Diary of Midnight

Behold my new beautiful Italian cover!

cop Diari della mezzanotte-ok

I Diari Della Mezzanotte means The Diary of Midnight, I presume, which is quite pretty. And I like me a simple iconic rose for a cover image.

One of you can probably translate the tagline better than Google Translator, which can’t do better that, “When midnight chimes worst, nightmares are advancing in the dark.”

Um, yeah. What the machine said.

It comes in Italy out on Thursday, March 5!

Meanwhile, you should all head over to the new fansite, thesmokelives.com, which is the most populated Uglies fansite I’ve seen in a while. (That’s probably because their sister site is His Golden Eyes, which is Twilight-related.)


285 thoughts on “Diary of Midnight

  1. OOOH I am in love with the House of Night series but I don’t have money to buy Betrayed and none of my friends have it and right now I am so mad because my stupid friend tells me some of what happens in Chosen like with Stevie Rae’s Mark and her ***SPOILER***
    dying my friend totally sucks cause she ruined breaking dawn too ugh

    ***END SPOILER***

    Eva-la::: I am going to check out Vampire Academy on monday since i’m skipping school today and last time i had a late fee and they wouldn’t let me

    Alex-wa::: Hiiiiiiiiii ok i think i’m done

    OH YES!!!!!!!
    Jay-wa – I don’t know if you’ve been on lately but I am posting chapter 2 of Cake today I hope if i can stay focused

    and to add to my sad story i have dreampt about him for six nights in a row alllll night

  2. Lala-wa and Bethany-la: Have you ever watched a cartoon where the characters turned into small, slightly pudgy versions of themselves to show super exagerated emotion??? If so, that’s a chibi. Here’s a link to the chibi wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chibi_(Japanese_term)
    And here’s a link to a post I did with three chibis (only two of them are mine, the other was drawn by a friend): http://dahliaseclecticmind.blogspot.com/2008/10/more-chibbies-and-theyre-wearing.html

  3. I’m at school, so my name isn’t hyperlinked *cough, Eclipse*. Yeah, my school *cough again to Eclipse* library like only has Betrayed, though I don’t care because I’m waiting for Hunted right now. I’m not going to spoil anything, though. And why are you skipping school, Eclipse? It’s wrong. Way. Not cool, by my standerds. If you do it to be “cool”, tell the people that told you you have to skip to be cool that they are the not cool ones who are going to go nowhere with their life and are going to live on the streets because they can’t get a good job because they didn’t go to collage because no collage would except them because their grades are crap. C’mon, now! You need to fix your life. You know, I had a bad time in my life, when I first moved here. I was like depressed, and quit doing my homwork, and I would cry every night because I missed my friends, and we couldn’t find a house, and my parents were arguing about the fact that we couldn’t find a home. Then I was like Hey, you need to straighten up, girl. When we FINNALLY were going to make an offer. I started praying each night, and started a diary so I could have some way to express my feelings, so I didn’t feel so alone. And it’s really had a profound effect on me! And that just about sums up my speech on life. So don’t call me a preacher or whatever other crap. I’m just trying to help you. That’s what every one should do; help eachother. So yeah.

  4. And again, my site has been updated with a new page, so check it out! I’m a’heading to Yahoo!Answers now for the last few minutes of this period, so see ya’ll!

  5. Ugh, I tried posting a comment (about chibis) a few minutes ago, but it didn’t publish. It’s done this to me before. Every time I take too long to type up my comment, it doesn’t show up for a few hours. Does that happen to anyone else???

  6. ol yes alex-wa im sort of hawaiian. Im actually tongan but most people dont even know what that is so tongan is close enough. And ditching IS healthy once in a while. Especially when you get to my age. Wow i soundd old. And dont bother eclipse either. I was like that, lessoned learned, dont date older guys unless you’re really ready for a relationship.

    Eclipse, take a chill pill. Hes not the last man on earth, dont stress to much over him. Instead dreaming about him, dream up a way to get on your parents good side. Trust me. It’ll make time fly, you’ll probably be able to see him sooner (not that i approve because i totally dont but its your life your feelings your choice) and you wont be so depressed and paranoid. Do not ask me how i know this, i just do.

