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  1. Yeah, I understand…thankyou. I know, I shouldn’t. I just don’t want to blame anyone else. Probably my fatal flaw, always feeling like I should take the blow. Ha, yeah I get so mad when my friends call me that. lol.

  2. Well yeah, bad things happen. But good things happen too. It’s like a balance of scales sort of. I’m not depressed or anything about it all, if I was that’d just be a waste of my time. And I know how sweet time is. I still put on a smile and hang out with my friends, enjoy my life. I just look at things differently, yeah I know I’m weird. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. T&Z: i agree! 1minute of being depressed is 1 minute in your life u will never get back. i always look on the positive side of things or try 2 find the humor in a sad situation.=D

  4. wow Tally&Zane
    nice to hear someone with such strong faith
    I haven’t been through much tragedy myself, but I’ve seen some, some of my closest friends have
    one of my best friends Noah… his brother committed suicide while in jail. Noah loved his brother with all his imperfections and it sent Noah into a mess… but he came above it and he is one of the strongest in faith people I know.

  5. &I believe God does exist…

    religion however, and the church, so messed up these days, it’s sad.

    but God, yes.

  6. Okay since you shared somthing Ill share somthing too. This has to do with the whole not wasting time and moving on thing.

    A while back my grandma died. I was really close to her. We spent a lot of time together, especially during the holidays. When she died i got really scared. I have had deaths in my family before but not from anyone that i was close to. So when she died it was a really big shock to me and i saw how it felt to REALLY loose someone. but like i said i got scared. I was afraid of death but at the same time…i was afraid to live. I didnt want to die. I didnt want someone to die and i started freaking. I would spend all night worrying and praying frantically saying, “Just keep us safe” and i would name people. If i had to leave my mom, i would bring somthing that she gave me like a stuffed animal and i would take a neckalce that i would carry as i said good-bye and hugged everyone. For some reaosn, having that as i said good-bye was like still having them if i wore the jewlery. Eventually i got sick of myself. I was tired of worrying. I was tired of being scared to sleep. I just wanted to let it all go. So i did. It wasnt easy though. I just told myself one day that my family knew i loved them. God knew i wanted to live. I was going to die someday, sometime but i was just going to let it happen. If a family member died, then they died. I would miss them dearly and mourn but i would remember the days that made life good with the person and let them rise to heaven. I would meet them one day again. Now i am soooo not saying i am not afarid of death anymore. It comes and goes a lot. Somedays im fine and somedays i worry a lot. I’m just that kind of person though. I worry.

  7. Julie-wa: I totally am with you. Religion and stuff to me is so “You believe this and this.” And I’m going, “yeah well what if i DONT believe that.” To me, religion is so this this this this, all layed out. I like to believe whatever i want.

  8. I’m sorry bout your grandmother, Bran-la. Yeah, things happen, but I think it makes us who we are, a little part at least. It helps you see things in a new light. I worry a lot too, I think almost everybody does…

  9. Yeah. Its hard not to worry.

    This day went by SO fast! I cant believe its going to be over soon. Im not ready to go back to school. I only have a few more days!!! AH!

    Oo. Its almost 2009. At first i put 2002. Haha. I hope not!

  10. eep
    I’m 16 today!
    Brought me back to Uglies and Tally and everything.
    I decided if my life was that exciting, I would be perfectly happy haha.
    Instead, its just a normal day. Blah.

  11. Haha thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
    that would for sure be the coolest birthday present if someone just came and kidnapped me and made me a pretty

  12. Tally & Zane: That was powerful. That’s the only word i think i can use to describe it. I was gonna say something else, but i don’t have any idea what it was.
    Best wishes on your predicament, Andrea-la.
    Happy Birthday Veronica! Sixteen is my next birthday…in 5 months. ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. yeah, on the subject of keeping a positive attitude, I always defer to this quote “Maintaining a positive attitude won’t solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”

    An extra for now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Audrey-Sensei: Hehe, that quote was pretty funny. Where’d you hear it???

    Happy birthday, Veronica-la. When you say it’d be cool to be a pretty, you mean without the lesions, right???

    Click my name, please. I love it when people read my blog, I love it even more when they comment on it. ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. well 5 months isnt too far Haley, haha the waiting will be worth it hopefully :]

    and definitely Dahlia, no lesions
    actually I’d rather be a special

  16. Happy Birthday Veronica-la! I’ll be sixteen in like… two years. But still…

    What I find really inspiring about this whole thing is that we are all coming out and sharing stuff… It just feels so, warm and nice and fuzzy and bubbly… even if it is sad situations that we are sharing. IDK. All I can say is that this is so… inspiring. I am at a lost of words. That’s how amazing it is.

  17. (308)
    Bran-la : gosh that post brought tears to my eyes cause that is EXACTLY how i use to feel i used to worry so much and now i just don’t.thank you for putting that in words i never could

    oh yea I’m writing a book and as soon as i’m done with the first chapter i’ll post. k ?

  18. Eclipse: Is always good to know you arent alone, isnt it? I have never really talked about that time with people before. When i said somthing about around my mom she had no clue that ever happened. Its good to know what i have gone through can be related to in some way. Its comforting.

  19. awesome!
    it would be nice if the whole series were available [i could only find specials and extras in the app store], but it’s so awesome that they’re there.
    way to go, scott!

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