Justine in NYC

In a mega event tomorrow, Justine will be joining Robin Wasserman and a passel of other YA writers at Books of Wonder.

Justine, of course, will be discussing How to Ditch Your Fairy, and I’m sure you remember Robin from her guest-blogging stint here and her awesome novel Skinned.

The other authors are:

SUZANNE COLLINS for The Hunger Games; WILLIAM BONIFACE for The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy #3: The Great Powers Outage; P.W. CATANESE for The Riddle of the Gnome; JOANNE DAHME for Creepers; DANIEL KIRK for The Low Road; DEAN LOREY for Monster Madness; AMANDA MARRONE for Revealers; and KETAKI SHRIRAM for Sorceress of the Himalayas.

So many books; so little time!

Click here for event details at BOW’s site, or just read this:

Saturday, November 15
Noon to 2PM
Books of Wonder
18 W 18th Street
New York, NY 10011

Hope to see you there!

83 thoughts on “Justine in NYC

  1. Ooooh, getting defensive now, are we?
    Sorry. I be good now.

    Alex-wa, I had a friend whose backyard was lyk yours, was so fun … but then I had to move 🙁

    I’m probably gonna see Twilight with at least two of my aunts … Still not set in stone tho.
    And it doesn’t really bother me too much. I never saw any of the Harry Potter movies til they came out on DVD. I’ve had to learn patience when it comes to movies 🙁

  2. Actually, the Twilight movie looks like it’s going to be better than the book, but I’m definitely not going opening weekend. I’m afraid of screaming girls. 😉

  3. right. i’m swimming across the atlantic. SWIMMING I TELL YOU.
    i might even stay for the twilight movie (ZOMFGGE! yay 🙂 )
    yeah, most of those books aren’t even OUT in england yet 🙁

  4. REVEALERS looks interesting… *adds to booklist*

    who’s swimming across the Atlantic? hehe.

    im gonna wait to see twilight til it comes out on dvd and i can get it free from the library. i am NOT wasting my money on that junk. or any junk. considering i dont really have any money… but my mom and EVERYBODY in my family is going. even my dad and little brother! they think it looks actiony. (idiots).

    Lizzy-wa OUT! 😛

  5. Audrey-Sensei: my class read the odyssey too. 24 books (ok, i guess u could call them chapters) of confusing poetry.

    I havent read skinned or How to ditch your fairy, yet. Planning to, but haven’t gotten that far on my to-read list.


  6. i think i’ll have to read the odessy*sigh*

    i just requested like billions of books on my online public libraray website cause whenever i go there they NEVER have the book i want
    so i just request it online so i KNOW ill get them

  7. hmmm… my comment was sooooo short last time coz my stupid keyboard wasn’t working. it kept freezing up on me but of course now it works when i have to write my history paper. not for something important like blogging on Scott’s blog. hehe.

    Audrey-Sensei: don’t worry i’m not getting my hopes up. i just wanna read the books to see why everyone thinks they’re soooo amazing. i’m kinda reading them like an experiment coz everyone says they’re good but i need to find it out for myself. so don’t worry.

    Lizzy-wa: REVEALERS is AWESOME!!!!! there’s language and “inappropiate themes” (that’s the only way i could think to put it. not that i mind either of those things but i know how parents can be and i don’t know wat age everyone here is.) but overall it’s a good book. i mean teenage witches! come on! it’s gotta be good! haha! and to make it even better…they are REBELLIOUS teenage witches!!! woo hoo!!! GO REBELS!!!

    The Twilight movie looks ok. but u know wat? the vampires don’t seem real. i mean i’ve never heard that vampires could fly and in the previews it looks like they can. i dunno but the way the vampires are in the previews makes them seem really unbelievable. guess i’ll have to read the book. which i can now do.

  8. the twilight movie looks….i dunno…passable. i guess. at least i hope that they don’t completely destroy the story line, the way i see it, and the way the world sees it. edward looks…so…evil. all the time…and on the website, HIS EYES ARE RED! srsly. i think…i’m gonna go check to make sure i’m not spreading false info (in other words making a complete fool of myself).
    yup. unless my screen is twisted in the way it shows colors. which i don’t think it does. they had soooo better not destroy it, because if they mess it up, they will DIE.
    sry, i can get worked up about some stuff.
    i just finished the host (which is also written by stephanie meyer, for those of you that don’t know) and it is SO GOOD! i almost cried. yeah i know. i’m a sentimentalist. w/e.
    gtg. there’s school tomorrow…. //visualize scrunching up nose and making a disgusted face//
    sigh. 🙄

  9. TYC Leader: of course teen witches are going to be rebellious, silly! Have you ever heard of an UN-rebellious teenage witch? Now, that my friends, would be funny.
    Teen Witch: I’m going to stop the evil dude!
    Person: No you’re not!
    Teen Witch: Oh, okay then!

    UMR-wa: Actually I hope they *do* completely change the storyline of the movie. I really really don’t want to watch “I love you, but I’m dangerous!” for 2 hours. THEN, I would die. 😉

  10. I just finished reading Bogus to Bubbly and now I get the whole -la, -wa thingy. Cuz you know, I used to be amira-wa. Scott-la, I found a typo in Bogus to Bubbly! In the part where you feature the first chapter of Extras from Hiro’s point of view, Ren is named Rex, right? Well, in one part where it’s supposed to say ‘Rex’ it says ‘Rez’. Yes, that’s Rez with a z, not with an x, not with an n, with a z. Come to San Fransico! Please!!

  11. HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY EMILY-WA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go planet westerfeld. And I use pretty talk ALL THE TIME at school. But my bff reads the ugly series, too, so she understands. Andrea-la: You live in Canada? But America’s so awesome possum fawesome! Does scott-la ever come to Canada?

  12. liana-la’s version is not hijacked! shes sitting right next to me! were at computers next to each other in the library!! : )

  13. me and liana-la are having a dizzy-making online conversation, even though were right next to each. were laffing so hard were dizzy.

  14. I am so behind 🙁

    I’m afraid of the screaming girls at the movies too … cos i definitely aint a screaming girl. And its gonna make all the parking lots at the shops overfill … 🙁

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