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This is a quick post to keep all you non-Twitterers up to date.

1) Alan Cumming is performing the audiobook version of Leviathan! For those of you who don’t know, he’s a broadway actor who became famous starring in Cabaret. He’s also known to X-Men fans as Nightcrawler, and he was Fegan Floop (AKA the bad guy) in Spy Kids.

But I was a fan of his way back when he was unknown on these USian shores, and doing a BBC2 show called The High Life, which he co-wrote as well as starring in. It’s about two flight attendants on a somewhat miserable airline called Air Scotia, and really captures what it’s like to have a somewhat miserable job and dream of bigger things.

I knew then that Alan was destined for big things, but it never occurred to me that recording a book of mine might be one of them.

Epic win.

2) My interview with Ana Marie Cox is up on iTunes, and it’s free! So if you desire 35 minutes of me, Ana, and Lizzie Skurnick talking about YA lit and politics, you should check it out. Here’s how:
a) Search the iTunes Store for “Maddow 960”.
b) Click on the green Rachel Maddow icon.
c) Select the 06/30/09 episode.
d) Listen and be amazed (or at least amused).

3) Justine is doing another giveaway from our prodigious stack of authors’ copies. Post you favorite line of dialog from all of literature (no movies or TV) and maybe win a book! Click here to play.

That’s it. Only 87 days till Leviathan comes out!

Which is . . . a while.

If you read Spanish, there’s a long interview with me in the YA journal El Templo de las Mil Puertas. Click here and flip to page 47.

Winners of Justine’s dialog contest have been announced. Click here to see if you won!

84 thoughts on “Various Stuff!

  1. I just started reading Mind-Rain and OMFG I HAVE A WHOLE SENTANCE!!!!! A whole entire sentance. *is estatic* I just thought you all should know that i just realised it. And i got one of those free copies from Teen Lebris isn’t that crazy. If you are curious about what I’m talking about and care (which i doubt you do) its on the bottem of page 14 of Mind-Rain

    and Audrey-sensei:law of syllogism(i think that is the right law) win

  2. Audrey-sensei: Is that the lady that plays Fiona on Burn Notice? I really don’t like her character on that show, and I think she’s a little scary. Hmm, maybe she would be a good Dr. Cable. πŸ˜†
    And Spam is canned meat, not spray cheese (just thought I’d clear that up). πŸ™‚

  3. ping to Audrey-sensei: spray cheese? gag me. I watched HP#4 last night & have read the book so I can see what u mean by saying that He-Who- Must- Not-Be-Named is superior 2 CD or RP whatev since (SPOILER ALERT 4 SOME !) The “Dark Lord” killed him. I’m not nearrly as obb. W/ Twilight as I used 2 b anyway. Once again, Spray cheese sounds NASTY.

    Ping to The All Important Scott-la: Yay! you’re not dead! (see comment # 679 on Update on the Uglies movie if you want to know why I’m assuming such things. Hopefully you won’t be deeply offended.) Yay I’m special! Why? Because you posted right after me!!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I’m one lucky duckie! I’ll probably have to like, ask my mom to go on twitter cause she’ll be all like, ” Why did you go on twitter? It’s a bad website!” and I’ll be like…”Mom I wanted to look @ Scott-la’s page!” Though I won’t use the “-la” part since even though I opened up Bogus to Bubbly and showed it to her I doubt she understands. Bottom line, I’ll get grounded. Glad to see you still luv mee! Random, yes. I LIKE random! Hasta Levista Scott-la! πŸ™‚

  4. YAY!!! I loved him as the nightcrawler!!!! And YAY less than 87 days. this made my day!

  5. @The OTHER Tally Youngblood – you know you can delete your web history, right? If you use Mozilla Firefox it’s in the options tab…”clear all private data.” In Internet Explorer it’s also under options – “Delete browsing history.” Pretty straight forward, yes?

    I’m probably a bad person for suggesting that you hide stuff from your mother, but whatever. It’s not like reading Scott’s Twitter page is a horrible thing that’s going to get you kidnapped and killed.

    …Then again, it might be. Random middle-aged guys are just waiting for you to click on that page because, using magic, they learn everything about you whilst you happily read Scott’s death trap tweets.

    Because anything fun is bad for you.

