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I spent this afternoon in a recording studio with Alan Cumming, star of stage and screen, OBE, and the reader of the Leviathan audiobooks. The Behemoth audiobook comes out the same day as the print edition, so Alan was hard at work recording. He graciously took time out to do an interview with me, which is being edited by the S&S video boffins as we speak.

But once Alan went back into the studio, I hung around and got some footage of my own.

Sorry about the low volume. Turn up your headphones!

Watch this space. The real interview should be appearing soon.

Oh, and be warned—if you inspect the script page on the last frame closely, there may be spoilers!

36 thoughts on “Behemoth Audiobook

  1. I could only make out a few phrases:

    “‘My own daughter has mastered them all.’ (Zsomething)
    ‘A girl piloting a walker? How utterly–‘ (Alex)
    Alex saw L(something)’s expression and cleared his throat.”

    ooo…. A girl who doesn’t have to disguise herself! Yay!

  2. Aaah, the girl’s name is Lilit..or something like that. How interesting! I wonder how Deryn will respond to another girl lol

  3. So tempting to press “Pause” and read the page.. But I won’t, because I won’t be able to live with myself if I ruin Behemoth for myself.
    I won’t even read anymore comments!

  4. Yaaaaay! I can’t wait fo ranother audiobook. The first one was really good. Alan Cumming does a great job.

  5. Wow, that is soooo awesome. I’m used to watching him be Floop on Spy Kids, so that is soooooo weird!

  6. I couldn’t make out anything, but i don’t want it to be spoilded, (to badly…) anyway i think i’ll check out the audiobook for leviathan!

  7. Wow… cool… I guess. I can make out some partial spoilers…. but not enough.

    Thanks Mr. Westerfeld, that’s super cool!

  8. Can’t wait to see the new girl. It’s a big question to what will happen when Deryn finds out…I think they might be friends since they have so much in common ha ha but then if the new girl starts to get friendly with Alek… many scenarios!

  9. The new girl does seem like a cool mystery, I forgot to mention that in my other comments. I want to see who she is. But she just can’t get between Alek and Deryn, becasue we all must admit… they’re PERFECT for each other. What if the new girl is one of Alek’s relatives… or a relative of Deryns? What if the new girl is really a boy dressed like a girl… making them Deryn’s exact opposite? Now it’s bugging me. I need to know about this girl now that I actually start to THINK about it. It will be impossible to wait for October 5th.

  10. Yeah me either. I started thinking about it right away, there’s so many ways that one snippet can go. I just can’t wait…I think that’s the girl on the cover or is it still Deryn??? IDK but it seems REALLY interesting I want to know what happens so bad….but I think Alek had met his match 😀 ….Scot this isn’t fair! 🙂

  11. Thanks for the warning! You really did look at our suggestions… 🙂

    Glad I noticed that some people were posting the spoilers so I could make sure not to read them, though!

  12. Although it is rather sad that I won’t get to read the posts now… Oh, well. I guess not everyone loves surprises… I know the rest of my family hates them!

  13. SPOILERS!!!

    As far as I can tell this is what the page says with ‘—‘ for every word I can’t make out and a question mark for the words that I’m not sure of.

    He pointed at the — — — — before.
    “I believe you’ve met S– my personal m—. She is a goddess(?) of the Kurdish(?) people.”
    “And they’re all here(?) together(?).” Alek said.
    “Another excellent observation(?).” Lilit —
    “Hush, girl,” N– said, her — making its slow way
    toward them. “For too long we were content to look
    after our own neighborhoods and let the sultan run the
    empire. But the Germans and their m— have
    done us a favor- they’ve united us at last.”
    Z– knelt beside Alek.
    “The machines below are only a fraction of those
    pledged to us. We use these five to train, so that a
    Kurd knows how to pilot a werewolf(?) and an Arab
    an iron golem(?).”
    “So you can fight together properly.” Alek said.
    “Indeed. My own daughter has mastered(?) all of them.”
    “A girl piloting a walker? How utterly-”
    Alek saw Lilit’s expression, and cleared his throat.
    “How exceptional.”

    ;D It’s a wonder what perfect vision will do for you. Can’t wait to put this conversation into a context. Sounds interesting.

  14. I love how he looks over at the girl’s expression. I would totally be a clanker pilot!! It would be so cool!

  15. The N- guy’s name is Nene and the Z- guy’s name is Zaven, I think.
    I am sooooooooooo psyched for this book. I have been ever since I learned there would be another one :DD

  16. wow, it must be hard to record for an audio book, especially if it had a lot of unique jargon like the Leviathan series. Pretty cool!

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  18. Looks like Japanese, Amy-la. But still, SPOILERS!!!! Tell me no more! I want to be surprised when I read this book; so I can’t look at the vid b-cuz then I’ll try to look at the script…. Well, maybe later. Behemoth, grraaah!

  19. It’s still bugging me. The thing about the new girl. I NEED to know! (okay, maybe not need, but WANT to know!) Wow. I can’t believe it’s not October 5th for more than another month.

  20. I just thought of something. If Leviathan has a book trailer… Does (or will) Behemoth have one too? Oh wow, I have been leaving way to many comments on here, sorry fellow fans, T just don’t think of things until later.

  21. I think it says a bit about how the Germans re-united the Ottomans so that the Turks, Kurds, and Arabs would fight together. I don’t know how true this is by I soooooooooooooo need to read this!!!!

    WHY DO YOU TORTURE US LIKE THIS!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!

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