UK Leviathan Cover

Because one cover is never enough, behold the United Kingdom cover for Leviathan!


Unlike the US cover, this image is based on one of the black and white illustrations in the book. Keith added color and a few extra elements.

For the sake of comparison, here’s the previously revealed US cover:


No official word yet as to whether the Australian and French covers will be one of these, or a different image entirely!

I like ALL the covers so far. What do you guys think?

118 thoughts on “UK Leviathan Cover

  1. Both covers are extremely cool! No longer will it attract only girls to read. However, I LOVE the red scheme in the UK cover. It has a much more action pack feel! =D

  2. Snyder, you are right, although I has ALWAYS preferred the UK covers. The American ones are just…more polished, and not as gritty.
    Good, but not my cup of tea.
    This time however, they are both really good!

    But UK is better, haha.

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  3. anyway i think that the UK cover is more intense, and so im not sure weather the cover should be intense or not, since i dont know the book, but i would definately grab it off the shelf. I dont know, red somehow is more attracting than drab old grey. Makes me think of blood and fire and stuff

  4. Hmmm…I gotta say I prefer the US cover. Covers with things on fire just don’t do much for me, and the US one looks appropriately king-of-the-castle.

    Of course, I’m just excited for the book, no matter what the cover! Just a few months left (well, more than a few…)!

  5. I still LOVE the US cover but the UK cover has so much more color and is over all more fun.

  6. When’s Scott going to show us sneak peeks of the art in the book?

    Need to see! Need to see!

  7. Wow, that cover is absolutely amazing! I like the UK one a little bit better, but that’s because it has more color. I like the US one though because the kid is wearing a cape…hmmm..

    Sara: Skinned was totally awesome!!!

    I didn’t read the rest of the comments but I did see that Alex-wa was yelling…uh-oh lol


  8. I think in general all UK covers are amazing. I like the UK covers of the Uglies series better than the US ones because they’re more profound and disturbing. But not the I’m-insane-and-will-stalk-you disturbing : D

    TYC Leader/BIGGEST GREEN DAY FAN EVER!/Forever Last: Did you see Green Day perform on SNL? More importantly, where are you?

  9. i like the UK cover, cause it makes me want to pick up the book more than the other one.
    i don’t even know what it’s about, but just by the looks of the cover- it’s gonna be good!!!
    can wait! 😀

  10. Jay-wa; I agree with you on BOTH counts. Not only do I prfefer the UK covers for those reasons, but I’m also kinda insane. My friends bought me a cosplay straight jacket last birthday XD …..Scott-la, WHEN is So Yesterday coming out in the UK?
    I already have Bogus to Bubbly, it out here, if anyone from the UK wants to know-^above commenter^-

  11. Omg, thats what i was wondering. i cant find it anywhere. but we have everything else 😛

  12. Im more then half way done The forest of Hands and teeth and I must say boy that girl can write!…its so good, excitment from the first page.

  13. I just got over that Haley-sensei, flippin awful. I thought I was gonna die or something…I hope you feel better!

    I SOOOO want to read Forests of Hands and Teeth. I need to get it!

  14. *Laughing so hard* Hahahahahahahahahahahaha Jay-wa!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha that was soooo funny!!!! Like I was reading your comment out loud cuz I was bored and that’s what I do when I’m bored I read stuff out loud and I was reading it all funny like and I read the ” I saw that Alex-wa was yelling… uh-oh” and that was funny!! And the way I read it made it REALLY funny!!!! I was craking up!!!!!!! And I was yelling for good reason: we have an Achupegato in the backyard!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha

  15. Jay-wa
    love green day: blvd of broken dreams, american idiot, when september ends, etc etc. i missed them on snl cuz my mom made me go to sleep =[ not happy making.
    does anyone like the all american rejects? fall out boy? metrostation?
    on the covers…idk i like both of them…evil robots are funny. if they are evil robots…anyway, im usually too busy reading to look at the covers lol

  16. I like all of those bands Riva-la! Do you like Panic At the Disco, MCR, Escape the Fate, or Mayday Parade?

  17. I saw a live Green Day performance the other day on Fuse, and they’re REALLY good live. I’d never heard them live before, so it was news to me. 🙂 Billy Joe has immortal vocal chords, he sounds exactly the same now ashe did on the first cd, it’s weird.

    I ♥ MCR and Mayday Parade!!!! They rock!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  18. Haha The other day I woke up and totally forgot what day it was and it was nuts I like forgot a bunch of stuff ti was nuts

  19. the cover was totaly awsome. hey this might be a stupid question but when dose the book come out and whats it about.

  20. it comes out in october … i think. and im not too sure what is about, it confuses me :L.

  21. Guys. Like, my cat is soooo depressed, he’s actually acting like a cat. Which is NOT normal!!! Jeez… we like HAVE to find Tibbit and Rousseou…

  22. WAITJUSTASECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    is leviathan the one with the exerpt from it in the Bogus to bubbly insiders guide thing???

  23. Riva-la: Green Day=Amazing-ness

    Dahlia-wa the Black-Winged Ninja Sorceress: That’s what makes them such a good band, they’re not fake and in need of studio-touch-up

    In the post about either the cover, or the stack, of Leviathan it says some stuff about what it’s about. Like Darwin discovering robots instead of his one theory…

    Alex-wa: lol!

    Julie-wa: I personally would measure it in Icy-ness.

    In english we were learning about Helen and (like Milli/Mega-Helens from Pretties and a tad bit of Specials) how she was the face that launched one-thousand ships. It’s from Greek mythology, and when my teacher said that, my face seriously looked like this 0_0! I was like YES! Two things I love, together as one.

  24. I wished Scott released some pictures from the book already (Yes, I am impatient. Guilty as charged!) On one of his earlier blogs, he said that back then books always had pictures inside of them, so now he’s going to do the same thing, with full colored pics! I can’t wait!

  25. I love the song “21 Guns” from Green Day’s new cd. I’m going to have to buy it now. That song is on the soundtrack/playlist thing for the book I’m working on right now. It’s awesome (the song, that is. Though, the book it pretty awesome too 😉 )!!! 😀

  26. I definitely like the UK cover more and, since I’m french, I hope the French editor (Pocket Jeunesse, I suppose) will choose it !
    Can’t wait to read it!! 🙂

  27. Marc: I think it’s cool your French! (French-Canadian or just French?) I went to your blog and I like your drawings (I translated some of your posts because I don’t have French class :S) Very cool!

    Haley-Sensei~TOP NINJA: Hooray!

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