Flash Tattoo Watch 02

The realization of Uglies technology continues!

First, engineers at the University of Washington have developed an eyescreen-like contact lens:

Thanks to Erin-la for this catch!

In other news, howzabout some blood-powered flash tattoos?

Thanks to Jade Lennox and Temvald for kicking this to me!

This subcutaneous digital display uses the sugar in your blood and turns it into the electricity it needs to run. (And it’s Bluetooth compatible.) The article is a bit unclear about what stage this gadget’s at. The photo caption says the it’s being demonstrated, but the article says, “just a concept.” Well, “concept cars” are prototypes . . .

Anyway, it’s sort of like the flash tattoos in Uglies, because it monitors your bio-signs. Not your heartbeat in this case, but your blood chemistry. Seems to me that if it could control its own energy use, it would be great for diabetics.

If you read the articles for both these devices, they both mention cell phone applications. Like, dude, that is so 1997.

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