Fan Art Friday (Updated)

Because of all the requests for fan art, I shall endeavor not to miss any Fan Art Fridays until I go on the Behemoth tour in October. So here are three examples of bootiful art, one being fan, one pro, and the other non-fan, BUT COOL. (Update: Another piece of genuine fan art has been added!)

First we have Bled of Deviant Art with a mangalicious Dess of Midnighters fame. Love the math wallpaper and the all-important safety goggles. (Be safe when you’re weaponizing, kidz!)

Image by Bled.

Next is my birthday greeting from Keith (illustrator of Leviathan, duh), sent to me back in May and not posted here do due to the laziness. I blame the heat.

Image by Keith Thompson.

And finally, a non-fan piece of art that I just happen to find while engaging in some extremely important research. Behold the Clanker-esque kitteh-walker!

Image ganked unattributed . . . from the internets!

If you have fan art, send it!

See you guys later.

And here’s one more piece of fan art from Katie at sophistikatied, celebrating the imminent release of Zombies Vs. Unicorns, the anthology edited by my wife Justine and Holly Black! I have a story in it, and it comes out September 21, 2010.


23 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday (Updated)

  1. I remember seeing that drawing of Dess whilst looking for media for my book trailer project (done on Midnighters, of course). It’s quite awesome :]
    The last picture got a good laugh outta me as well.
    And, of course, Keith still blows me away.

  2. WOW!!! The art is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love it!!

  3. Amazing fan-art…but is this a grammar mistake?

    “…do to the laziness.”

    “Due”? Wow I’m being really picky…Sorry!

  4. Ahhh! I love fan art, so awesome.
    Speaking of behemoth tour… when will you announce your tour dates/locations??? I reallyyy wanna get mine signed 🙂 and see another awesome presentation…

  5. The “do” has been fixed, so you can all sleep again. (I iz a novelist, not a spellerist.)

    The Behemoth tour will be announced in early September, though the details always shift around a bit until the last week or so. It starts, of course, on October 5—Day One of the Behemothocalypse!

  6. Your important research makes me smile. It’s almost as important as my “research” for my school papers done on mylifeisaverage. XD

  7. The Dess is cool and the kitty walker is cute too. I can’t wait for Behemoth and Zombies VS Unicorns!

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