Manga Heads!

Sorry for being so long between posts. There’s a good reason, as Justine explains here, we’ve been hiding out at an undisclosed location to finish our next books. In fact, the only reason I’m taking a break is because Leviathan just crossed the 75K word mark!

Pause for woot.

And no sooner do I turn to the internets for relaxation, and what do I see on BoingBoing but manga contact lenses! They’re so totally like the manga heads in Extras that I had to interrupt my fierce writing schedule to show you:


Okay, my manga heads probably aren’t that scary. But still, I’m glad someone’s trying already. And yes, these are a real product:

Read more about them here at Inventor Spot.

I will be posting more soon . . . promise

124 thoughts on “Manga Heads!

  1. She reminds me of those creepy act-cute *coughbimboscough* I see around town. Totally creepy-making.

  2. Oh my gosh! That is so cool. I love Frizz and Aya together. I could picture specials, pretties, crumblies, and flash tatoos, but I could never picture manga heads. Thanks for the image, scott-la. And I beg of you, WRITE A FIFTH BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am rereading the series for only the second time, but pretty soon it’s going to get boring. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I promise I will never get bored of it, scott-la.

  3. …I actually really like those. Wonder if they come in prescription… *frantic investigation*
    Don’t see why they’re creepy, really. I mean, some of the expressions in the ads are creepy, a little bit (read as: I am going to use them as models for some of my characters, because I can never manage to get them to look insane enough) but the contacts themselves are just insanely cool!


  4. i really actually love the look of those manga contacts, i would deffinitly wear them, all the time. i just read bogus to bubbly yesterday, i kow a little late but whatever, and i didnt really understand what a manga head really was..:x because i alwasy referred to them as like…anime drawings with the big eyes and spiky-floating-ish hair…oh well. i use ‘manga heads’ now. i like it better. but to the contacts i so love them they’re so pretty. &+ so is the model girl above wearing them, i also like her hair (: oops! long comment. but i LOVE THE CONTACTS!

  5. :)) I love these books… i found somehting that looks like what I think the manga heads would look like… it is a picture my fried took… kinda scary to me…

    its not HUGE like those pictures but more normal looking… but i love the eyes… so pretty!!! but i would freak if i saw someone like that at school….

    wish i could show you all the picture of her… she’s a bit weird though… :DDD

  6. I love manga, but the only books i normally read other than them are by scott ^-^, when i first read extras i thought WOOAAH big eyes like in mangas, but some have a bit smaller just big pupils and iris w/e.
    Im a bit reassured now. Thinking of Frizz Mizuno, what a japanese last name (o.O) fufu, but now my hearts all doki doki.
    Seriously Im hooked on Scott’s books.

  7. Why does everyone freak out at these? I think they make her look pretty. Of course sacrificing the ability to blink may be a factor.

  8. Bua ha ha ha !
    I actually OWN a few pairs of these kinds of lenses.
    Started off with celebrities, and then regular peopel started wearing them too.
    I gaurantee you that if you went to a heavily Asian populated area at least 1 out of every 7 girls would be wearing them.
    I try not to wear them more then 3 times a week, since they block some airflow to your eyes.
    and BTW~
    That girl is an Asian net idol, there’s tons in Korea, and Japan.
    Most of them photoshop but fakers get caught easily.

  9. i think this picture pretty scary it looks just like real
    and then see thad face!

    so scary!

    … PS: i am a girl

  10. Try searching “popular ulzzang;” ulzzang means “best face” in Korean. Ulzzangs, in my opinion, personify the manga-head aura… there are both guys and girls who utilize a combination of circle lenses, makeup, some photoshop, and good genes. I think they’re attractive, some don’t. Anyway, please check this out!

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