Oh, there is much to write about Z-Day. (No, not z as in Zombies, z as in Zeppelin!)

I have many pix from the Zeppelin Museum, and from our flight today. But posting it all will take a while.

So let me take you back to yesterday, when we arrived in Friedrichshafen, the home of all things Zeppelin. As I’d hoped, it is a very themed town—they know what we Z-geek tourists want to see!

Like, here’s the big fountain in town . . .


Um, what is that cherub holding? Could it be a . . .

Yes! First Zeppelin sighting! But there were many more to come. A Zeppelin Hotel, a Zeppelin restaurant (very cool inside), and even “Graf Zeppelin” coffee. But my favorite Z-object was this awesome playground toy:


I wish I had the bandwidth to upload all my pictures from around town. But it is almost sleep-time here in Germany, and the hotel internets are slow. (Worst. Aspect. Of. Traveling.)

Next I’ll post some pictures from the Zeppelin Museum, and then many pictures and movies from our flight today.

But just to whet your appetites, here’s one of me in the rear window of the actual airship. Just click on the picture to see my terribly smug face in full size.


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  1. hello
    its been a while since ive been on.. theres like a ton more posts from scott!
    ive driven in the alps when i was like 5 and were going again next summer 😀 im totally excited (even though its like a year away lol)

  2. HAHA today was bomb
    i went to my friends b-day party and we watched 30 days of night pretty fool to say the least
    and i got a lefty notebook
    you know like the one where ther priral is on the other side

  3. Crap, I dont feel very good…I slipped and fell today and I landed on one of the stakes that holds the canopy thingy down so now theres a mark from my shoulder blade all the way to my lower back and it hurts like HECK! Sheesh! Why am I such a klutz? Dont answer that…

  4. owwie that must of hurt TZ
    one time i fell on a lego and got a bruse that looked like it it HURT

  5. All of a sudden people start getting hurt!!!!

    Holy Carp this desk is covered in ants!!!! omg dont come near me!!! im gonna kill em……

  6. haha i killed them. just some simple counter spray and *Poof* there all drowning in cleaner while chemicals breakdown there small little bodies.

  7. Were is everybody? Out? Having fun without me?! Not fair. I get stuck doing a math projects of scaling up a building that is impossible while you……have fun?! Jeez you guys.

  8. yeah. the accident was very creepy. awful. and traumatic. and all the what if’s and could have been’s, i hate thinking about those. but it’s over now. and well be going on 2 years since it happened in may. (i haven’t been tubing since. and i don’t think i plan on going for awhile. at least i won’t go at that lake anyway.)

    Bran-la i just finished Legacy. and your right not so good of an ending. i’m mad at reed, for doing what she did to josh. and i’m mad at josh for trying to make her chose. but then not mad at him because he came back. which makes me even more mad at reed. eh. such a headache, i just want those two to be together already. and Kate keeps ripping them apart. 🙁 …frustration. what do you think? …do you want them to be together or not?

    eh. i have so much homework. that i really don’t want to do. and then my mom wants me to clean out the refrigerator. bleh.

  9. I want her and Josh to be together and i want whatever his face is to go away already. He keeps making reed do all this weird stuff and hitting on her and i just want to rip his hair off!!! It made me mad when i found out the ending. do you know what ambition is going to be about cause i havent heard anyhting about it. I want to no what happens!!!

  10. oh i know! Dash has got to go. it’s suppose to be him and noelle NOT reed! eh, makes me sick. and nope. not a thing. besides that you can win it early on her blog but my computer keeps saying i can’t enter at this time. and it’s really kinda getting annoying cuz i only have till the 15th and then the contest is closed and they pick a winner. and i’m not sure what the deal is cuz it keeps telling me to go to the privacy statement but that hasn’t helped much at all. …so i’m wondering if you have to be an alloy memeber to enter…. but again doesn’t make much sense to me. have you tried to enter the contest?

    yeah. i hate cleaning too. see i cleaned the frige once for my mom to surprise her and be nice. and now she has declared it my job. which doesn’t seem right to me.

  11. aha! i did it. it finally let me enter! 😀 see i have 2 different internets. opera (my regular one. that is all security and crap. which basically means no pop-ups. and whatnot. which is nice cuz they destroyed my last computer.) and microsoft internet explorer (the one that destroyed my last computer.) and so i went on microsoft internet explorer and it let me enter. haha. 😀 😀 now i’m happy.

