Fan Art Tuesday

Okay, so it’s been an unusually long time since I posted. This is because I’ve been working very hard on both Leviathan and Mind-Rain, an anthology of essays by YA writers about the Uglies series. (More about this soon. It’s going to be very cool.)

But that hasn’t left me much time to blog. I’ve only blogged, like, twice this year! (So much for that resolution.)

So in consolation, I offer you some very cool fan/fine art from Yuriy Shikhanovich:
Copyright Yuriy Shikhanovich (but cropped by me a little to fit). See the original here.

The match is so close that this photo has a great uncanny valley feel to it. Like your brain almost wants to believe the illusion, but then rejects it. (And it gives new meaning to the word “facebook.”)

And here are some awesome home-brewed Wearable Extras from Becki S.:




Love that hoodie.

Actually, working on Mind-Rain has reminded me of all the cool contributions you guys have made to the series. Both in feedback and suggestions, various threats and rants, and in fan art and discussion. So thanks to everyone who’s pinged me over the years!

Now back to the word mines.

321 thoughts on “Fan Art Tuesday

  1. Andrea-la I still don’t get it…how’d you fall down the stairs with a bike…..?………i’m being totally brain-missing huh?

    Jay-wa OHHHH hahahah I get it now too!!Vacums…hahaha….

  2. Jay-wa: U R CORRECT! it’s me!!! TYC LEADER! (which i think i like better…not sure)

    Tally&Zane: thanx for remembering who i was event though u couldn’t remember my name. thats ok.

    Can’t remember who said “at least Obama admitted he made a mistake”. i agree with u there. i know bush didnt admit any of his mistakes and im not even a supporter of bush nor was i a supporter of mccain (i just thought he’d be better than Obama) i really just don’t care anymore. i know i should but i don’t. i’m still concerned about the whole Guantanamo Bay thing but…i dunno wat’ll happen with that. i wont even get into the whole abortion thing coz that’s just a REALLY sensitive topic.

    maggie-la: i just read that part a few hours ago and now that i think about it the host is just like the twilight series. the weird thing is that i liked edward in twilight but i like Ian in the host. weird i know. i’m gona try to finish it tonight…hopefully.

    if anyone wants a kick ass movie to see. GO SEE PUSH!!! amazing movie! of course not better than twilight but pretty damn close. except for the fact that robert pattinson was in twilight and not in push. dakota fanning was HILARIOUS in the movie. she’s a great actress! i hope she plays jane in New Moon that would be SWEET!!!!

    ok…i guess im crazy for not liking history or science. i guess i wasn’t clear i just don’t like Earth and Space science biology and stuff like that is fine. i just SUCK at earth and space science. history on the other hand…i duno… i just find it boring. i’d rather talk about the future, but that’s just me. i still love English!

    “Blood, Sex And Booze”
    Waiting in a room
    All dressed up and bound and gagged
    To a chair
    It’s so unfair
    I won’t dare move, for the pain
    She puts me through is what I need
    So make it bleed

    I’m in distress, oh mistress
    I confess so do it one more time
    These handcuffs are too tight
    You know I will obey, so please
    Don’t make me beg
    For blood, sex and booze you give me

    Some say I’m disturbed
    But it’s what I deserve, another lesson
    To be learned…from a girl called kill
    My head is in the gutter
    Thank you sir, strike up another mandolin
    Of discipline
    Throw me to the dogs
    Let them eat my flesh down
    To the wood
    It feels so good

  3. I actually like to vaccum and sweep and dust! Those are the only types of chores that I like, though. I ablolutly dispise emptying the dishwasher. I don’t know why, I just do!

  4. Alex-wa: I don’t like emptying the dishwasher either. I only like to clean on very rare occasions, and sweping and dusting is way too tedious for me..

    BIGGEST GREEN DAY FAN EVER (aka: TYC leader): Yay! I guessed right!…I don’t think I’ve heard that song before… I love space science! Are you insane? We could have other people out in space! Just think of it like the future. You liked the Twilight movie? Like a book to movie or just movie movie?

    My sister is being a freak, so I have to go…Everyone have a nice day/night!

  5. I absolutely LOVE these! You are such an amazing writer. You are the only writer that is making me dread almost being to the extras book. I LOVE these books. I want that Specials hoodie! It is just AMAZING!!!! If anyone wants to chat about the Uglies series you can email me at and

    GO SCOTT YOU ROCK!!!!!!! you are the only author who has kept me interested through out the whole series!

  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV THEESE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE THE AWESOMEST THINGS IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! David is so cool and so is Tally.

  7. I love the wearables. (I need a sweatshirt like that)
    And the girl wearing the “The Smoke Lives” shirt looks like my friend. I’ve seen her read the books, so it could possibly be her.. Haha I doubt it though.
    Cool ๐Ÿ˜€

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