Interview with Keith

There’s a cool interview with Keith Thompson, the artist for Leviathan, over at Tor’s Steampunk Month!

Keith at work on Leviathan

Here’s a quote from the interview about researching the images:

What kind of research did you do for the book, either for artistic inspiration or for historical details?
“It’s a bit dangerous for me when the setup is as interesting as WWI. I actually had to pull back a bit as my research was taking away time from the art at points and it was making me far too pedantic about my details. That might have been fine for a drier and harder type of alternate past story, but I knew that Leviathan was meant to be a rip-roaring type of adventure and that a fun and fantastical angle to the art was extremely important.”

Click here to read the rest of the interview.

We are in Seattle tonight, then I’m headed solo onto Tempe, AZ!
(Sarah’s going to Mexico to write. Lucky person!)

Here’s where I’ll be for the next few days:

Monday October 12, 7:00PM
(with Sarah)
Third Place Books
Location: 17171 Bothell Way NE
Lake Forest Park, WA 981555

Wednesday October 14th, 7:00PM
(just me)
Changing Hands signing
Location: 6428 South McClintock Drive
Tempe, AZ 85283

Click here for all tour details.

Click here to buy Leviathan.

48 thoughts on “Interview with Keith

  1. Team Yoshi Banana! it funn!!
    and if your not gonna be happy bout it why not give it to someone else?
    i was sooo clse i could taste it!!

  2. Ping to Team Yoshi Banana
    it is fun! 9th!
    Ping to Kristina-la
    wher do u live? well what country/state? cuz isnt thanksgiving next month?
    as Team Yoshi Banana said steamy interview! is anyone on right now

  3. i havn’t read it yet cause i havnt gotten a chance to the get to the store but i will soon! cant wait!

    oh gosh im so exited for friday

  4. OMG!! my mum and sis just came back from shopping and got me an early b day pressent!! YEs- Leviathan!! haha!!
    Also, i think the whole number thing steps from ages ago when you had to be the first person to comment on a thread to win a ‘preview’ first few copies of Extras. It kind of got crazy..

  5. Keith Thompson seems really cool, and I’m excited to get Leviathan! Everyone have fun at the book signings!
    : D

  6. yeah, didn’;t get th lizard either until i read the book! Oh, and number 17! SEE how fun that is?

  7. uh, one sec… isn’t thanksgiving in a MONTH. Gosh people, get your calender straight!

    *spoilers ahead*
    ping to Scot-la: one thing i didn’t say yesterday in my bout of gushiness: love Tassa! Thylacines rule! One of my favorite animals EVER. It didn’t even cross my mind that they would be in leviathan! so happy-making!

  8. sorry for my quadruple-commenting-ness. *looks over last three comments* Apparently i can’t spell the or didn’t… whoops…

  9. Ping to Team Yoshi Banana, clanky is a totally bubbly-making word for clankers.
    Ping to Lily-wa, alice-wa*, and Christina~wa, In the USA Thanksgiving is in November, but in Canada it’s in October. I live in the US, I just know that.

  10. Ping @ Team Yoshi Banana,
    I like to explore new sites! And isn’t it funnn!?

    I’m waiting to buy Levathian when Scott-la comes to Toronto! then i can be proud of where I got ittt!!!!!! 😀 I’m soo steammy!!! and clanky can be bad i guesss??

  11. You know people…..just because America has their thanksgiving in November doesn’t mean everyone does. In Canada thanksgiving was yesterday. Thanks for coming to seattle Scott that was great :D…..except that drive home sucked(Im so tired now)

  12. hey guys im gonna be (ugly) tally youngblood for halloween and i need help with the costume! any tips would be great!

  13. i know, but i have to make one! i need some ideas on how!
    i actually wouldn’t mind tips to look like pretty tally, ugly tally, or special tally!
    anything you have helps!

  14. and the highest ive gotten on post is three, but that was my first post so i didn’t know how awesome that was!

  15. go canada! can someone tell me something interesting about yukon territory?

  16. Ping to Boss…, first of all what are you changing your name to, 2nd to be pretty tally or special tally would be really hard!(pretty-completely GORGEOUS(absolutely perfect, cept 4 their brains) and specials-flash tatoos, very very very special special, and major scars), but ugly tally would be pretty easy(probably).

  17. Ping to D&ZLUVR, sorry, i can’t decide on a name(help w/that would be nice too)
    and i think ill narrow it down to special and ugly
    i think i can pull special off but i can’t look perfect!

  18. Scott-la… I am embarrassed to say I did not start Leviathan until today, but I am proud to say I finished it today – and I am on steamy adrenaline to the max!

    But I am also faced with the daunting task of writing a review that does right to the masterful work of art that is your Leviathan.

    &&I want to get it done tonight so it can be up on my school’s online edition of our newspaper as soon as possible – {I wish I had got it done much sooner… dang work (“welcome to the real world” is all I have been hearing the past month since I started working at Friendly’s and my senior year of hs began. I wish my work was writing stories half as brilliant as your own)}

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  20. I think that’s what’s supposed to go in the mail thing. Yeah. But is there anything I could do to get back on track? I mean, I’ve gotten practically nowhere in the past year.

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