    Dahlia-wa will you please explain to me whata chibi is? Or whatever you were talking about.

    Bethany-la its probably too late to wish you good luck but i hope you did well.

  7. sorry eclipse if that seemed a little harsh or long, im just trying to help. I know what it can be like and it sucks :[

  8. and ditching is healthy!!! Just dont make it a habbit and make sure its on the right days, not random days. Unless you’re the type that needs to be in class to learn. Then youre the exception. (thank you chick from hes just not that into you).

  9. Lala-wa: Here’s a link to some chibis I drew: http://dahliaseclecticmind.blogspot.com/2008/10/more-chibbies-and-theyre-wearing.html
    The second fairy chibi was drawn by one of my friends, but the first fairy and the vampire are mine. And if the pictures aren’t enoguh of an explanation, chibis are an anime technique used to express super exagerated emotion. (I tried explaining this earlier, but I guess I took too long and the comment hasn’t shown up yet.) 🙂

  10. Hehe. A’headin. Haha. I like that word. I like came up with it as I was typing on my last comment… I was all like Ooh, I’m a’headin to Yahoo!Answers!! Hehe. I’m becomin a texan!!! Ye’haw!! Let’s rodeo, San Antonio!!!!!

  11. Awwww no fair. I want it to be spring break. Jeeze. I gotta wait a week. Or two. I think. Lol.

  12. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! They might actually make a Vampire Diaries movie!!!!!!!!! That would be sooo awsome!!! As long as they don’t ruin it, of course.

  13. you know wat book is really good… “in my hands”…. its a true story and it sounds soooooo boring because we had to read it for school but once you get into it, its uhmazing…. everyone in our cluster loves it and that is really saying something… so if youre looking for something to read you should definitely pick up in my hands

  14. Hey guys imm back. huray! but ya alex-wa vampire diaries is super awesome i just need the third book! i heard its gona be made into a tv series. cant wait

  15. Man, I cannot get my mind off of Nightfall! I finished it today during 2nd period. It was just so AMAZING that I can’t stop thinking of it!

  16. I finished Untamed yesterday. I started it Thursday evening, and finished it Friday night. Lol. That’s not fair! They leave us hanging soo bad! And I’m like 17th in waiting list for the next one, and it hasn’t even come out yet. And I don’t like buying books, because I like my money. Lol.

  17. It’s cool looking and all, but the title and cover photo just make it seam too much like a romance novel to me. Which could be good because some romance-novel person may pick it up by accident and love it, but could work the opposite way by having some sci-fi addicts keep their distance.
    Anyway, a truely amazing book is Crank by Ellen Hopkins. Just read it. May have taken me longer, but what started out as wanting to try a page or two (it was recomended and lent by a friend) ended up with me 400 or so pages in. The verse format seems weird at first, but you get really into it, and it’s SOOOO addicting! The only part I kind of don’t like was the ending. It seemed a bit rushed to me, but otherwise the whole book was phenominal.

  18. Somehow i think that the tagline says something else… haha. 😉

    And that’s a very pretty rose. :]

    Wow… fans who like Mr. Westerfeld AND Twilight? What a shocker..

    Oh well. I’m one of them.

  19. for the translation, this is what i got:

    “when midnight strikes, the worst nightmares advance in the darkness”

    idk, makes sense to me

  20. That’s a very pretty cover~! Except it took me moments to realise what series it was for… It looks like it would be the cover of a Victorian romance novel, rather than the cover of an amazing series about misfit teens who take on the powers of darkness.

    Midnighters = <3

  21. I won’t have read it cause the cover is blah. Probly the only reason I picked up Midnighters was because of the awesome cover art. (I had the first edition cover)

  22. well um i never rlly read that rose book or whatever which i rlly want to read by the way cuz i like love all scotts books midnighters uglies rlly good im actually reading the guide to uglies write now which is how i came across this website i was just wondering how did you 1st get the idea to write the uglies series it’s so futuristic and bubbly no would could have wrotten a better book about uglies pretties specials and extras but you so where did ur inspiration come from and the idea to make a guide to the uglies world your so amazing scott-wa and dnt forget so bubbly!

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