The Clock Is Ticking!

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Because you asked: a Leviathan countdown timer! For the counting down of glorious time! Time till Leviathan!

How does it work? Well, you just select and copy the code in the box below, then stick it in your blog or whatever.

Small warning, this is an American countdown timer, which is only accurate for North America. I’m trying to get exact dates for the Oz and UK editions, and will then make adjustments. But don’t fret, Aussies and Brits, it looks like your edition will come out the same week as the US one—maybe even earlier!

Enjoy the ticking.

And don’t forget, the Uglies e-book is still free, free, free. Click here to go to Simon & Schuster’s download site.

39 thoughts on “The Clock Is Ticking!

  1. cool idea 🙂
    now i just need my own blog where i can put the timer into 😉

    and i’m FIRST!!!!!!

    greetings from germany to the still sleeping US!!


  2. i like how the “until” is pulsing in and out.
    it makes me feel like something is going to explode.

  3. 3rd 😀
    and i’m going to get this, as soon as i get home from school today ( first day of being sohpmore at least not freshman:D) that’s why i’m up so early

    anyway this is kool 🙂

  4. Scott has coolest ideas… 😉
    Just downloaded the eBook and the quality is INCREDIBLE. Feels like I’m (re)reading the actual!

  5. ooh fifth! ive never been this close b4! but so anywayscott-la what about mi book sock idea! coime on its genius!!!!!!!

  6. Awesome!!! :mrgreen: I put it on my blog before I even finished reading the post. I CAN’T WAIT FOR LEVIATHAN!!!!! I hope the coutdown doesn’t make the time until its release go slower (countdowns have a tendency of doign that). 😯

  7. Scott! They’re always mis-spelling your name!
    Okay, not always, but in that article you had on your twitter…always with the field instead of the feld!
    At any rate, I LOVE the counter – i just wish i could get it on my facbeook.

  8. Hey Scott-la. You should get a countdown thing for the computer itself. Like it shows itself on the wallpaper or something.

  9. cool! ima post it on my website next time i make a post considering uglies and all your writings inspired my last post it would all make sense. Ever since I got back on the site from such a long time ago i feel so much more icy and am just so stoked to read all this.
    im excited!!!

  10. Awwws I’m like never commenting lately. But I still read the blog. This is saddening. But I love the timer! *wants leviathan NOW* Maybe if I figure out a way to speed it up it’ll confuse someone and they’ll let me buy a copy now…Scott! Idea! You should have a contest for an ARC. Like Maureen johnson did for Scarlett Fever. MORE THAN ONCE. *bounces up and down wanting leviathan now* PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. You never have contests!!! I missed coming on here and commenting. School’s starting in 5 days. And I am totally bummed about my schedule. Love my classes, but I have like NO classes with anybody I know. It’s gonna be awful.

  11. Not to be completely off topic, but have you ever heard of the game Persona 3? It’s insane how similar it is to midnighters– they have a ‘dark hour’, darklings are called shadows, etc etc. You should seriously just check it out, even if it’s the wikipedia page of it.

  12. *facepalms at the seem-to-be n00bs on the site*

    Anywho, awesome scott-sama! I’d totally put it somewhere, but the only thing I really do online is, which takes BBCode, not regular HTML. Preez get a BBCode countdown? I’ll luff you even more than I already do!
    And no worries TZ, I’m the same way lately.

  13. Emily-wa, yeah…It’s not letting me load the Scott Facts page etiher. I click on it and it’s like *hourglass stays there forever till it says Page not responding*.

  14. Already have it on FB!! Can’t wait for Oct.14. Scott Westerfled is gonna be in Changing Hands,AZ. I saw their little bookmark in the store that he’s gonna be there, and I almost screamed! I think I took 10 of those bookmarks!


  15. tick tock… this is making me crazy! Leviatnan better come out soon or i swear i’ll go INSANE! Oops, too late 0.0

  16. Awesome. Thanks. I have been waiting for this book to come out, since March. I was amazed by the illustrations, you showed us at the Houston book signing.

  17. I’m spreading the word!!!!!!!!!!!!(proud of me scott) My art teacher now wants to read it, wierd sounding, shes really into steampunk stuff so she is super excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So am I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow lots of excalmations

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