Manga Heads Horror!

Over at at the Photoshop contest site Worth 1000, someone has taken the concept of manga heads a bit too seriously.

Behold these classic movie stars in horrific manga form:



Anyway, Justine and I are moving into new digs today, so we may be internet-missing for a few days. So don’t expect much in the way of blogging by me for a bit. (Not that I’ve been very good this year so far . . . )

Instead check out the new Westerfeldian roleplaying board!

226 thoughts on “Manga Heads Horror!

  1. grr i think i just messed stuff up w/my crush–
    we were gmail chatting, and he said he knew who i liked, so i started yelling at him, he said that he was kidding (and he said he was talking 2 a buncha boys from our class–scary) and i called him an idiot, then my friend and i talked to him about who we thought HE liked and then he left….
    and now i feel really bad about it. 😥

  2. Trish-la, it’s like one of the most epic concert tours ever with like a billion different bands. Aw, that sucks. I’m sorry UMR-wa, I’m sure you guys can work it out! Excuses like sugar highs always work when you say something stupid!

  3. Eclipse(Mrs.Emmett Cullen Jacob Black)-I LOVE YOUR NAME!!!But what about Edward……?…….Jasper…….?

    Tally&Zane-Mmm ok thank you!!!

    Trish-la-ohhhh!!! Good point!:]

    UMR-wa:-D-Mmmm I think I’ve done worse…….MY crush like MY BEST FRIEND becuse I was to coward to make a move!!!No I’m not joking!

  4. I love the books especially extras I am just starting bogus and bubbly which is good cause some things confuse me.

  5. Hey don’t know why your talking about twilight but wat ever one of my friends is obsessed with the book but now she’s reading Uglies and she loves it!

  6. ummmm…. wow… err….ummm…… those arent meant to be cute looking, are they? they’re eyes look like they’re gonna eat me!!! s bit smaller, perhaps?

  7. I’m gonna have nightmares with huge-eyed people in them…

    Those eyes are almost as creepy as the squids we dissected in class!

    Are squids manga-heads???

  8. wow and ive always pictured them so amazingly beatiful with their even-bigger-than-prettie-eyes! now ill never read extras the same way again!

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