  12. I told my parents that I am so craving a macbook.

    All I have are PC’s — I am just tired of them. MACS are so BETTER. They are just more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

    No Viruses is just on positive thing about Macs. I love the way they look too.

  13. lol yes it would! and we have good chances too! cuz 5 people will win. and i’m pretty sure not to many people know about it! 😀

  14. eh. i’m writing this uber boring report on a business competition for journalism. and i’m so very much dreading it… and now there is no way i wanna be on the newspaper staff next year…. yearbook=heck yes. rustler=no way! even though the newspaper staff gets to go to California this week for a few days. lucky them. oh well though. we get friday off as our official “spring break”…not that you can call it that.

  15. who wants to help with a litte project i’m working on?
    if you do, read on!
    this summer, i plan to make a trailer for uglies. not a real one, obviously, a fan-made one.

    and i need some help.

    i need to know which scenes to include, what outfits to wear, all that jazz, you know? if you could click on my name up there ^ you can voice your opinion, but you must have myspace to reply.

    help would be GREATLY appreciated, and once it’s finished, when i can actually start filming (there’s still snow on the ground), i’ll post it up on the you tubes. i’ll credit you in the side bar, also.

    so if you’d like to help, PLEASE DO SO!!!!

    thanks very much!


  16. Im in Journalism at my school but it includes the Yearbook and the Newpaper. so im yearbook/newpaper staff. But we only have 4 newpapers the whole year and we work really hard on the yearbook. Our yearbook rocks!

    I just came back from B&N so, yep. I got the first two books in the Pretty Little Liars series so im gonna try it out! See you Peeps (hehehe peeps!) l8r!

  17. hey! i’m new! I read the book uglies and I loved it!!!!! I can’t wait to read Pretties!!!!!

  18. ooooooo i wanna read those. my friends are all very obsessed with Pretty Little Liars….but i hear they are kinda dirty. lol. let me know what you think of em.

    in my school you have to take the intro class to even be considered to be on either yearbook or rustler. and then you have to turn in an application and get voted in. and newspaper staff meets for half of a block (45 mins.) that would split with band for me, so i’d have 45 mins. band and then 45 mins. rustler, but now i don’t really wanna be on it anymore cuz writting articles is kinda boring. and then yearbook staff meets each day for an hour and a half. so it’d be a big chunk of my schedule. which kinda sucks becuse i want to get in all the classes i need for college and yearbook would be exremely hard to fit in. so i don’t know. kinda a dilemha. but i LOVE taking pictures and i would get to use the schools DSLR (love those cameras.) and i’d get into all the events and have an excuss to take tons of pictures. plus our yearbook is fool. it’s 200 pages.

  19. nevermind!!
    i’m in yearbook at my school and it is really fun.
    we get out of classes all the time just to take pics for our teacher!!
    I love getting out of math!!

  20. lol. that’s fool Ashry. that’s one of the main reasons i want to be in yearbook too. plus i LOVE DSLR’s. they are so very fawesome.

    and i usually leave and come back. sorry that i left you hanging. o yeah and btw, welcome to the site!

  21. Omg yes! i have only read the first 3 chapters and they are dirty but in a keep-you-movin kind of way. Like, i was supprised some of the people tht read them recomanded them to me becasue the people that recommended them are immature so….. but its good so far. but dirty, yes, dirty. lol.

    My school is diffrent. for us we have 45 minute periods and we have 8 pds. a day. but 2 of them are our electives. In 6th grade you can either take the wheel (which is spanish one nine weeks computer the next, then art and then choir) or band. in 7th grade you do PE and either art, spanish, choir, theatre arts, computer, or journalism (which i do) and in 8th grade u pick your two elctives not including PE. You dont have to do Pe in 8th grade, yeah. So our extra classes are actually in our day. so yep.

  22. i have read ALL of Scott’s books! Hi, Ashry! Welcome to our crazy blog. If you are like us, you will get addicted to this place!!

  23. Yeah i do that too. we get busy, i mean we live all over the US and from other countrys. So yep yep. i gonna read more but sometimes you have to take a break. My back always starts to hurt and i get uncomfertable so yep. I will try to remeber to get on again.

