Gustav and Librarian DOA

Two things:

Those of you who’ve bought merchandise at Wearable Extras, the online store of all things Westerfeldian, should pat yourselves on the back today. As I mentioned back when Wearable Extras opened, I don’t get any money, but one dollar of each purchase goes to Katrina relief.

Now a horrible admission: I suck at administrative details, and hadn’t totaled up the sales or found a charity to send the money to. But that turns out to have been a good thing, in a way. With Hurricane Gustov roaring through the Gulf, I’ve buckled down and finally figured out how to collect from Spreadshirts. So $531, representing 531 of your T-shirts, went to the Red Cross yesterday to aid victims of Gustov.

All best of luck to anyone who got evacuated or otherwise soaked. Our thoughts are with you.

Secondly, Librarian DOA just sent me this cartoon review of the Uglies series.

The cool thing is that it was made with Toonlet, a cartoon-producing tool for those of us who are drawing impaired. (Which very much includes me.)

Click here to see it full size.

86 thoughts on “Gustav and Librarian DOA

  1. 3rd comment yay! I’ve never been top 5 before.

    I wish I could shop online but I don’t have a credit card or nothing 🙁 That’s cool that you donated the money to a good cause tho’.

    funny and cool comic! I can’t draw very well either but I’m working on a little.

  2. Thats soo cool that it helps with the Red Cross. I want to get stuff from there but my mom is listening impared sometimes…….The comic was kinda weird…..Fifth commentwoot!

  3. *pouts*
    Why is my family so against book promoting t shirts?…and iTunes?…and bookstores?…and….I’m gonna stop now.
    The Uglies cartoon scared me.

  4. hey. loved the cartoon.
    i should buy a tshirt. that’s so nice of you to donate some money to the Red Cross!

  5. luv that cartoon!
    and i got a smoke lives tee, so i contributed!!!! woooohoooO!
    i’ll stop now. i’m tired. i need food. i’m weird.
    i got kicked at school today. it stank. i was reading waiting to be picked up and these boys started fighting around me and someone kicked me for emphasis. hard. but i ignored ’em and they went away. but it was annoying.

  6. and the halls’re reaaaally hectic. and for phys.ed today we had to walk around a set of bushes while brain-missing (both in slang and literally) kids had recess on the other side of the grass and they kept on trying to diss us. they failed. it was annoying, tho and my feet hurt. and since the gym isn’t built yet, we have to wear our gym uniforms all day. and we have gym two days in a row. sigh. it’s just been one of those days huh? let me seee….what else should i rant about? the caf is really noisy and crowded, so it’s nearly impossible to find a seat or anybody you know for that matter. i’m having enough trouble getting around from class to class WITHOUT all of the pushing and shoving. sigh. i’m sacking out tonight, though i was asleep for like, an hour when i got back from school.

  7. Thanks for posting my cartoon! I thought it came out really bubbly-icy all that stuff.

    I was about halfway through Uglies when I decided I had to run out *now* and buy the rest of the series. Snared them on my way to work and pretended to be doing librarian things with the books en mano.

    A real review is in the works. There is so much to think about with each of the books. I haven’t read anything science fictional in a long time that was also so page turning.

    I’ll be reading all your other books as well. Payday is imminent.


  8. i just added another song to my list of imminent Uglies Movie soundtrack songs:

    Knights of Cydonia by Muse (if you listen to it, it’s a TOTAL chase scene song)

    other songs include:

    From the Sky by Saving Jane
    Beauty in Ugly by Jason Mraz (duh)

    Because I’ll totally make the Top 100 😉

  9. Pfft. I would so NOT have let anyone get away with kicking me UMR-wa
    And I think EVERY high school is BEYOND crowded….it’d be great to have a hoverboard….maybe Scott-la should build some and sell them to his loyal fans….and sneak suits too…thatd be rad.

  10. Yay! that’s awsome! red cross is a good thing.
    ugh my high school has 2,500 people in it. We don’t even all fit in the cafeteria even though we have split lunches.
    I would pay a lot to have a hover board! not to menchion a sneak suit!

  11. My “pen pal” only has 800 kids in her school this year, next year she’ll have about 1600 (They have a freshman academy…) and then she’ll have almost 3000 kids in high school

  12. I actually have thing against the Red Cross after years of volunteering with the army… but I guess a little help is better than no help. I’ll be defiantly getting a shirt as soon as I get paid.

  13. There is a moth in my lamp. Its so stupid. And annoying. And it keeps hitting itself on the outside. dumb moth…

    I didnt buy anything….i know, i am a shame.

    URG! The moth is trying to attack me!

  14. oh no!! moths eat clothes! kill the moth! kill the moth!!

    and don’t worry Bran-la… your not the only one.. 🙁

    guys i think i have become very accident prone lately.. 🙁 let me list the things i have done in just the last 2 weeks…
    1. got a concussion
    2. almost fell getting off of a treadmill (and i was in a room full of football guys… how much more embarrassing can i get??)
    3. fell going up the stairs (this morning… but not many people were around…)
    what will i do next? …i’m kinda scared.

  15. My school has around 1500 students…it’s not a big school but well, we have the same recess slot so it’s pretty crowded. Luckily I had the tendency to stay in the classrooms to eat my bread even though we were told not to. It’s better than trying to squeeze into the canteen anyways. =D

    I don’t quite understand the cartoon though. >.<|||

  16. Good thing this is my last year of high school. Freshmen get their own lunch so upper classmen (sophmore, junior, senior) all have the same lunch. At least we eat first cuz Juniors and Seniors go to SCC. Freshmen get second lunch =P

    I want one of those Specials shirts!!! >.< And the Hurt You one too. but I need a credit card. And a trabajo. No tengo trabajo. 🙁

  17. i wouldn’t have let them get away kicking me like that–had they been a couple years younger, shorter, less of them, and not having putting myself in risk of going to the dean’s office on the second day of school. but as it was, these boys were waaaaaaay older than i am, veeery tall, and it was veeeery crowded, so i didn’t even flinch. which i’m proud of. i dunno if they even remember kicking me. sigh. i’m tired. i’m always tired lately. and i dont’ even have that much homework.
    i have no idea how many kids’re at my school. there’re 200 kids in my grade, so, w/e. al i know is it’s veeeeeeeery crowded.

  18. at least they looked tall and old from where i was, which was reading on the floor. i’d say at least two years older than i was.

  19. i’m bored. my days seem long and packed, but afterschool, with the aforementinoed lack of homework, i’m BORED! i know, it’s weird, but i would kill for something to do, like…a good book ,cuz the library just gotta delivery, but my mom didn’t get there before they closed. GRRRR. anyone have any suggestions as to what to do ❓ ❗ ❓ ❗ ❓ ❗ ❓ ❗ ❓ ❗

  20. My friend (who’s like my email pen-pal), Kayla, her “aunt’s” grandma had a stroke and might die, they don’t know wether or not they should tell her little sister, because she’s only four. I’m trying to think of some goods and bads about telling her.
    (And if it helps you feel any better Kay-wa, she tripped on the school stairs while rushing to her locker, causing her backpack to hit her in the stomach, sending her face first onto the staircase and hitting herself accidentally on the head with her flute. Then she slipped all the way down the stairs and had to rush BACK up them. And when she finally got to her locker it hit her in the as she opened it and then she dropped her book down the stair railing while walking past it, hurried into Spanish and her chair fell off the desk and on top of her…)

  21. Scott, you are amazing!!!

    I hate to compare, but even Stephenie Meyer, who is making thousands of dollars, has not donated to any charities.

    You, Scott, are the reason we read. *bows* =)
    I’m psyched for Leviathan!

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