi-sensei for manga artist Rumiko Takahashi; the term is used similarly by fans of other creative professionals such as novelists, musicians, and artists. It is also a common martial arts title when referring to the instructor.

In Aya’s city, sama is for people who are world famous—someone who comes up in your mind-rain history class, like Tally and Shay. In Japan . . .

Sama is the formal version of san. This honorific is used primarily in addressing persons much higher in rank than oneself and in commercial and business settings to address and refer to customers. It also appears in words used to address or speak of persons or objects for which the speaker wishes to show respect or deference, such as okyaku-sama (customer) or Tateishi-sama (a stone idolised as a deity). Additionally, Japanese Christians will refer to God in prayer as Kami-sama and Jesus as Iesu-sama. -sama is regularly used by the press to mention female members of the Imperial Family (as in Masako-sama). People will also affix sama to the names of personages who have a special talent or are considered particularly attractive, though this usage can also be tongue-in-cheek, exaggerated, or even ironic.

And finally, chan is for close friends and siblings (particularly if they’re younger), and cute devices like Moggle. This is pretty much the way it’s used nowadays, though there are more gender issues in present-day Japan than in Aya’s city. Here’s the full definition from Wikipedia:

Chan is an informal version of san used to address children and female family members. It may also be used towards animals, lovers, intimate friends, and people whom one has known since childhood. Chan continues to be used as a term of endearment, especially for girls, into adulthood. Parents will probably always call their daughters chan and their sons kun, though chan can be used towards boys just as easily. Adults may use chan as a term of endearment to women with whom they are on close terms . . . . ‘Pet names’ are often made by attaching chan to a truncated stem of a name. This implies even greater intimacy than simply attaching it to the full name. So for example, a pet rabbit (usagi) might be called usa-chan rather than usagi-chan. Similarly, Chan is sometimes used to form pet names for celebrities. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger gained the nickname Shuwa chan in Japanese.

Terminator-chan. Hmm.

Other than -wa and -la, do you guys use any weird forms of address with your friends?

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  1. I am on!!! Although, it is very late from the tim you asked that, lol!

    But I was wondering… IS Anyone on NOW????

  2. I don’t really call my friends stuff. We have made up new names for fruits, though. Here’s some of them.
    Apple–> Sanana (sandwich+banana)
    Kiwi–> Pineapple
    and, of course, the legendary Grapeseed (orange)

    oh, I forgot about the nicknames. I am sometimes KAM, sometimes Newt, sometimes the Freckled Toad who plays a bassoon in a band with Mr. Nendza (the middle school band teacher)
    My friend is Rea, Rea-Rea, ReaMar,

    another friend is tesstesstesstesstess, Newt


  3. Hm. My friends and I don’t really create slang amongst ourselves but I do have a history of creating secret names for the guys I’m crushing on.

    There’s been “The Speaker” [as in an actual speaker for a stereo or something] who was a crush from waaaay back in the dark ages when I was a Sophmore in HS. Then there was the Turtle and the Rabbit [a best friend duo, one moving fast in relationships the other moving slow] and then there was “The Albino Kid” [I didn’t actually come up with that nickname but whatever, it works.]

    My friends and I also use “Certain people and certain things” when describing someone who is close to us and we’re talking about something they’ve done or how we feel about them. And there was this whole “That’s so cheese” phrase we went through, and who could forget the Batman joke! I swear my whole Sophmore year was all about “That’s what Batman said!” (This was actually made up with my younger brother while playing none other than Kingdom Hearts.)

    Not exactly much else. I did gain the nickname “Figmented” this year though, because a few of my friends decided I was too crazy to be anything more than a figment of their imaginations. Haha, this post is very long; I apologise for it’s length.

  4. That’s ok sometimes when we play soccer in the morning I am tired and just start yeeling random stuff. Poeple just usually ignore me unless it’s about them. Like on time I told someone they needed to pack and move to Round Valley (BAD BAD PLACE if ya catch what I mean) They got all mad at me. They were like yelling and screaming at me it was hilarious!!!!!!!!

    I love Superman/Tom Welling!!!!

  5. i luuuv these books. zane-la dying was a little sad-making though. i was wondering if there was gonne b another on in the trilogy/series. o and can someone please explain bubbly to me. sometimes i think i get it then tally says it in another way and im totally confused again. i think tally and david getting back together again is totally happy-making they deserve each other. also i think radical honesty is so awesome!Frizz too!

  6. You I don’t think that they get back together. Mybe it never really says though.We kind of have debates about it a lot though.

    I love Superman/Tom Welling!!!!

  7. read extras reagan.
    they get back together

    bubbly is like, a simpler form of being icy i guess.
    when you do something that clears your mind of everything else and makes you feel good. thats bubbly

  8. It implies it. I htink I just have a bad tendancy (Sorry if I spelled that wrong) to say that because I love Znae so mush better than David. I just cant face the truth
    I love Superman/Tom Welling!!!!

  9. Wow, thanks for clearing this up.

    As for me, my nickname is Hina. My best friend’s nickname is Hisa.

    I don’t even know how we got those names, but I know we’re really into the Japanese manga/anime theme and Hina and Hisa are japanese names.

    So we call eachother Hina-Chan and Hisa-Chan. I barely ever call Hisa by her real name outside of school. But her real name is Elizabeth.

    My real name is Anna.

    By the way, your books are the best EVER.


  10. Westerfeld-sensei, I am thrilled to finally know the whole -wa and -la thing clearly! I already knew about the whole honorific thing, so when I saw it in Extras, I completely freaked out! I love Japanese culture, even though I’m Taiwanese…. ^^;

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    And there is nothing any1 can do about it.lol.jk.lol.
    i bord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    wat is there to do on this site??????no offence but theres nothing to do on here.except chat.


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  13. Some of my friends use the Japanese suffixes. Kate is Katie-chan, Kaylee is Kiwi-chan. but thats pretty much it.

  14. i call my friend sam sammie and she calls me ashie. more importantly this reminds me of ttyl where they say the first initial of someones name and add -boogie. as in a-boogie, and m-boogie. which is awesome. i should start a movement

  15. I’m pretty good with suffixes, and I thought it was really cool you used Japanese suffixes in the Extras book, even though I haven’t read it yet (trying, can’t find it >.<). I’ve gotten into the habit of switching from Japanese suffixes to Pretties suffixes according to my mood XD
    So a conversation would go “Laura-Chan, call Emi-Wa and we’ll get together to watch horror movies :D:D:D!”.
    Though I find myself bending the rules a little, since Emi-Wa sounds better than Emi-La, plus it’s too close to her real name.
    And Yuki-wa sounds better than Yuki-La, so that’s what I call myself.
    But I don’t like following the rules CX.

  16. my friends and i use -la and -wa, but thats it. somehow Logan-wa figured out the rule-go Logan-wa! and when we tease eachother, we say Ping-la from Specials

  17. I add add -ness as a suffix 😀 Example:
    (when talking about the book)
    Tally=Tallyness=Tally-Wa=Tally-waness(pronounced-wa{short a}n-eh-ss)

  18. i thought that it was depending on a long or short a. that was in the first chapter of pretties i thought that. now that i know, i am talking to everyone by adding the suffix to their name. thanx ^_^

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  20. Me and my friends use these! They make it fun. But I don’t see how Tally and Shay can use them when they are being so serious am I right or am I right?

  21. I call my friend Allie “Alliefish”. My friend Olivia calls us Alliepuff and Maddiepuff. And every time we pass propane tank we say “I vow m friendship and VOWS to the magicalGermansubmarinesharktankof doom!” Looooooooong story…

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