    If your bored, listen to this weird song my friend showed me. Its weird but adicting-

    And this is just random-

  24. Uhhh, i hate when my comment has to get moderation. ITS JUST A FREAKIN YOUTUBE VIDEO, NOTHING BADDDDD! God, do they think im some idiot?

  25. can’t wait to read them. loti (laughing on the inside. haha. that’s my new fave saying. get use to it. it’s from Legacy.) 😀

    that’s how middle school was for me. highschool has a different schedule though. we go on blocks. we have 4 blocks per day each an hour and a half long. and then we have a 17 minute class called confrence advisement mondays is grade check, tuesday-thursday is power reading and then friday is club meetings. although i have a really fawesome c/a all we do is hangout. and our teacher is very fool! she lets us go to the vending machines, and she lets us on her computers… her own computer(not many teachers let you get on their computer) and then the spare one she has in her room. and she brings us food. like pringles, candy, these big candy bars, and she’s buying us all krispy cream doughnuts this week. she rocks! and we have a 30 minute lunch which is included in our 3rd block class to make it 2 hrs. yep. that’s basically the schedule. and for the most part we get to pick what we take. theres a few required classes that you need to graduate but other than that it’s all your choice.

    i’ve read Uglies trilogy plus Extras and i’ve read So Yesturday. still have to read Midnighters trilogy and Peeps and TLD… i’se such a slacker. i feel like a bad westerfan. i plan on buying the ones i don’t have yet and reading them this summer though! promise!

    ughhhhh…… i’ve been procrastinating for like 3 hours. trying to write my paper but then getting distracted. i’m so awful at concentrating on something. ughh.. i should get back to it now even though i really don’t want to.

  26. Hi, this isn’t really the right place to comment on this, I guess, but I just wanted to point out the NY times article on cell phones.
    (so that Finnish phone company was Nokia! Good to know.)

    can you say So yesterday? i read the book recently- i was already an uglies and midnighters fan- i read the first midnighters when it was still an ARC, even. But so yesterday, as much as it impressed me at the time, continues to impress me every time i read an article that proves it absolutely right. There was one in the New Yorker as well, about a woman who was a total mix of Innovator and Trendsetter. I feel like this really should have been in an email, but oh well, I hope no one minds, since I don’t know how else to send it.
    Looking forward to more on zeppelins!

  27. i am sooo ready to get out of middle school. Lets just say…… im ready for a more mature envoirment. As in, im tired of my school being childish and my friends being immature. And im tired of the guys being pervs. but im afarid that wont change. so yep…..

  28. Ack! I just got bit by a spider! Oooh, I’m gonna try and scale the wall to test and see if I’ve got any super cool new spidey powers! Ooh, if I dont that be hecka jipped! Yeah, so I’m writing a speech for graduation….speeches are boooooorrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnngggggg! But I’m doing it anyway cuz its 100 extra credit points if I get chosen to speak.(Not that I need it) But yeah so…*goes and tries to climb the wall*!………………*falls*
    CRAP! No spidey powers….-pouts- Ah well, such is life…

  29. yeah. guys will still be pervs. there will still be tons of drama. and yeah. maybe not as childish. i don’t know. i haven’t seen a huge change from middle school to highschool i mean probably the biggest change is that you can be friends with so many other groups than just your own little clique. like even if you were already it still kind of expands. like for me i have my main group of friends (the ones i have been buds with since elementry school) then i have my softball girls (and theres like two sets. my not so close summer softball girls that are only close for like 3 months in the summer and then my main softball girls who i’m friends with for the entire year.) then i have my band geek friends (best of friends in marching band season…and then the kind of friends you say hi to but don’t hang out with the rest of the year) then my drama friends (not so close. but still friends.) and yeah. that’s basically all of em. and it’s crazy how everyone is so intertwined. like how everyone is friends with another person and the spider web eventually winds itself back to who it started with. very interesting in my opinion.

  30. Yep. I’ve noticed the same thing with high school, Kay-wa. I’ve pretty much got friends all over, all the groups & stuff, and didn’t really in junior high.
    I’m sorry about your lack of spidey powers, Tally & Zane. I’d be disappointed too.

  31. i know i haven’t been on here fo ra while. i have been busy.

    my dad is having surgry tomorrow. please pray for him.

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