Have a good, safe Halloween, everyone.

Don’t forget to take pictures of any Westerfeldian costumes you wear tonight. And feel free to send them to me for posting here.

I’ve met my Scare-a-thon challenge, and will be posting video proof this weekend! (The fear. The fear!)

Now go out and scare people.

R2D2 and Vampire photo ganked from Dollar Bin’s flickr stream.

58 thoughts on “Candy!

  1. okay, i am procrastionating homework. here are my stats for today:
    Number of hours doing homework: 1
    Number of hours volunteering: 2
    Cups of coffee drank purely for the purpose of staying awake:1
    Cups of other cafinated drinks: 2
    Number of mini chocolate bars consumed: 4
    Number of times that I fell over (as in, butt on the floor) due to lack of sleep: 3….or 4….that last time i banged my head pretty hard.
    Number of breaks from homework: too many.
    Chances that I’ll get my homework done by it’s due date: none.
    Pages of book read: 10
    Pages of story typed: 2. Now i’m at a total of 13 pages. so far.

    Okay, now I should go back to work…hopefully soon my parents will wake up from their nap (needless to say, I wish i was napping right now) so that they can make me more coffee. Cuz otherwise, I’m gonna fall asleep.

  2. OMG!!!!! I am trying to write a story, and every once in a while I write a super good dialogue between two people, and when I do some of the sentences have green lines under them, so I right click and it says FRAGMENT (consider revising)! What should I do?!!??!?! Should I leave the fragment? Is that ok? or should I rewrite the sentence?

  3. I actually had a super sick Westerfeldian costume, but am not allowed to have picture of myself on the internet. I did the tatoos (Which came out fawesome, if I do say so myself.), and wore all black and gray, and had a hoverboard which I put a picture of Specials on so if anyone asked what I was I could just show it to them (It was annoying to carry.) Best Halloween every!

  4. I can’t believe I’m reading that you guys are like, 13, 14, and you’re TOO OLD TO TRICK OR TREAT?!?
    This year, at seventeen years old, I went trick or treating. I wish I could say I was creative enough to go as a Special, or an Ugly, or a Pretty, or whatever, BUT I ended up not being creative and just going by Bartz’s and I was a pirate. It was still a sick costume, though.

  5. Oh, And Miranda, just right click and say ignore. A lot of sentences are fragments. They’re the best ones if done tastefully. So just ignore Word, it has no creativity.

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