  6. I adore Alan Cumming! I’ll have to listen to the audio book now! I’m really picky about my audio books but Alan Cumming and Scott Westerfeld! I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

  7. hey everybody!
    i just got a little grey kitty
    and i was thinking of naming her after Minerva’s Cat
    (from the Last Days)
    anyone remember it’s name?
    I don’t have my copy of the book in my new place yet.
    : /

  8. Ping to Allie-wa: I’m well aware that you CAN delete your browsing history. Fun stuff IS bad for you πŸ™ life isn’t fair is it? Stalky old dudes? Creepy… x(

    Ping to Liset: HA! Lucky for you that I’m reading 5 books @ a time and that one of them is The Last Days. (I’m also reading Gone With the Wind, Midnighters, Fever 17…..something and rereading the entire Harry Potter series! HBP movie anyone? I know I am! πŸ™‚ ) Anyway, Minerva’s cat’s name is Zombie. Post a pic of your new feline here if you can.. I’m a cat person! If not Zombie, good luck with the name! πŸ™‚

  9. aww i wanted a copy!

    hey i no who ahould play tally! (at least special taly)
    Summer Glau from Sarah Connor Chronicles!
    i thot of her when i was readin specials becuz she looks like the girl from the cover

  10. the OTHER Tally Youngblood: i really want to see the new Harry Potter movie…my sister’s actually seeing it right now..uggg i’m so jealous!

  11. Well, it looks like I’m fixing to buy my first book on tape. Alan Cumming is my third favorite queer celebrity, after Clea Duvall and of course Ellen. I’ll probably want to read it first, though.
    I wonder whether the illustrations will be included with the audiobook?

  12. The Other Tally Youngblood
    I could have swore the cat’s name started with an M
    but zombie is super cute… hmmm

  13. ping to Audrey Sensai: I couldn’t agree with you more. That is the perfect agrument against Twi-hards…..I use it a lot.
    I was watching the 4th HP the other day too!…actually I watched it twice…we were having a marathon but I had a double one cause my friend couldn’t make it to part 2 of our marathon…..anywho….when cedric Died…I laughed….oooo Im horrible…but whatever.

    I saw the movie this morning….I was dissapointed….the ending was lacking

  14. ping to Scott-La I’m reading bogus to bubbly right now and I’m in the names part and it’s really cool because my name means beloved like zane’s and david’s!

  15. Kristina-la: I laughed when Zane died in specials… I’m such a bad person XD

    this was the conversation between my friend and I after I read it (I read it during class)

    Me: YESSS!!

    Friend: what? what happened?

    M: He died!!

    F: oh was he a bad guy?


    yes, I auctually said that…. don’t give me that look, I’m a tally/david shipper ok?! XD

  16. Your interview with the Spanish journal was great πŸ™‚
    I enjoyed it a lot!
    I had no idea that the Uglies series was in spanish also, I’ll have to read them in spanish too!!

  17. lol I laughed at cedric only because of Twilight….before that wreched movie RPattz was kool and normal, but now(I admit he is still kool, but only because he knows the books suck)he is just kreepy and worn down by all the crazed fans.
    When I read that part in the book I was sad……well….who really cares about Cedric Diggory…no one right?….so really Voldemort put us all out of our misery by just dissposing of the “spare”

    I must say though that when Zane died I was disapointed but also relieved becauseI always thought david was better.

  18. hey question guys- my friends and I are wanting to make an uglies parody- is there anything you’d like to suggest?

  19. a parody!!….why would you ask us!
    A parody is used to make fun of…… why would you come here and ask us fans for suggestions to make fun of a series that is dear to our hearts(oh that sounded corny…)

  20. Kristina-la: it’s just poking a bit of fun at it, it’s not that I don’t love it too


  21. scott u hav to write another midnighters! i love them sooooo much! plus if u haven’t read it all ready read comment 941, i think in update on the uglies movie!

  22. Ok, i couldn’t think of any other place to put this comment, but i think that it needs to be said:

    This past week i was at an acting camp and for it we had to go to a high ropes course. It was basicaly to get us to be closer and more supportive and to get us out of our comfort zone so we can do more things and stuff like that.
    Well, I’ve been to one before with school and was forced to do it and found that not only did I hate my teachers, but that I am ferociously scared of hights.
    But after most of the people suggesting I try, I stared to climb the gianormusly high post. After getting halfway up and looking down I climbed back down the pole.
    Then i rested and decided I should at least try again and get at least to the top. So I did. I got all the way to the top and walked across the suspended log at the top. I was so proud of myself and would’ve done it again if I could stand up.
    Well, here’s the part that is semi-important. The only way/reason I climbed that darn post was I kept thinking to myself, “Tally Youngblood, Tally Youngblood, Tally Youngblood, Tally Youngblood. Come on. Make her proud. Come on. Tally Youngblood.”
    I know it sounds really dumb, but I really want to thank Scott for writing those books for us and to give us a role modle such as Tally to look up to and follow.
    So, THANKS A LOT MR. WESTERFELD, YOU’RE THE BEST OF THE BEST. TOTTALY BUBBLY. (sorry to go all Opra on you guys, but I just wanted to put that out for anyone who cares.)

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